Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, only for one day but still. Tomorrow morning I am off to Dublin for a nice little weekend. The last two days was quite busy in to the last minutes. Some things had to be done before this months book close and since I am not there tomorrow it had to be done today. Especially this task today was really annoying, all these unmatched postings had to be moved from one account to another. One by one. Only moving one posting took quite some time. During each reposting I had to go to the printer to pick up a paper. Quite annoying. But, I was efficient and fast since I wanted to take my 4 o'clock day today as well. I made it. Well well.

Then I went shopping. Not at all because I got my salary today. A nice pair of Cheap Monday jeans was bought. But it is not nice that they cost 400 DKK when they cost 400 SEK in Sweden. With 1 DKK being 1.38 SEK it is not nice at all. But it is good for all Swedes transfering their salaries to Sweden, they get quite a raise.

Now I am off to bed to at least get a few hours of sleep before I need to wake up again. So see you later alligator. When I am back I can put another country on my list.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dublin baby!

On Friday we have takeoff. To Dublin. So will have a shorter week since I am taking the day off on Friday. Will be really nice to get away. Especially to some place new. I am already dreaming of the next place to visit. But first things first, I am going to Dublin. Most comments I get is concerning Guinness and whiskey. I do not like either of them. Although I believe I might have to try a Guinness anyway. Feels like I cannot go to Dublin without drinking one.

Taking a flight on Friday morning and meeting up with J, flying from Stockholm, at the airport in Dublin. Then we will meet up with the girls working in Dublin at the moment. Will be nice to see all of the girls again. I need my dosage of girlfriends since I do not get any of that here in Copenhagen.

Really looking forward to Dublin.

Monday, November 24, 2008

no work ethics today

Not a good day for me at work. It feels like I am just dragging out the hours until I can go home. Maybe it feels like that because I am doing just that. At least for the last couple of hours. I have theories about this, firstly I had a very strange night since I woke up many times and did not sleep very well. Secondly, I am stuck with the reconcilliation I am working on right now. I think I am just too tired to try figuring it out. There is a new day tomorrow with, hopefully, more energy.

57 minutes until workday is over. (Although I am planning on leaving a few minutes earlier...)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

good job Sweden

I really appreciate having some of the Swedish TV channels here in Denmark. Sure, it is only the three free ones: SVT1, SVT2, and TV4 the channels I barely watched in Sweden. But there is not much I like of the stuff aired on Danish channels. Mostly I think I just watch movies and series on my computer instead. However, once in a while I watch something on the Swedish channels and it feels nice to keep track with some shows. I watch Idol for example.

This weekend I turned on the TV and realized they was airing the first competitions from the World Cup in cross country. I have sometimes watched it at home as well when waking up in the morning eating breakfast. It was nice to be able to do it here in Denmark as well. I am especially glad I happen to do it this weekend since it turned out to be a great start of the ski season for Sweden. Many medals and many outstanding and somewhat surprising performances. I am glad I got to see it and be part of it and not just read about it in the newspaper the next day. Which is usually the case when living abroad.

It is good that Denmark is only miles away from Sweden.

not according to plan

Saturday did not really turn out as planned. I think Jose Gonzales was scheduled to play at around 10 pm and before that there was some other performances and it all started at 7 pm. We headed out there right before 8 pm and was a little bit concerned walking there when we meet a lot of people walking the opposite direction. When finally arriving we see a couple of hundred people standing waiting outside on the steps. The line is not moving at all, nobody is being let inside. So we both feel like it will not happen that we will get in, and standing there waiting for forever in the cold weather. My toes had already started to become ice cubes.

Then we heard from a guy that it is basically 'one out, one in'. Which means that it would take forever and might not be let in at all. With all those people in front of us. And all of those already inside, who will leave before the main event of Jose Gonzales to let so many people in? It is not happening. An easy decision and we left for a pub instead. Into the warmth having some red wine. The evening still turned out ok.

My friend said that how many people can there be in Copenhagen that want to spend their Saturday night listening to a singer-songwriter. Many apparently.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

getting into the mood

Tomorrow I am heading to the free concert where Jose Gonzalez will be playing. He is not the only one but the one I am going for. One advantage or disadvantage is that it is free and there will probably be a lot of people. Not too many I hope.

I know this is the one with the commercial, but I really like it. I love all the bouncing balls.

Friday, November 21, 2008

not dreaming of a white christmas

The first snow is here...
Please have melted away when I wake up tomorrow and look out the window. Unfortunately it is one degree below zero at the moment so it might survive the night. But I am keeping my hopes up for the sun if it appears.

I did get some Christmas feeling today though. Not from the snow but from the glögg and pepparkakor we and A had at a café tonight. We went to a Japanese restaurant and I finally got to have some sushi. But the restaurant was really cold and we left to go for somewhere warmer and just across the road there was a café. When we got closer we spoted the sign of glögg and felt that it was just perfect! Being cold and freezing we needed something hot to drink preferebly with alchohol. Perfect.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

keep it simple

Today at work I was asked by my director (my manager's boss) to have an opinion. To have an opinion about the administration costs.

At first I was like: huh? An opinion about something I barely know something about? I tried to postpone it since I did not really figure out what he wanted. But of course I had to deal with it eventually. After a while I realized that I do actually know something about it, and if I do not then I know from who I should get the knowledge. I did some simple presentation. Then of course I thought that it was too simple and I started working on something better.

My director stopped by and saw the simple presentation, we discussed it and he said it was just what he needed. So simple was good. Why do I always have to complicate things? I always seem to think people expect something much more fancy than they actually do. It might be just me who expects more from me. It is time I learn how to keep it simple. Stop overdoing things.

it is all about health

It is health week at work this week. Everyday we get these tips posted on the intranet about how to be all healthy. You usual stuff, exercise, do not drink, smoke or stress, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

It also said that if you do not exercise it is the same as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Man am I going to get lung cancer. I barely exercise at all. And does this mean that if you both exercise and smoke, does it cancel out?

I am waiting anxiously for tomorrow's health tip.

Monday, November 17, 2008


On Saturday it was time to return to the past. I arrived to my hometown for the last four years. Same old, same old but it was nice to come back for a few days. For me the weekend was surrounded by this weird feeling deep down that I suppressed as much as I could since I just wanted to enjoy my weekend.

It was great to see the girls again, even though many of the gang could not be there. It was like the good old times and we were back like no time had passed since we last met. It was a really nice weekend with the ball and the graduation ceremony. A nice ending to four wonderful years of my life. But that is just it, that was the feeling that had been hiding in my gut. That it was an ending. An ending to four wonderful years of my life.

I remember when I was young and we had relatives over and I always had one of my cousins sleeping in my room. It was so nice to have her there and talk with her when going to sleep. I loved having many people in the house and we always had such a good time. When they all left, the house was so empty and quiet and I always felt so sad. I saw that empty mattress in my room and I knew there was something missing. Now and then that exact feeling comes back and I know exactly what it is.

That was the feeling I had deep down during this weekend. It got all so very clear in the end when saying goodbye to everybody. And me ending up alone in my hotel room after friends and family had left just waiting for my train.

We all have to go back to our new lives. Our new lives, that does not include seeing each other every other day. Our new lives, all in different cities. Our new lives, in which we do not play as big roles in each others life as we did before. But I hope that we all give it a really good effort to still play a big role in each others life.

I miss you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

graduation weekend

It has finally come. The weekend we have all been waiting for. Four years of studies have led us to this weekend. First a reunion lunch at school with all the graduates and teachers. Then the ball in the evening with everybody dressed to the teeth. My dress is still hanging on my door, it was for sure a good piece of motivation. Now I can wear the dress without any problem, feels good to have gotten rid of those extra kilos.

It will be cool to have the ball at Stora Hotellet since it is a very beautiful hotel. Even better is that many of us will be staying there for the night. Always so much fun to spend a night at a hotel. And what about hotel breakfast, fantastic.

Sunday is the day of the official graduation wearing the special gowns. I have no idea what it actually contains or what we have to do. But I am sure it will be fun.

Definitely a weekend to remember.

back to school

I went to work on Monday. But after a few hours I had to go home since I could not focus and felt totally dizzy. Walking out of the office I just wanted to go straight home and did not feel like taking the bus and metro. So I took a cab. What a luxury, felt quite good. It was worth it.

I also stayed home on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I was fit for work again. Still sneezy and coughing but getting better and better. The week then of course went by fast. Now it is finally Friday and I am watching Idol. But should be packing.

Tomorrow at 6.36 am I will be on my way to Jönköping again. For my graduation! Yeay. Really looking forward to see everybody again. And of course to the ball and being dressed up in my evening gown. Hopefully I will be able to breath okay during the night since it is quite fitted. But no pain no gain.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


These days being sick I have been watched the last seasons of Gilmore Girls. Of course with a series you get hooked and just have to look at the episodes, one after the other. Sometimes until it is so late that you cannot even believe it.

So I have basically watched the series all days long, since I do not really had energy for something else. Living and breathing Gilmore Girls. It is kind of fascinating how you can get into a series when watching it all day long. I have followed the show on TV but when being abroad I have missed some episodes and especially the last five.

But now it is over. The last episode has been watched. And I must say I was quite disappointed. It basically ended in a way you thought, but still I did not like it. Also the seventh and last season was not written by the initial writer so that probably plays a large roll. It is really sad when a series you have followed all these years just ends this way.

But it is time to let it go and move on with my own life I guess.

you give me fever

Got hit with quite a virus this week. Tuesday morning when waking up I just felt crap. Sore throat and runny nose. Then it developed to some fever, headache, and coughing. This week ended up with only one working day, Monday. Now it is just some sneezing and coughing left. I just hope that the coughing will not be that bad at work on Monday. Since I almost feel like my intestines are being coughed up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

partying with 1 200 collegues

Saturday was the time of the APM Cup with the big party after. We, the accounting girls, signed up with a team for the soccer tournament of the company. We just wanted to do it for fun, no guys that would take it all seriously and was in it to win. And of course to get sponsored to go to the party in the evening. No hidden agenda at all.

The bad thing was that we were scheduled to play at 8.50 am on Saturday morning. When I think about it, it was kind of good since there were not many players in the hall at that time. No people to see us suck in other words. Unfortunately we lost one player one minute into the first game. Not good. I thought I would become the next when this guy made me trip and feel right on my knee. But I could fortunately keep on playing. We fought well but lost all the games, but it was all against guys.

After 15 minutes of game time we were out and headed to the mall for some shopping. We were tired so soon after we went to one of the girls apartment for some Polish lunch. Then I headed home for some rest and getting ready for the party. Some crazy night I must say. I went back to my friends place for a pre-party with a game and of course wine. The party continued at Bella Center with dinner and more wine. It was a huge place full of people, 1 200 people in total. That is what I call a company party. It was a great party with good food, free drinks, and nice music. Of course with all that free alchohol everybody had a good time. And my collegues got to see that non-working personality of mine. And today I got to relive it since we all got to see the pictures from the night. Haha...

My Sunday was not a good day. Long time since I was hangover. Even at work today everybody was tired and quiet. We could have needed one more day of weekend to recover.

those credit cards...

Kind of had a minor shopping spree last week.
It is not that difficult after getting your salary.
Or after deciding to go to Scandinavia's largest mall.
Not the best combination if you want to save money.
But who cares about saving accounts.

I just happened to find that green jacket I always wanted. And it was 50% off so of course I had to buy it. Then I walked into a shoe store. Woops. That happened to have a buy 3 for 2 sale. So now I have three more black boots...

Sometimes I should not be allowed credit cards. On the other hand I do not regret anything :)

feeling whole again

A few weeks ago I lost a beloved belonging of mine. I have mourned it but have managed to get past it. Now I have a new one that has taken its place. My good old darling of four (!) years is now replaced with...

An Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Si2636 =)
I must say I am loving it. Which might not be that difficult going from a four year old computer to a brand new one. Now I can open a new internet window instantly and not wait minutes and minutes for the computer to start up.