Thursday, October 28, 2010

finance manager?

I am now sitting in the car on my way to the land of thousand lakes for the weekend. But I also had an interview today. Two weeks ago I got a call from a recruitment firm, this guy had found my CV in a database and wondered if I could be interested in a finance manager position. Double que?!

I thought it may be out of my league as I only have about one year of experience and told him that. He explained that they are looking for someone they can invest in and learn up and liked my education and experience background.

So today I went for a first interview. Got a little more information about the company and the job. Could be interesting. Definitely a challenge and a possibility to learn a lot. We will see what happens.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

simmer and shimmer

Had the most beautiful and bling nails this weekend. I got my package I ordered from Ebay a while back, it only took six working days for the nail polishes to arrive from the USA. Nice and fast. This is a nail polish from OPI's fall collection Burlesque, I want more polishes from that one because they look beautiful.

Here I am wearing OPI's Simmer & Shimmer a great glitter nail polish. You cannot really tell by these photos but it sparkles and glitters really nice when the light hits the nails. Beautiful! And I think my camera is not the best at taking up close photos as the color should be more blue and turquoise. (A little bit more like this at Scrangie's.)

OPI's Simmer & Shimmer

I have plenty of new nail polishes to try out, I want to switch color everyday since I have so many to try out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

sourdough part two

The baking actually went quite well. The bread rose as it should (well, I had a tiny bit of yeast in it for support) and came out from the oven looking all brown and delicious. Really good when warm and some butter on.

Now I just need to keep the sourdough alive and kicking so I can make more bread and test other kinds.


I have started with a new project: sourdough (surdeg). I have never worked with it before and trying to make my first sourdough bread today. But as I do not know how the the foundation of the dough is supposed to look I just have to try and see how it works out. I am guessing it will take a few breads until I have got the hang of it.

I hope that it at least will be eatable so we can enjoy a slice of warm bread just out of the oven with some butter on it. 

mamma mia what a mishap

Today I got to tag along dad together with my aunt and her husband to the musical Mamma Mia! Mom was supposed to go as she had to go to Finland this weekend I took her place for the evening. But quite a mishap took place as we entered the Globe Arena and realized that my aunt did not have our tickets! We realized then and there that we had actually forgotten them at home. As the tickets were a gift given some months ago we somehow thought they still had them.

Standing there we do not really know what to do. There is no way we can make it back home to get the tickets as the show would be over once we are back. We are about to ask someone for help when we realize we could easily slip in without anyone noticing. There are controllers checking the tickets but a passage by the wall is empty. My aunt's husband is standing there talking to us and when the closest ticket controller is not faced in our direction we casually walk in.

Easy as that. Thank god. Since we did have the tickets of course no one else would come and take our seats. We just waited until most of the people had entered the arena and then we could walk in and find our four empty seats on row fourteen (since we did not know our seat numbers).

So luckily the evening turned out great. The Mamma Mia musical was the International Tour of the London cast appearing in Sweden for 8 shows. It was really good as always and it was the third time for me. I have seen it once in New York and once in Stockholm before but then the Swedish version. And of course I have seen the movie several times. Just love it all.

The evening ended with a nice dinner at the cutest and coziest Italian restaurant in Gamla stan (Old Town).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

getting cold

It is getting cold here. I am not happy. Which meant that it was time to take out and start using my down comforter again. Usually I use it through the whole summer but this must be the first summer I had to switch to something thinner. But with a summer of 35 degrees and record temperatures it is understandable.

Right now it is 5 degrees out but yesterday when I headed out at 7 pm it was only 2 degrees. I had totally missed that it had been getting that cold. This means that it will get below zero any day now. Horrible thought.

But being the eternal optimist I can see one good thing in this. I can start wearing layers and start using my lovely large, knitted scarf with dogtooth pattern that I bought at Muji in Tokyo.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh sandwich, oh sandwich

Apparently this is becoming a food and baking blog. On the other hand that is the exciting thing going on here on a normal day. (That and painting my nails in a new color.) But today I did not have the inspiration or energy to do something special. So I did myself a grilled sandwich. I love sandwiches of all kinds.

You can fill them with anything you have at home and mix whatever you like. Today I made the typical one with cheese, plum tomato, some parmesan, and flaky salt. The other one, the best one, had brie, some parmesan, plum tomato, fresh basil, and some flaky salt. Yummy.

come package, come

I have always been a bit of a nail polish addict. Already in middle school I started painting my nails and could have hands with different color on every nail. It has consistently during the years been a passion of mine, although it has gone up and down in periods as with everything else.

I started to look for some blogs sharing the my addiction for nail polish and have how found several. So now I am reading all these old blog posts and yearning for all the fabulous nail polishes. But it is ridiculous how expensive all the nail polishes are in Sweden compared to USA.

Yesterday night I could not resist and ordered a bunch of nail polishes with hopefully fantastic colors from Ebay. Now I am just waiting and waiting for the package to arrive.

Being bored in the middle of the night and sitting in front of Ebay is not a good thing for the wallet.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Apparently there is a theme going on here. Today I cooked another delicious traditional Swedish meal from the northern parts, renskav. This simple, one word description of the dish is translated in the Swedish-English dictionary as "slices of reindeer meat".

Today I fried the renskav with onion, parsnip, and celeriac. Then added some cream and a stock cube and spiced it all with a couple juniper berries, rosemary, and thyme. It is at its best served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam.

Really, really nice. 


Friday, October 8, 2010

swedish hash

Today I made a version of Swedish hash for dinner. One thing I like about fall (since I mostly don't) is all the root vegetables you kind find in the grocery stores now. Today's hash consisted of what we had in the fridge, as that is how you usually make it, but without the meat. Leftover cooked potatoes, yellow turnip, and beetroot. And served with a fried egg. With the fresh beet root fried together with everything else it got a pretty pinkish color.

A version of the Swedish hash, pyttipanna.


I finally found one last bottle of the black Grafitti Nail nail polish from Isa Dora last week. So i tried it out on top of the turquoise nail polish from H&M (Bella's Choice). I really liked it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

time to start

Just came home from the interior design fair in Stockholm and now I have 24 hours to write a 1 000 words summary of a chapter. No biggie.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fried salt herring

Today it was served traditional Swedish food in this house. Fried salt herring with onion sauce and cooked, home grown potatoes. I think this dish is my absolute favorite of all typical Swedish dishes. The fact that I love salt may have a share in that. A really simple dish but really good. This is probably the only time I eat herring as I do not like the pickled herring, this I like when it is prepared, i.e. fried.

Fired salt herring

A traditional Swedish dish: fried salt herring, cooked potatoes and onion sauce.

you never learn

I am actually studying today. It is a distance course in tourism I have an assignment in. The course started about a month ago and I have had the book since then as well. But of course I have not read anything in the book until today. I had one month to do the assignment of writing a 1 000 word summary of a chapter, but start with it two days before the deadline.

Isn't that just typical. Always waiting until the last minute. I had the plans of reading a bit in the book but I guess I forgot. I remembered it again last week but then I had to write these job applications. And now here I am. Trying to figure out which chapter would be easiest to write a summary on.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bleaching time

Spent some time with sis today as she made my hair pretty again. The damn hair grows so fast and it was time to bleach the outgrowth again. It took a little bit longer as I kind of ended up with a little too gray hair but it was fixed and now it looks good.

It will not be much fun if I move away from Stockholm and my own personal hairdresser as I then have to start paying full price for fixing my hair.

On the other hand, me moving away from Stockholm would mean I have a job and could actually afford paying full price as well. So that might not be so bad. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

the day of the cinnamon bun

Today being Kanelbullens dag, The cinnamon bun day, and all I of course could not let that go unnoticed. But I did not feel like making the traditional cinnamon bun, so I was a little bit unpatriotic and made American cinnamon buns instead, so called Sticky Buns javascript:void(0)(although I made them as separates instead of a 'cake').

I loved the filling although I had to switch the pecans for almonds this time as I did not have that at home. So definitely have to try it out with pecans later. The filling consisted of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, walnuts, and almonds. Then the buns were topped with chopped walnuts, almonds and a creme cheese glaze.

I think I might have found a favorite cinnamon bun receipt.

Cinnamon buns, or Sticky buns, with creme cheese glaze.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

italian apple cake

Sister came today for a visit and we had a really good dinner. And of course we also had some really good dessert. With apples from the tree in the garden I wanted to try out a new apple pie receipt. There was a receipt in the magazine the other day I wanted to try out, an Italian apple cake. Usually I am not fond of covered pies but since this one almost had like apple purée in it, cooked apple pieces with some squeezed orange and lemon. I love pies and cakes when there is something gooey in it.