Monday, June 27, 2011

half way there

I got my first real pay check last week! Felt so good to see that on my banking account. Real, meaning a whole months work, as I only worked a few days in April. I do not even want to think about how long ago I got a whole pay check inserted into my account. But instead of thinking about that and getting into a bad mood again, I will just enjoy my pay check. And focus on the future and enjoy that I am finally working again. It truly feels great.

Finally my life is on track again. It will be even better if the lead on an apartment my colleague has will work out. Then I can start living for real again. Then my social life will be back on track as well.

Living in the city in my own apartment has a nicer ring to it than living in the country side with my parents. Hopefully I will be able to say that before I turn 25 for the third time this August.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

that's a lot of space

Quite some time ago I saw this video clip on YouTube. I think it is really cool. But when you look at it I cannot feel anything else but tiny and insignificant.

I am open to most things, and after watching a thing like this it kind of makes you think that there must be something else out there.


I had a wonderful Midsummer on Friday with old and new friends. Really a memorable day/evening/night. The day lasted forever. Well, only until about 4 am.

We met up in a park in Stockholm and had a nice potluck, where everyone contributed with some fort of food. Could you guess what I brought? Yeah of course I brought the dessert. As I had stocked up on a variety of cupcake recipes and I was about to be very ambitious and make three different kinds. But decided that it maybe was a little bit too much when I saw the size of the first batch. So I ended up 'only' making two kinds.

But of course I forgot to take pictures of these delicious creations (if I may be so bold and compliment myself). I ended up making one set of cupcakes with rhubarb, mint, and almond and another set with raspberry and a secret in the middle (nutella) and topped with crumble. It seemed like the favorite was the raspberry one but my personal favorite I think is rather the rhubarb one. I adore rhubarb. And mint for that matter. (The first recipe I found in a magazine but also found here, and the other version is a homecooked recipe but based on this recipe.)

But here I can give you a picture of me at least holding the cupcakes. A photo which my dear E took and I hope she will allow me stealing from here.

Monday, June 20, 2011

scotch tape manicure #10 and more

I have noticed I have some new readers coming my way because of the various manicures I have been posting. And thanks if you are sticking around. So here is for you, some manicures I have been sporting lately.

The top one was my favorite, loved it. I just borrowed mom's zig zag scissor which originally is for cutting fabric with. Perfect for doing some fun tape manicure with.
Gorgeous green Guppy - 50 with Gosh - Miss Grey.
Gradient and sponged, Depend #252 and blue glitter Claire's - #202 and an unknown silver glitter.

Sinful Colors - Mint Apple with Barry M Nail Effects - Pink Fizz. Plus some silver tape striping.

Friday, June 17, 2011

occupational hazard

I think I have already got an occupational injury.

The company I am working at produces shoes. So the last two months I have been looking at all kinds of shoes, both outdoor and casual shoes, and analyzing the sales of shoes. All about shoes.

So what is the occupational injury? I have started to notice what shoes people are wearing. Like all the time. Waiting at the train platform in between trains watching people go by and only looking at their shoes.

Although I have yet to see a pair of shoe I recognize. Then again, I have worked there for about two months and seen only a fraction of the shoes that has been produced over the years.

I guess there is an occupational hazard with every work. I guess this one is really not that bad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thank you?

I got a weird present today. I work through a staffing company (if that is what it is called) and received a summer present from them today.

Wood to use on the grill when grilling meat. Okay. This staffing company has young professionals as their main employees, but it feels they are way off target with this gift. I do not even own a grill. My friends does not own grills.

My parents will get a present when I come home.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

nails at work

My nails were too cute so I had to match with an outfit and accessories to tough it up a bit.

Perhaps I should start phone for posting a bit more, maybe the frequency would improve.

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the new job

And the days just passes by with me dismissing this thing. I just cannot seem to be bothered. Especially when working and pretending to being all busy and with this great weather we are having.

Work is good, in one way it is not that different from the job in Copenhagen as it is still a lot of numbers, Excel and various reports. However, this job is within retail and analysis and not that boring side of controlling and nagging that I never appreciated. Being a sales analyst in retail where you actually have a product you can touch and relate to. It is nice.

Also I am one of those nerds who actually think it is fun to work with numbers and Excel. I have the nice collegues to chat with and I get to tag along to the sales meetings to see the new collections. So far it has been all good.

I guess one less positive aspect is that sine the job is kind of similar to my previous one it is not really a challenge or a step up, I am basically on the same level. What I do appreciate though, is that it is within retail which I could see myself developing in. Also the fact that I am stepping away from the hamnpering word of 'controller' and instead getting the title 'sales analyst'.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

me and the fancy, british hotel

I went to London recently and got to stay in a fabulous hotel. A cool place to have stayed at but probably not something I would have picked myself (yeah, I did not have to pay for it).

When we drive up to the hotel, through a golf course and a neat park, I arrive to a mansion-like place. I get help to carry in my luggage and feel slightly out of place wearing my converse, turquoise cardigan, and glittery, shock-pink nails.  After I have checked in, the man take my bag and takes me to my room where he gives me the key. Am I supposed to give a tip? I have no clue as this is the fanciest hotel I ever stayed in and not really used to customs. Well I didn't, I did not eve have cash. Then I get the room key which is actually a key, not one of those plastic cards.

I change my shoes to a pair of ballerina to feel less awkward in my loneliness when I go downstairs to the Orangery for some light dinner. Waiters wearing suits and speaking British English (of course, since we are in Britain) which makes it feel even more fancy. Sitting down looking over the golf course and other people looking like other version of Prince Charles and Camilla.

In my room I can feel more like myself and switch to more comfortable jammies. Take a bath in the gorgeous bath tub and just enjoying myself.

Later taking on the bath robe hanging there on the door, creeping up in the soft, wonderful, big bed. There in the fancy hotel room in my bath robe I continue reading the biography The Dirt with Neil Strauss and Mötley Crüe, feeling a little less out of place and a little bit more me.