Tuesday, July 31, 2007


What did I get done?
I went to school and met my tutor about the bachelor thesis.
Got some help with Eviews and all the statistics crap.
Sat down and did some research.
After three hours I called J for a 'fika'.
We sat down at Johans for tea and blueberry crumble pie.
Stayed there for three hours just talking.
Went to the grocery store to buy some things.
Came home at 8pm and had dinner.
Watched TV.

To make up for that unproductive day I'm sitting in the library know. Gonna try to interpret my statistics.
Good luck to me. I'm gonna need it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

a list

1. Choose shuffle on your music player.
2. Click 'next' after each question.
3. Use the title as the answer to the question.

1. How are you today?
Lollipop (Mika) Yeah, I'm sweet today. ;)

2. Will you go far in life?
My soul pleads for you (Simon Webbe)

3. How does your friends see you?
Happy (Ashanti) It fits. :)

4. Will you get married?
You sexy thing (Chocolate) Where the first words are: 'I believe in miracles' (!?) Hmm...

5. What the themesong for your life?
Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö (Timbuktu) Which means: 'Everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die'. Ironic?

6. What is your life's story?
My love is like...Wo (Mya ft Missy Elliott) Haha

7. How is school for you?
In the summertime (Mungo Jerry) Right on the spot. This summer has unfortunately been all about school...

8. How can you get forward in life?
Through the wire (Kanye West) Uplifting...

9. How will tomorrow be?
I don't feel like dancing (Scissor Sisters) I do feel like dancing! But no one to dance with...

10. What is the best thing about your friends?
Love Today (Mika)

11. What is in store for next week?
Save room (John Legend)

12. Which song describes you the best?
What kind of fool (Barbra Streisand) Que?

13. How is it with your life?
Call me when you are sober (Evanescense) I don't party that much! Haha

14. Which song will be played at your funeral?
Baby got back (Sir Mix A Lot) 'I like big butts and I cannot lie' HAHA

15. How does the world look at you?
Why does it always rain on me? (Travis) So true for this summer. Rain, rain, rain.

16. Will you have a happy life?
Regn hos mig (Orup) 'Basically: Rain where I am'. Why all this rain?

17. What does your friends think of you?
Summer spring (Juvelen)

18. Which song describes the one you are attracted to?
For all the cows (Foo Fighters) What?

17. What would you like to say to the next generation?
Waiting on the world to change (John Mayer) So true. Know the lyrics? Read them if you don't.

18. Do you have a deep and dark secret?
Call the police (James Morrison) ....but I'm not telling!

19. Does people fantasize about you?
Love don't let me go (David Guetta)

20. How can I make myself happy?
Window shopper (50 Cent) I rather spend money!

21. Will you ever have kids?
Love generation (Bob Sinclar)

22. Some tip for me?
White trash beautiful (Everlast) Great tip...

23. How will I be recognized?
Brighter than sunshine (Aqualung)

24. What is my dance song?
Get this party started (Pink) Yeah!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

tv dinner

Rice noodles with a cup of tea.
(Watching 'Ebba och Didrik' again. One of my favorite lines in today's program, 'min kärlek är stor men själv är jag för liten'.)
I miss the 'real', fresh rice noodles that you get in dishes in Thailand. My favorite.
I guess I have to go back to Thailand to get it.

jönköping again

I'm in Jönköping.
Gonna try to do some serious studying.
Hopefully I'll have some discipline.
Today I met J. Haven't seen her in ages.
I have a few friends here. So I won't be totally alone.

And I miss my sis a little.
I've been living at home now for three months.
So I've gotten used to having her around.

Friday, July 27, 2007

more of finland

Our street.

Heather covered with spiderweb.

Queuing moss.

Aiming for the stars.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

exhausting day

Today I was in that special mood.
That mood when I'm just apathetic.
Been reading in my book.
Watching a couple of movies.
Eating crap.
That's my day today.
Oh, and I picked up my train ticket for Friday morning.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

second hand bargains

Of course I promised myself before the trip to Stockholm that I wouldn't shop that much.
But how much is a promise like that worth?
Not much apparently.

But I did do some really good bargains. I've been looking for a jacket and found one at Myrorna for only 105 SEK and then I found an adorable brown clutch purse at Beyond Retro. Love that store.
Luckily I'll get salary in a few days.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

heading to my lovely town

Going to Stockholm tomorrow with my sis.
Love Sthlm in summertime.
After my studies I want to get a job and live there.
I've been away for such a long time now.
The town is calling for me to get to know it again.
It's been four years.
It's going to be five years.
Then. Who knows.
But I would like to live in Sthlm for a while.
It's my favorite town.
Of course it's competing with New York.
But I don't have that money yet.
That time will come.

For know, it will do with a trip for the day.
My sister knows the town better than I do know and she will help me to get to know it a little again.
Eat some at Kungshallen (been longing for that) and visit Myrorna and Beyond Retro amongst others.
Unfortunately it's supposed to rain.
I'll just bring my 'Singapore Airlines'-umbrella.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

compensation for the pain

Today when we looked through all the mail we've received during the vacation, I found a letter for me.
A letter from my insurance company.
I sat there wondering what decision they've made.

You see, I've gone through two spine surgeries and now a big part of my spine is stiff. About two months ago I sent in some photos of my scar. A long scar along my spine. So now I was hoping to get some money for that. The scar is visible but has never really bothered me, for me it's instead compensation for the uncertainty and pain I've had to go through to get that scar.

I didn't want to get my hopes up so I didn't expect much.
When I opened the letter I got surprised. And of course happy.
It was more than I expected.

back from the rain

Can't say that the vacation in Finland was that great. Out of 16, we only had 3 days with sunshine. Had a wish of coming home tanned.
Not so much.
Rainy and windy. Gave me time to read some books. Annika Lantz with 9 ½ månader and Selma Lagerlöf with Jerusalem. Great books. Very different.
And I got to spend time with my cousin and her daughter. Adorable.

So now I'm back in Stockholm for a couple of days. Then I'm heading to Jönköping. Gonna try to do some studying.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

finland so far

It has been raining.
And raining.
And then some more raining.
One day of sunshine. And I hoped that I would come home with a tan. Not that hopeful anymore. I have met my relatives and my cousins new baby. My books and my dvd's have kept me company after my sister left for 'Arvikafestivalen'.
Sister and me.

Suvi and her Emilia.

Emilia is enjoying the water.

Really funny book.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

a break

I'm proud of myself.
1) I've managed to pack light! (the Southeast Asia traveling taught me something)
2) We're leaving in two hours and I'm already packed!
It has been a tradition that I'm finished packing 10 minutes after we are supposed to leave.
There's a first time for everything.
How about that.
Maybe it gives me more grown-up points. According to this test my estimated age is 25. Pretty accurate.

The reason why I'm packing is that I'm heading to Finland for vacation with my family. It's time for the yearly visit to our summer cottage and all the relatives. Since we don't have any internet the activity will be pretty low here.

See you in 2 ½ weeks. Enjoy the summer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

no activity

Not much happening. Don't know what I've been doing the last couple of days.
Nothing really.
It's no point to write about nothing. It's boring.
And the weather sucks so no tanning. Only rain.

But I can tell you that I'm reading a book that is hilarious. It doesn't have a great story, it's just a diary of a Swedish comedian that got her second child. The author is Annika Lantz and the book is '9 ½ månad'.