Monday, December 31, 2007

happy new year

Last night I finally finished all my school stuff for HSE. Now I'm done with Helsinki and can finally have some vacation and rest. Now I'm heading out to meet L in Eskilstuna.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

back in sweden, again

Back in cold Sweden.
Lot of traveling around.
Coming home from Finland.
Going to Alicante for Christmas.
Going away for New Years.

Just came home two hours ago. And now I need to sit down with my damn term paper that I haven't finished yet. So stupid.
Write, write, write.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

two flights in two days

In six hours I'm leaving for the airport again.
I need to take a shower.
I haven't packed yet.
Have emails to write.
And the most important: I need to sleep.
Problematic though since I need to do everything else on my list as well. But I really need some sleep tonight since I only slept sex hours today.

Spain, here I come!

until next time

See you soon my friends. I'll miss you.

MiB - I'm gonna miss our great times and your sarcastic humor.
MC - You were always there. You were one of the few that made me cry.
AB - You're a really nice guy, and I enjoyed teasing you.
MB - Even though you're French I really gonna miss you. You are so sages.
CC - You were the first one I met and one of the last I said goodbye to.
KM - We're different in so many ways, maybe that's why I like you.
ES - You were there when I needed to practice my Swedish.
TL - I hope I'll see you again. We didn't spend enough time together.

end of an era

Yesterday was the last party in Helsinki. It's always strange to say goodbye to people you meet at exchange. Because you know that the most of them you won't meet again. Still it wasn't as hard as in Singapore. Those goodbyes are among the worst I've had to say. But of course I'm gonna miss my Helsinki friends. I for sure want to travel around Europe and visit them all. It would be a lot of fun, maybe next summer.

I felt sad sitting in the cab, looking at our place at Ida got further and further away. And seeing Helsinki go by outside the car window. Knowing that in a few days we'll all be spread around the world again, in our homes. Going back to our old lives that are exactly as we left them. However, we realize that we have changed. We have experiences that no one at home has taken a part of. In the beginning they are interested in hearing all about it, but after a while the interest fades. We wanna talk about our memories, but the ones we shared them with are not at the same place as we are. And we realize that we are all never again going to be at the same place at the same time. Of course we have internet but it's not the same thing.

One short period in our lives that we spent together. And we will never share it again. To me, realizing that is worse than having to say goodbye. Because you will meet in the future, but we have all gone on with our lives. We will never be as big parts of each others life again. It's the end of an era that we can never repeat. We can visit and remember, but never live it again.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

still writing

I've gotten a little bit further.
Now I've got more than six pages.
Still some more to go.
And of course the article summary that I keep forgetting.
I just had a kiwi, it might help.
C vitamin is always good.
I'm trying everything.

everything at once

Sitting here again. In front of the computer trying to get something done. Stressed. Cause I've realized how much I need to do before leaving. Many small things to take care of in the school, errands to do downtown, people to see, goodbye's to say. Then of course the cleaning and packing. Everything now in just a couple of days when I also need to finish all the school work.

What a mess.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It seems like I am doing everything but writing.

Focus woman.
Trying to work on that &%!£$ paper now.
Finally I've started writing.
Got nine lines so far.
Impressive, don't you think?
Two days of reading all kinds of things and not really getting anywhere. Hopefully now I will have a better flow when I get going.
I also went to the grocery store to buy some things to keep me alive and awake. Don't even want to think about how many thousands of calories I actually bought. And I don't want to think about that it's all going to be gone in a couple of days.
I just have to reaffirm myself that it's allowed to eat crappy stuff during exam periods. And I did buy some fruits too.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

school and sports

The exam in Negotiation Processes went ok I think, I should definitely pass. After that we celebrated the exam being over in the last Kuntis at KY Klubi. It was nice but unfortunately not that many people since so many students had exams the next day.

This weekend has been really slow, been doing some touch up work on my bachelor thesis that is in it's final stage. Finally. Also have another paper to think about, the term paper for my master course in economics. So much fun. Been trying to figure out today what I will write, it's been really difficult. Especially with all the winter sports showing on TV from the World Cup... Annoying when it's all commented in Finnish though.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


These peoples.
Supposed to be my peoples.
Don't know if they are since it keeps happening.
Not angry or anything. Just disappointed.
Miss my friends who actually do care about me.

busy, busy

Been going quite well with the studying this week. Waking up early and staying late in school. I have some more hours tomorrow to go through the last things, but I feel pretty prepared for the exam. That feels good. After that there will be a Christmas party at the KY Klubi. If I need to stay late at the exam I need to rush home and get ready, eat, and then leave again.

However, on Friday I need to start writing on a summary of a paper and my term paper. Then of course the on going (still...) bachelor thesis. Yeay. Always something to look forward to.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Today someone lit a fire under my ass. Maybe it was my conscience that finally got to me. I have so much to do now, got an exam on Thursday, have to figure out the topic for my term paper, do research for the paper, write an article for the student magazine at JIBS and on and on it goes. Many small things to clear up and emails to write, things that takes time. Time that I need for studying for the exam. But I still feel confident.

At least we got the cleaning an the inspection of the flat done today and now I've been writing on that article so it is ready to send in. It is an article about my two exchange semester, from Singapore to Finland. Now when I had to think about it I realized how much more fun I had in Singapore. But on the other hand it feels bad to say that one was better than the other since they were so different. Although there is one thing that tells me that one was better than the other. I cried my eyes out when one of my good friends left Singapore. When I was leaving and had to say goodbye at the airport to my newly found best friend I cried too. It was awful. The thing is that I don't think I will cry time. My exchange here in Finland hasn't affected me as much as the one in Singapore.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I'm tired.
My eyes are sleepy.
But today I really need to read.
It's boring, my book about negotiation analysis.
Negotiation theory isn't that fun to read about.
Practicing it is much more interesting.

500 pages to read until Thursday.
I'm on page 49.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

christmas feeling

The previous Saturday we decided to get some Christmas into our lives. We decided to have a Christmas baking day and drink 'glögg'. We had a lot of fun, I was baking 'lussebullar' and some others baked Christmas specialties from their countries. So in the end we had buns and cookies from Sweden, Germany, Denmkar, and Canada. And then everybody came to taste it all when it was done. Those lazy French and Mexicans.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

things can turn around

I ended up having a good time after the last message. Who could have thought, haha. About 20 minutes later the French came by, always late and everything. Went to M's flat were we found three wasted exchange students, two Lithuanians and one Mexican. This was at 10.30pm. We sat around chatting, drinking some wine. It became late and we decided to stay in Ida instead of going to town. We went to the local, crappy bar to have some beer and got to see two fights within half an hour. This is Finland.

When it closed we headed back to the apartment, played some games and just sat around chatting. To our surprise, the police came by. Apparently there were some complaints. The interesting thing that the apartment is in a separate building, so it came from the next building. We were seven people at our 'party'. There have been bigger parties. Well, we decided to end the party and go home. To my surprise when I got home, it was 5am. But we had fun. A great party with a great end.