Wednesday, February 25, 2009

beer on ice

Or perhaps deer on ice?
Ice skating and beer that is what I call a nice after work. After that one hour on the ice two weeks ago I actually felt quite comfortable with the guy skates on the ice. It is surprising how fast you catch up with something you have done a lot as a child. Then it is always hilarious to see people standing for their first time on ice with a pair of skates. Like one of our Indian coworkers shouting like a girl when almost about to fall. But he made it around three times without falling though.

After the ice skating we of course had to go for a beer or two to warm up. It was a nice evening with the gang. They are really cool. I am glad to have such good and funny coworkers and they make everyday at work a ball.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i love costume parties

One plan was to go home this weekend. But after a busy weekend I just feel like staying in town and not start traveling and being busy yet another weekend. Also got a meeting with the boss on Friday that I need to stay for. Since I am in town I have a fastelavn party to look forward to on Saturday. Which is the Danish version of carnival which I did not know they had. I am guessing it is not as big as in Germany or other countries though. So I need to figure out something to wear since it is a costume party. Thinking of something like flower power or disco. Or just going all colorful with all kinds of attributes. Colorful makeup, fake eye lashes and perhaps a feather boa. So the theme may just end up being color.

long time no see

A lovely weekend it was indeed. My babe Lois invaded town and my apartment for a long weekend. The whole Thursday felt like Friday and i decided to take that even further and took Friday off. So I did get two Fridays last week. The weekend was all about relaxing, having fun, catching up and everything else. We did some shopping and also got to see some new sights in town. Got to see a really nice view over Copenhagen from Rundetårn and it is also a nice walk up walking in a spiral.

Unfortunately she picked the wrong weekend to see any of my friends. Since some where out of town and the others were sick. Better luck next time. But of course we still had a good time and as all other weekends it passed way to fast and I soon had to start preparing for work again.

See you soon again honey.

Monday, February 23, 2009

a different pirate

So now is blocked for access here in Denmark. I read that previously it was blocked for a while due to child pornography. Not because of the copyright protected sharing of media. Whether that was the truth one can discuss.

Now has the Danish court decided that the companies providing internet need to stop their customers' access to the site. So now are the governments trying to decide for us. Like that is going to stop people when there are millions of other sites out there.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i want two fridays this week

It is Friday.
Well, at least in my mind. Of course I am not that lucky. One more day. But at least my honey is arriving today so I will be able to gossip with her when I am done with work.
I did manage to keep my apartment fairly neat. I just had a few things to clean up, of course some clothes lying all over and some dishes. At least my place should look a little bit decent when my guest arrive. Even though she has seen how messy I can be.

However, I cleaned up my used clothes but now instead I got clean clothes hanging all over. I finally did my laundry, which was really necessary. I got to the laundry machines yesterday evening just in time because there was a guy there trying to steal my machine. That is not nice. But at least he was cute. So he is excused.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Who wouldn't like a pirate like Jack Sparrow.

Monday, February 16, 2009

this thing called love

I like being single. But some people apparently think that it is not good enough to enjoy life by yourself. I like living by myself. I like taking one day at a time and just worrying about myself. I like going to bed whenever I want and coming home whenever I want. I like to not have to worry about the clothes all over my bedroom or dishes in the sink. Because once in a while you get the typical question, phrased with different words: so do you have a boyfriend?/how's your love life going?/you've been seeing anyone lately? etc. I am not looking for it anxiously. If it happens, it happens. My life is good with it or without it. So that is not enough for you? Well it is enough for me and that is all that counts.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It is only 8 p.m. and I am totally ready for bed already. It just feels wrong somehow. But I am going to need it. Saturday was a long day. I finally went ice skating at Kongens Nytorv in the city center in the afternoon and then we headed straight for a dinner and party at a friends place. It was a lot of fun and we were a couple of people that ended up sleeping over. It was a really nice night but with not much sleep at all. After a great, very needed, brunch at Stella I finally got to go home and I fell asleep in the sofa almost right away. I think I slept three hours before waking up but I am still so incredibly tired.
I feel old.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

communication is everything

My honey was kind enough to inform me that it is next week she is coming and not tomorrow. We are very good at the concept known as communication :). So now I need to survive valentine's day without her. At least I have now got a clean apartment. Lets hope I can keep it that way until next week. It will be tough and I will fight my hardest.

Now it is time for bed. I should have at least one day this week when I go to bed at an reasonable hour. I have to get some sleep so I can manage my Danish class. My last Danish class. Well, at least for this round. I told my teacher I would be up for the next and last round as well. We Swedes and Norwegians only have two classes of six weeks each. After that we are apparently supposed to be all prepped for the Danish language.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my long lost babe

My long lost babe is coming to Copenhagen on Thursday. It is about time we meet again since last time was beginning of June last year. Will be nice to have a dear old pal around for a few days.

That is one thing that is missing around here to make my life better. Someone that knows me inside out and understands. Someone to go shopping with. Someone to eat fatty, hangover pizzas and gossip about last night with. Someone to watch tv with when you are bored.

It is all those small things I miss here. All those small things that makes your life better.

Monday, February 9, 2009

i moved to bangalore

I know, I was out in the last minute. Remembered that I had Danish class tomorrow and checked the home work online (since I skipped last class...). We have to talk about our last summer holiday. So of course I used Google Translate which is a perfect tool for translating some easy texts.

But what is up with this??

my star

I think it was about one or two weeks ago when I came home from work and looked up on my window. I became aware of that I still had my advent star in the window lighting it up. I turned my head to look at the other windows and of course there is no advent stars or candlesticks left in the windows.

Today was the day it finally moved back into the closet again. But I like my star and did not mind having it out. But I am leaving my Christmas ornaments hanging in the window. They are not that Christmasy so they are staying, I love them.

Now I just need to find a lamp or two to have in the living room. It is quite dark. Should probably have bought one sooner since it is actually getting brighter and brighter outside now. But there are still many months until spring.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

search for the burger

I actually woke up to some sunshine today. But you cannot get fooled. As soon as I stepped outside there was a cold wind freezing my ears off.

Today we started to search for the best burger in town. Perhaps a new Sunday/hangover tradition. Today's choice was Halifax Burger Restaurant and their burgers were really nice. Although I am not sure that it is the winner. Not the best burger I have ever had. But for sure a nice on. I especially like that you first pick your version of burger, second which kind of burger (beef, chicken, or vegetarian), third which side order, and fourth which dip. Many variations, I like.

true schlager

Fantastic that I can enjoy Melodifestivalen on TV even in Denmark. Yes, I am one of those. But I do have good company with half of the Swedish population watching it. It is time for the yearly contest of finding the right song to send off to Eurovision Song Contest, this time in Moscow I believe. It is a prolonged process with four semifinals and today was the first one. I am happy to say that my favorite made it straight to the final, Alcazar with Stay the night. A very catchy song that sticks, I like it.
The performance was good and I loved Andreas' tie. It is a shame that many good looking guys are either taken or gay.

(, Jessica Gow/Scanpix)

I remember Andreas in Melodifestivalen 1996, when I was only 12 and he performed with Driver dagg faller regn. It was a very different Andreas back then.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

lenny and me doing some cleaning

I finally did it. I started cleaning up my apartment. It was for sure about time since it is just a total mess. In my bedroom I think I have a larger share of my clothes spread around the room than actually inside the wardrobe. Need to change that. And just do some basic tidying up. All those boring, nasty things (that you wish someone could do for you) that you have to do every month.

That is why I have put on some Lenny Kravitz to get me in the mood. He can always get me from a sad, boring mood to actually doing something. He managed today as well. Now I just hope that he can keep that up for another one or two hours until I am done.

studio 54

My work ethics was not on top yesterday and it seemed like I kept trying to figure out excuses not to work. Of course I do have a conscience and still kept trying hard to work. How it worked out in the end I am not really sure. The last 30-45 minutes of the Friday afternoon was spent checking out the listings of movies showing. K and me decided to go for something easy and we ended up with He's just not that into you. Quite alright but it lacked something, it was just a little bit too cheesy once in a while.

We ended up at Palermo for some beers after and I liked the music they played. It was a lot of variation of songs and I liked it. We started talking about good nights out and one of my favorite dance floor was in Ministry of Sound in Singapore called Studio 54. With a whole lot of oldies. A perfect night indeed. Need to find a place that plays that music here, if there is such a place.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

interior design

You gotta love technology. I can be any where in the world and still watch some of my favorite Swedish tv programs since they are online. All the Swedish tv channels have the programs they have produced online. So tonight was spent watching the interior design program with Simon and Tomas. The effect of that is of course that I want to decorate my apartment and do changes.

Unfortunately, since it is not my own place I cannot do any drastic changes but I need to do something. Especially I need some lamps, been needed for quite some time now. I should also go to IKEA, check what they have. Always a good start. Should try to do that next week. Or at least in the near future.


Congrats sister!
Happy 19th birthday. Will not be there to celebrate it with you but I will think of you from Copenhagen. Hopefully I will see you in a couple of weeks and then I can celebrate you and give you a present :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

team work

After work in the middle of the week is a great idea. Sure, we (meaning K and me) tease our new Swiss co-worker quite a lot especially for how he is so organized and all his funny ideas. He is way to nice for our working climate haha. Our humor, including our manager's, is quite sarcastic and rough sometimes but the new guy is getting used to it. But I have to give him something, because it was his idea with AW.

It was nice, having some beer and we even tried some tapas since we were at this tapas bar, Nini's. I was there once before and had a really good drink called Nini's Fizz (gin, champagne, and lemon juice). Anywho, the best part was that we did not even have to pay.

Now I am just hoping that we will have a book close dinner (party) after just book close. They had it last year but of course when times are rough and it is all about cost saving it is not so sure. I have heard that they are still deciding whether to have it or not. I think yes. Of course. But sure, when it is more than 30 people it will become a quite expensive dinner. Perhaps a bill you cannot just slip through with the rest :)


It was interesting the other day.
When I came to my Danish class my teacher noticed almost right away that I had colored my hair darker. What I realized afterwards was the fact that none of my co-workers had noticed. My Danish teacher who I see twice a week for six hours in total. Not that I need or want the attention, just noticing.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Colored my hair a bit darker yesterday. Now I am thinking I want to do something else to my hair. Usually I cut my hair every 5-6 weeks, but now I think I will wait some more. I am not sure I want this really short hair, I just want it short. I just have to wait and see if I get annoyed at it growing out or not. The problem then is that I would like the change to happen now. A bit problematic though if I want it longer. Perhaps I might cut some kind of fringe again?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Deliciously unhealthy pizza from Domino's. Pepperoni Feast, with extra pepperoni and extra cheese. Perfect for a lazy Sunday evening.

three firsts

Another weekend soon almost gone again. Once again stating the obvious: they are way to short. So what do I do to make the most out of the weekend? Right now I am spending the Sunday watching old episodes of Scrubs and spending a little time on YouTube. Cannot really say I am hangover since Saturday was not that rough, but I am planning on having the pizza later. A bad one from Domino's with a lot of cheese and pepperoni. The hangover pizza but without the hangover. Fine by me.

Three and a half hours of Saturday was spent having brunch with K at one of the cafés in town. There are many cafés to go through and we are working on it. In the evening I got to try out a new bar (new for me) with a friend and his friend, Karrierebar. Kind of a nice place, however the music was not the best since it got a little bit too much of house for my taste now and then. It was an evening of many firsts. First the new bar, where I got two Tiger beers with the wardrobe. Which is not the first in that sense, but a first since Singapore. Third, this German friend of my friend was kind of cute. How often does that happen, a German? Like. Never.


I like this album with Vanessa Paradis. Remember finding the album on sale many years ago and immediately loved it. Perhaps one explanation could be that Lenny Kravitz was the producer of the album.