Tuesday, October 16, 2012

exhausting flat hunting in london

Last Thursday I packed my bags, well honestly, they where already packed since I never really unpacked. After staying two weeks with my dear friends who let me crash at their flat, I moved out. I took my bags and jumped into a cab, cause honestly, I would never have carried those three bags all cross London on several different modes of transportation.

The flat I moved into was actually my number one choice. I came to the apartment twice actually, since some of the flat mates where not at home the first time. The second time I was here I thought it was done, it felt like a good match and that they liked me. However, when I was about to leave the girl said that she would let me know tomorrow but that she also have a friend who was gonna view the place.

Then I just thought dammit, cause what chance does a stranger have against a friend? I never heard anything like she promised and I sent her texts. I kept going on viewings and two days later I found a quite nice apartment which I was offered and accepted. That very same night, the girl from the favourite flat sent me a text offering me to move in. In addition to that I also got a third offer. Everything comes in three, as they say.

Funny enough, just the day before I felt like I was ready to give up. A whole week of apartment hunting and viewings, at least one and sometimes up to three viewings everyday after work. Exhausting going all over London for viewings.

So I ended up having to turn down to flats, of which I already accepted one. After the credit and reference checks where done, deposit paid, I could move in. What a lovely feeling. I know have my very own little place I can call my own.

It's not big, but it's a nice and modern flat. Nice kitchen and living room in one with high ceiling. A bathroom I only have to share with one other. Only wooden floors, so no carpets! Three other really great flat mates, one French guy and two Australians, one guy and one girl. So a very nice mix.

A really nice area, close to Finchley Road tube in Hampstead, north west of London. Even better is that it's only about 25-30 min door to door for work.

I couldn't be happier. 


I read a lot about moving to London before I actually did. Certain things could be a hassle, and from previous experiences in other countries I know it for a fact. Getting registered or opening a bank account can be annoying.

But surprisingly everything has been running very smoothly. (Knock on wood!) After only one week I found myself a flat, a really nice one with great flat mates I have to add. I managed to get an interview appointment right away for getting the National Insurance number.

It was even easy to set up a bank account. I had read stories about needing a proof of address like a bill of some sort, but come on, if you're new to the country, who will have that? All I needed was a reference letter from my employer that also stated my address. And my passport. That was it. The bank account was set up within half an hour. So Lloyds is the bank to go to in United Kingdom if you're a foreigner needing a bank account. At least if you're a European that is.

Strangely enough it was more difficult to go to the bank in Denmark. Not difficult to set up the account itself, but get the debit card. That was just a pain in the ass, here you get it automatically when opening the account.

Only 2.5 weeks into living in London and everything has been set up and I have moved into my own flat. That definitely feels quite alright. Where ever would that happen? In Stockholm you would never be able to move into a flat that fast.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

robbie williams

Dammit. I really screwed myself.

I happened to see that tickets to Robbie Williams concerts here in London in November where to be released today. But from the words above you probably can guess where it's all heading. I was hanging on the door at 9am, well, electronically anyways.

I was so excited to have a chance to go to a Robbie Williams concert since I've missed the two in Sweden. First one in 2004 when I moved to USA two weeks before the concert, and the other one in 2006 when I just had my second back surgery. So I really have had kind of bad luck with his concerts. Didn't get better after reading great reviews from both of the shows in Sweden.

Anywho, was hanging on the door to get the tickets. But I managed to mess it up and stood there like a girl who sold the butter and lost the money. (I know translating idioms really doesn't work but I think it's fun, which apparently should be close to an English one "like a dying duck in a thunderstorm").

So once again I will be standing on the sideline.

And it sucks.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

night out

I can cross off my first night out in London. A friend from previous exchange studies happened to be in London with three of his friends. The plan was to only join for some dinner and go home with the last tube, since I'm still clueless when it comes to the night buses.

However, things don't always end up the way you plan. I guess I wasn't that difficult to convince either. I was offered a place to sleep in the flat, in an extremely comfortable bed, like one in hotels. So I ventured out for a night on town with four German guys. Of course plenty of German was spoken, of which I understand nothing. But as the evening progressed and the percentage alcohol in their bodies increased, so did the level of English words.

Good fun.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

exciting #2

So lets try doing this again. For real. I promise.
My intention is truly good this time.

Cause I have to tell you, a lot of things have changed.
You know the interview I wrote about? They called me three days later and offered me the job. Two weeks later I moved to London. The day after I had my first day at work. Everything have gone very quickly now in the end. And after a week of exhausting flat hunting I managed to find a really cool place with nice people. Hopefully all the reference checks will work out and I can move in next week.

So there you go. This will become a "new in London/life in London" blogs. Sure, there are plenty of them out there I'm sure. But hey, I don't care. Here is another one for you. Hope you will join me.