Tuesday, April 29, 2008

enjoying the silence

Now I am on the train to Stockholm. In first class, it is not much different from the wagons for the normal people. Except that I get free internet here. And there is no annoying people or kids talking.

Finally I got a reply from the embassy in Singapore that they actually got my application for the internship. After two emails. They are supposed to give an answer in the beginning of May which is rather soon. It is good, so I do not have to anguish for so long.

I want it so bad. I do not care that I have to get by with the CSN money for another semester. I just want to get back to Southeast Asia and working at the embassy would be perfect.

Crossing my fingers!

Monday, April 28, 2008

reunion in helsinki

Tomorrow I am heading to Helsinki again. For a small reunion. Well, it will not be that small since I am guessing we will be about 20 people. It will be fun. Partying on the 30th, Valborg. But now I seriously need to get some sleep. My train leaves at 7.10 tomorrow. Have to get up early, not fun at all. The good thing is that I will be in first class on the most of the trip. It was actually cheaper with first class than second class for this trip. I am in the quiet lounge and I am crossing my fingers that it will actually be quite and no annoying kids running around. Furthermore I got free internet on the train. Will be nice

Now: bed.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Or maybe not. Since I am still sitting here with my thesis. On a Friday evening. Trying to watch 'Så ska det låta' at the same time. So sad. But have a meeting on Monday when we are supposed our thesis and results so far. Want to finish most of it tonight so I do not have to do that much tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Have had the movie Stardust now for ages but never come around to see it. So tonight was the night I was going to make it happen to phrase a song. And it was really good, surprisingly. An adventure, fantasy movie that I really liked. I laughed throughout the movie as well, not often that happens I must say. Robert De Niro as the transvestite Captain Shakespeare was hilarious, not what you expect from the typical fantasy movie. I guess that is what makes it good. Anyhow, a movie that I really can recommend.

sunday school

Went to school to get something done. Can only afford one free day every week. But honestly I did not get much done. I have a lot to do and know exactly what I need to do. Maybe that is the problem, it is so much that I think my mind got blocked today.
Give it another try tomorrow.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

heading back to asia?

I applied for the internship at the Swedish embassy in Singapore. Had not really given it any thought, then just two days before the deadline I decided to send in an application. Now I really want it. Guess it is because I think I actually got a real chance to get it, since I spent one semester in Singapore and have a genuine interest for Southeast Asia. I want to go back so bad. I almost see it as a personal failure if I am not working in Asia within a couple of years. I do not want to stay in Sweden, I want to head out again. Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that my letter makes it into the 'great' pile.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hv71 won the Swedish Championship in ice hockey. Congratulations to them. But probably I will not be able to sleep tonight since the people are out on the town celebrating. Driving around and around in their cars honking. At least it is Saturday tomorrow so I do not really have to get up early for school. I guess I can bear one night of this.

I do not have to go to school, but I need to get up and tidy up my apartment and write applications. My room is a disaster zone once again. When do I ever learn?

Now they are shooting fireworks here. I am glad I have my apartment overlooking the small yard instead of the larger street just outside.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

getting published in australia

Just went through my junk mail, I usually do not delete it right away since some important email could have slipped through. To my surprise I had a image request from Flickr where I have posted pictures from my time in Southeast Asia. Tamara from get lost! magazine in Australia, wants my pictures of the floating bar in Philippines since they are featuring a story of water bars. Of course I am happy to help if anyone want to use my pictures. She is going to send me a copy of the magazine when it comes out. Cannot wait!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

applications, applications, applications

So I got turned down for one of the summer jobs that I applied for at IKEA. Great for the self esteem when you are overqualified for a job and they do not even want to meet you. Whatever. This evening I have sent out a whole bunch of applications for summer jobs. Hopefully someone will reply. Next step is to go through the whole list of companies in Malaysia with Swedish interests. Maybe they would like to have a nice Swedish girl working for them.

Monday, April 14, 2008

wish list

  • Trainee program at Maersk
  • Traveling Asia
  • Finishing the thesis
  • Two day weekend with no work
  • Summer job at IKEA
  • Sunshine and 20 degrees
  • No worries

quote of the day

"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same."

- Francesca Reigler

Sunday, April 13, 2008

no more miss carrot top

So the other day I wanted to color my hair. Lighter. Which means I had to 'decolor' it. Basically bleach it. Since I had darkbrown hair I got lovely orange colored hair. Of course I had another color ready, a lighter brown. Unfortunately the orange shone through. The color was awful. Brownish orange. Lovely. The next day I went to school but had my hair covered up and then bought a new hair color. So finally it is brown again. Unfortunately it is almost the same brown color as I had before. Money well spent. However, it might get a little bit lighter after some washes. At least I got rid of the black hair I had underneath. And now I know that next time I want to go a little bit lighter, I am definitely going to the hair salon.

today's kids

Saturday, April 12, 2008

laundry day

My blue IKEA plastic bag was overcrowded with all my clothes and bed linen when I headed down to the laundry room. It was long time overdue. Now I am finally getting some clean clothes again. My wardrobe was getting a little bit empty.

As far as the rest of they day goes, I think I am just gonna relax. Read some in my book Freakonomics. Have been reading that for a long long time since I only read a couple of pages every night before I get sleepy. Then I might think about some of my applications for internships that I need to write for next week. Those annoying cover letters.

moving on

The presentation on Thursday went well. Feels great that it is over. Have to do some minor adjustments and then we can hand it in and get our grade. For about one hour I was bitter about the grade we will get. But I cannot really blame them for giving us the lowest grade. We get an E. We did not really put in a lot of effort into it when we realized we were not going to make it within the time frame. Not it is over with and I am going to put all my effort into this master thesis instead.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it is time

Tomorrow it is time.
Time for the presentation of our bachelor thesis.
I am not nervous or anything. I know my subject and do not have any problems to hold presentations. It will be fine.
And I do not really care about what the opponents have to say. Of course I do not want them to bash the whole thing, but we cannot get any higher grade anyways. Just want to finish it now. Hopefully we will not get to much corrections. Cannot imagine, otherwise they would not have said that we were ready to present.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

what a mess

Got fire in my ass right now. A lot to do. About twelve hours of work everyday. Been so busy with my thesis that I have totally forgotten about the applications for trainee programs and jobs. So much going on that I cannot keep it all straight. I think I need to start using my calender again. To get my schedule and mind sorted out.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

better luck next time

Went to a party yesterday. I was not really in a party mood. But one hour before going I managed to scrape together some energy for the party. But after two hours I was ready to go home, just felt like sitting in the sofa watching TV. The funny thing was that it was only 10pm. So at least two hours before heading out.

So we left just after that.
For McDonalds.
A cheeseburger. Fries. And bearnaise dip.
An early evening.
I feel so old. But neither L nor I was not really in a party mood at all. Better luck next time.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Lovely L got the best graduation present. Me want too. That was reason to celebrate - if it was not that then we probably would have come up with something else - so we went to Asia Garden to eat. My favorite restaurant in Jönköping. Chicken teriyaki. Yummy. Have to get used to the Japanese food if I am going there this summer.

the time has come

Still annoyed at my data. But that is life with a master thesis I guess.

At least I can be happy about our planned bachelor thesis presentation. K is finally here and on Thursday next week we will present it. And I will finally get my grade and it will be over and done with. I guess I should read it once or twice before, since it was ages ago we actually wrote it. The title of it is: The Impact of an Anti-dumping Measure on EU Imports of Chinese Footwear. Quite happy with it, but let me come back to you after the presentation when our tutors have given their thoughts about it.
Honestly, I do not really care.
At this point, I just want to finish it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Yesterday I reached a new level of frustration. And the frustration continues today.
I have realized a problem with my data. I need money data for about 150 countries for a 20-year period. All the data is in national currency. I need all the data in one currency to be able to compare them. So I have something really exciting to look forward to if I need to change it all. So much fun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

another chick flick

Sometimes I just get confused in what way my mind works. My mind work in mysterious ways. Was thinking about going to bed to read my book when I saw that SVT was showing a movie.
A chick flick.
Called Down with love.
Well, well. Of course you know when you watch it how it will end. But maybe I can try to console myself with that the movie has kind of a twist in the end. And that I like Ewan McGregor.

not another chick flick

We went to the movies to see 27 dresses. There have been periods when I just love those chick flicks. Something that makes you smile. But this time, as I sat in the theatre, I new right away how it ends. How all those movies ends. As soon as That guy came into the picture you know that is the guy the girl ends up with.

When I sat there I just felt I needed something more challenging. Something that demanded a few more braincells. Of course I know, now and then that chick flick mood appears again. But right now, I just want to read some good books and see some good movies.
Realizing that it was ages ago. I do not know. Maybe I have just been needing a break from my blog. Or maybe I just do not have anything to say. Which is probably not true since there are many thoughts in my head. Going to try writing everyday. We will see how it goes.