Sunday, May 29, 2011

the story of laptop chargers continues

I have managed to go through three laptop chargers for my old computer and for my new one it just broke so I have just ordered a new one. What is it with me and laptop chargers? How do I manage? Somehow the plug breaks and there is bad contact so I have to bend it in certain directions and after a while I usually get contact so my laptop can get power. But after some more time it stops working completely.

I do not understand how I do it. I have managed to go through a whole lot of laptop chargers. And when I notice it is broken I know I need a new one and start looking at places to order it from. But I do not actually order it. Then it actually breaks and I damn myself for not ordering that damn charger, because now I cannot really use the laptop until I get the new charger.

Five chargers during two laptops. And they are not really cheap either. I am guessing it will not stop here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

where's my free time?

And time goes on.
The usual has happened, when I sit in front of the computer the whole day I do not want to do it when I come home as well. (I watch TV instead...) It really feels different not to have so much time in the evenings anymore. I usually have three and a half hours of relaxing before I need to be in bed (perhaps four hours if can go a bit earlier from work). And going to bed at 10 pm is very different from my unemployment bed-hour which could vary from 12 am to 3 am. Being a night owl it feels weird going to bed at ten.

Of course the commuting time of about 1 hour and 20-30 minutes one way, make the time disappear. Three hours of commuting every day is not nice. But I am striving to have some place to call my own at the end of the summer which will probably cut the commuting in half. Oddly enough does the commuting not really bother me. Not yet. Perhaps because I know it is not permanent.

Monday, May 16, 2011

scotch tape manicure #9 and more

Perhaps some nails since it has been a while. These days I do not change color everyday, unemployment had its fun parts, haha.

H&M - Preppy with China Glaze - Life Preserver.
LA Colors - Static Electricity, sparkly Gosh - Blue Monday and pearly nail art pen for dots.
Lumene - Make Impact, black and silver glitter nail art pens. Inspiration from Yan Nails.

food and spa with the colleagues

It is still fun to go to work everyday. Nice to have somewhere to go and something to do. Even though it is quite boring now and then when I do not have things to do. As we did not have the full handover period I still do not know everything I am supposed to do. I was supposed to go to England for training at the end of this week but it has been postponed, til I do not know when. Soon hopefully.

The weekend that passed I had plans with the co-workers. I have been eating so much it is crazy. It started with an afternoon tea at Grand Hotel. So delicious! Of course with a glas of champagne with it.
Afternoon tea at Grand Hotel.
 Then we left for the hotel and I got a massage at the spa. So nice and wonderful. In the evening we went for three course dinner at Bockholmen's restaurant. Great location, on an island by the water and more great food!

Carpaccio with ruccola, parmesan, dijonaise, and roasted almonds.
Halibut, potato pureé, anchovy, dill, tomato, and spring onion. Nice!

The next day I woke up to have a lovely hotel breakfast. Then I took a very relaxing bath in my hotel room.

After that we continued to Haga Forum for brunch. A truly great brunch. I absolutely adored the waffles that you made by yourself. Really good!

So much food! But I am not complaining at all. It was a nice time with all the co-workers. Even though I am the youngest among all of them, which I can tell when they are not up to as much as I could be.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

interesting two first weeks

It has been two interesting first weeks at work. I am taking over for a woman going on maternity leave, so we were going to have two weeks together for a handover. Which felt great as I never got such a thing in Copenhagen but was basically left by myself. They first day at work she was sick, the second day we went through a few programs and reports I have to mail out on a regular basis, on the third and fourth day we had to work with an operating plan for spring 2012 and had no time for anything else. That was the first week at work.

On Sunday I get a phone call while driving, it is the woman calling telling me she gave birth to a baby boy the day before. Woopsie. It was seven weeks early but I guess the boy wanted out. So that handover kind of ended abruptly. Sure, I have to do that operating plan as well in fall, but we basically did not go through anything what she does on a regular basis (except for those two reports).

Apparently nothing is supposed to run smoothly.
I guess one upside could be that I get to go for training in London instead. (Of course I will be at the office all the time, but still.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

working girl

I'm here, I'm here!

It has been quite some time now but I am alive and kicking. I have just been a little bit busy, with planned weekends and starting to work! Yeah, now I am a working girl. (But not that kind of girl.)

It is fun to finally get a routine and get on with my life. It is great. The bad thing being that I have three hours of commute everyday. Yeay. Well, that time is door to door and I am not sitting on a train for the whole three hours. Luckily it is summer and it is light even when I come home at 6.30 pm so it does not feel that bad. Additionally it is only for a short period of time, I plan to get my own place when the cash starts rolling in.

It is nice.