Monday, April 27, 2009

bad start, good start

I do not know how often I am dreaming since I never remember my dreams. A few times I do and sometimes I just know that I have been dreaming but not about what.

Sometime during Sunday night I woke up. I woke up because I think I was crying. I at least woke up with the weirdest feeling, it was like I was anxious, afraid, or sad. It felt strange and kind of exhausting. I do not know what it was all about since I do not remember what I was dreaming. It was all in a daze and then I fell asleep again.

When I woke up again for real when the alarm rang, I still had this weird feelings and I remembered what happened. I was dead tired and had problems getting out of bed. It was not a good night sleep at all. I managed to get through the working day just fine even though being so tired in the morning.

But at least the day ended good when I met up C from my Swedish class at a café. I have had their wonderful quesadilla twice but this time I went for the burger. With the good ending I hope it will continue throughout the night and give me a good start for Tuesday.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This week had a happy ending. The bad week ended with a really nice weekend. Leaving work on Friday was the first good thing. Then I just had to get home and get ready for the BBQ at A's house which she share with friends. Nice place to have a BBQ since it has its own garden and all. A really nice evening and a good party.

Saturday was not very eventful but it was nice doing nothing. I started an Entourage marathon since I thought it was time for a rerun. Love that show. I did make some time between the episodes to get out of the house. I went out in the sun for a while and then I ended up at the mall next to me and bought a toaster. Then I continued the marathon. As you read, very eventful.

Sunday was spent in Louisiana with E that I met at the BBQ. Here we are not talking about the state in US since that requires a bit more time traveling. This Louisiana is only 40 min away close to Helsingör and is a museum of modern art. It was nice, there was an exhibition of German, surrealism painter Max Ernst. Then we had 'fika' outside in their really nice café by the water and in the sun, seeing Sweden on the other side.

Good weekend. Now I am looking forward to the next. Next countdown starts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


How is it possible? This morning I managed to turn off BOTH of my alarms after they rang. I woke up properly 15 minutes before I had to be at work. When I realized I was of course wide awake. Hurry, hurry! Good think I have started to pick out my outfit for work before I go to bed. Just to jump into the clothes, brush my teeth, put on some mascara and head out the door.

15 minutes after I woke up I was out the door and I was in time for some breakfast at work. Good thing they extended the breakfast until 9am instead of 8.30am. Good for us late comers.

I was not worried about coming late to work. It is rather flexible with the working hours anyway in our section. I was at work 8.50am and I was not the last one to arrive. My manager usually comes around 9am everyday. So he was not even there to notice me being late.

I safeguarded myself with two alarms since I know from experience that I sometimes manage to turn one off. But what do I do know? I should start going to bed earlier I tell myself every night. But here I am in front of the computer and it is already 11.06... dammit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

good day?

Today was kind of a good day.
I did not have time to think. To think if I am bored of the job or not. Now I think I will continue my rerun of Entourage. Keeps me from thinking and makes be laugh instead. Seems like a good deal to me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

crash and burn

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head

'Cause there has always been heartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breathe again

not time to move on just yet

I am afraid. My motivation is lacking at work. I do not dread the mornings when I have to get up for work. But I am always counting the hours til five o'clock and days til weekends during my working day. I have only worked here about eight months which is not a lot. It is too early to be tired of a working place. It got worse last week and I am not sure if it is just a temporary or lasting feeling. Before starting to work I lived in three different places during 1.5 year. After 5-6 months I moved on to something new which is not possible now. Have I gotten used to it?

After my year in US when the work totally sucked, I promised myself not to be in a situation like that again. But it is not like I can just pick up and leave and start something new. If I could, I would not know where to go since I am not sure what I want to do. One thing I am starting to realize is that finance might not be my calling.

In US I survived due to all my very good friends that made it worth staying. Maybe that is what I am missing here. Well, perhaps not completely missing but definitely not enough.

Something needs to change. I need to stay at least another year and this lack of motivation will not be helping. But how do you swing it the other way?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

long lost pal

I got a very surprising message on Facebook today. I got a smile on my face when I saw the name of who it was from. It was from this guy I played a lot with when I was a kid. We know each other from when we were babies and had vacation together and had many play dates. Due to certain circumstances we lost contact when I was in middle school I think.

I have now and then wondered what he is up to today. Last time was during Easter when I was at home and watched videos of when my sister and I was young. He was on several of the videos and we were playing together in the yard. Since he has a kind of a common name it is not easy to find on e.g. Facebook. But now he found me.

I love how internet and Facebook get you in contact with people you never thought you would hear from again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Friday, April 17, 2009


I watched Berg flyttar in ('Berg is moving in') with Carina Berg today. She was 'moving in' with Marcus Schenkenberg in New York where he lives today. The male supermodel from the little country of Sweden. There is many fine guys in this small country. He is still darn good looking and does not look anything near the 41 years old he is.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

it wasnt my fault


I was just going to H&M to check if they had the dress I bought in a bigger size. And I ended up walking out with the dress unchanged and an additional H&M bag hanging on my arm. Containing two cardigans and a skirt. But at least they were on sale.

Then I went next door to Indiska. Since I managed to leave my new ring at the airport customs I wanted a new one. I ended up walking out with another ring (that looked almost as a favorite I broke a few months ago), a pair of earrings and three tealight holders (they were on sale).

Walking on Strøget on my way to the metro I look to my right and see a store not really visible. It says Søstrene Grenes and I have seen bags with that name and decide to go in. I have found a new store I really like. I guess it is a bit similar to Lagerhaus and STCKHM in Sweden. They have everything and nothing. And it is all cheap. Of course I ended up walking out from there with another bag on my arm.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

again. and again?

So what is wrong with my drain? It happened again. At least this time I did not have to do a toilet wash. Thankfully. I poured water with caustic soda in the drain as last time and I think I inhaled a bit to much of that nasty gas. No worries, nothing happened so in that sense it was not too much. But I started coughing and had to stick the head out of the toilet a couple of times. Eventually I got it all in the drain. The next morning it was working properly again.

So what? This is going to happen every four months? I should talk to the girl I am renting from and ask if she ever had this problem. Who knows if the caustic soda will help in the future. I do like being able to take showers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter is over

Vacation is over. Unfortunately.
It is back to work. Unfortunately.

Five days. Shopping a lot. Eating a lot. Good food, Easter egg filled with lots of candy, ostbågar, cake, wine. You name it. It was a lot of everything. And a lot of laziness and relaxing as it should be during vacation. It was great weather too which made it even better. Spring is finally here for sure and I can start taking of layers.

I came home on Monday and found my messy apartment just the way I left it. Unfortunately. My little elf apparently decided to stay in the loft this weekend and not clean my apartment. So I did a bit of that during Monday. And today was work. Unfortunately.

Three days until weekend. At least it is only four of those working days this week. And I need to plan my next vacation. It needs to be soon.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

home sweet stockholm

Only three working days this week. Nice. And I left at three today so I had time to go home and then catch my flight. Nice chilling day.

Now I am looking forward to five days off from work. Yeay. Tomorrow it will be a whole day of shopping. I am now writing everything up on my list so I will not forget everything. Hopefully it will not get too long and expensive.

Now vacation.

Monday, April 6, 2009

busy for vacation

Busy day it was. But we got homemade chocolate cake cause of R's birthday. And now there is only two more days of work! Good think that in Denmark you also have the Thursday before Easter off as well. Five days off holiday. Awoohoo!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

i am in love

One day on my way to work I fell in love.
I was sitting on the bus and saw this girl. She had the most gorgeous handbag. I immediately felt that I needed to have it. Unfortunately I did not ask her where she bought it. I really regretted it. But I also remembered seeing it somewhere, either on a blog or somewhere else. So I thought I would be able to find it somewhere online. I just hopped that it was just a bag found in a junk store, but it did not look cheap so I had my hopes.

After some time of googling, looking through sites and blogs for pictures, I finally found it!

It is a bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs that came out during the fall. I love this black metallic bag. Sure, it would be the most expensive bag I would own. Usually I do not go for the expensive ones, but this one I got to have. And now, I can actually afford it.

my last couple of weeks

So I have been kind of off. My apologies. So what about a recap? Hmm, what has been going on?
  • I got tax money back. I hoped for as much as my coworker but I only got a 15th part of that, her case was strangely a lot of money.
  • I almost forgot to get the tax money. Got it on a check but made it to the bank on time.
  • Was at a Finnish pre-party and realized I do understand Finnish better than Danish. Sad.
  • Saw Watchmen at the movies. I do not recommend it. Awful. The only good thing was the popcorn and Bilar that J bought in Sweden.
  • Had chocolate fondue. However, they somehow screwed up the chocolate but it was a nice night and good fruits.
  • Spring is her. I can start using my spring jackets.
  • I have bought four pair of shoes in the last two weeks.
  • Was at IKEA some time back and bough stuff to make this place feel more like me. Finally got a lamp.
  • Continuously trying to start eating better. Not doing so well. Damn. I need to fit into some of my working pants again. Apparently at this point, that is not enough motivation.
  • Did not get a pay raise for next year. Partly me and partly the crappy times.
  • Started to love House and have now watched all five seasons. Love his sarcastic humor!
  • Was at a wine tasting on Friday. Then to another bar. Then to Grill bar, cool place, for another drink but ended up ordering food. I had grilled tuna, one of the best (and expensive) meals I have had in a long time.
  • My apartment is once again a mess. Ground zero.
  • Have decided to go home for Easter. Meet the family. And of course do some shopping.