Friday, October 28, 2011

fastest response ever?

I sent out an job application through my mail at 10.12 pm. On a Friday night. (Yeah, that's as much fun I am having...)

I get an email back at 10.17 pm. Five minutes later. On a Friday night. (Is that as much fun he is having?)

What do we make of this?

That I had a really good application/am very suitable/great experience/perfect candidate and he does not want loose me?
That, if I get the job have to work Friday nights/work at home/be available/always answer emails/don't have a life?

I choose to go with the perfect candidate option. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Well. Any promise I make seems to be going down the drain.

It has been a while now. More than a month. I cannot even remember when I last time had such a long break from this little blog. But I have to admit it has been kind of nice. Blogging since 2006 and a break like this was bound to happen.

It has just been quite busy here lately. Most of the energy goes into the job and at home I do not want to spend more time in front of the computer. Spending time with friends and sister. Been sick. Twice. Been sick in London on a conference. And a bit more busy at work.

That is the recap of my last month. You did not really miss much.

Oh yeah, the fall/winter is here so I'm annoyingly tired every day. It is really cold. And I wake up to darkness every morning. Not really a source of inspiration for this thing.