Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my early morning

Let me tell you about my morning today. I realized I needed to see the doctor before starting to work when I would have less flexibility for that. Of course being out in the last minute I only had one chance for it, a drop-in time slot of today. So I woke up early and headed out before eight this morning.

When I went into the waiting room I was happy to see that strangely enough I was the only one. Great, then I do not have to wait for so long. I sit there waiting for about 20 minutes before one of the doctors became free and ready to take on the next patient. By that time another woman had also arrived and when the doctor comes out she calls the other womans name. She sees me and asks if I have an appointment. I just answer that I am here for the drop-in and she replies that the drop-in is tomorrow.

Oh my... I knew the drop-in was on Wednesday morning. Apparently I thought it was Wednesday morning today. Not having fixed routines I guess have made me lose track of the days. Together with the fact that my computer yesterday night said that it was Tuesday, making me believe that today would be Wednesday. What I did not reflect on at the time I checked the date, was that the clock had passed midnight...

Good job Carin...

Monday, April 18, 2011

hockey powder

I got a bit bored today and decided to head to Uppsala and in one store I saw this candy. If you can call it candy, but I guess you cannot really put in any other category. Hockey pulver, which translated becomes hockey powder, and the only reason for that I guess is the shape of it that could resemble a hockey puck. It is plain an simple salty liquorice powder which I loved as a kid and have not tried in ages. I got this sudden urge when I saw it.

You know, there are these annoying liquorice candies that are not really salty but have a salty, powdery center and that is why you eat them. So here you have that salty, powdery center but without the annoying candy. Only the good stuff.

'Hockey pulver', liquorice powder.

scotch tape manicure #8 and more

A little more nails. First we have a scotch tape manicure with crackle polish. I have wanted to try a design with the crackle polish for some time now and finally made it happen. As it happens I also entered a contest with this design to win some IsaDora products. Love doing different designs, so why not.

Here we have Kubiss - No 46 with crackle polish IsaDora Graffiti - Black Tag.

Then I thought to include another design I did a while back, another tape manicure with three different colors. Not so sure what I think, like the concept of three different colors, but I think the color combination looked better in the bottles than on the nail.

Tape manicure with Collection 2000 - 180, Sally Hansen - Perfect Plum, OPI - Sparkle-icious.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so what happened?

Maybe it is time to reveal what actually happened with everything and the other job I was interviewing for. Friday before Copenhagen I listened to a phone message and I got the news I got the job as sales analyst I have been interviewing for. I kind of new I would, but I could not be happy about it, I did not feel anything. All that was occupying my mind was the Ernst & Young job, and I was told to get the news the Monday after.

When I booked the spontaneous trip to Cph I was happy to keep my mind of it all for the weekend. Weather I would get good or bad news I would be in Cph and have friends around me to keep me busy. As promised they called from E&Y on Monday when I was having lunch. I ran out of the café and was immediately told that she was not bearing good news. I did not get the job. I was crushed. Apparently I did not want it enough (according to the two partners I interviewed with). Well, they should have seen me after with tears in my eyes. It was a tough blow, especially hearing that they got the impression I was not interested enough. I am not a person who wears my heart on my sleeve so I am not sure what I would have done differently.

Thinking back at it, I felt the first partner interview went much better than the second. During the second interview, I felt I did not connect with the 'partner'. I always smile, laugh and try getting a good relationship with the interviewer. But this guy was tricky and I felt I did not get such a good response.

So that is what happened with it all. It took me quite some time to move past the whole E&Y thing, partly also why I have not written about it here. I did not want to touch it. As I did not get E&Y I am truly happy that I got the other job, because I do not know how long time it would have taken me to get up again and start searching for new jobs after the rejection from E&Y.

I am at least starting to become happy for the sales analyst job I was offered. Everybody else have been much happier for me, than me. I guess it will come to me as well one of these days. Yesterday I signed the contract so I am now officially employed. You cannot know how happy it made me just now, to write those words. Officially employed. Damn, it was about time! Tuesday in two weeks, that is when I will start. Start getting my life back on track.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

scotch tape manicure #7 and more

Some more lovely manicures. I have been wanting to do a black and white one for some time now. The black and white with silver studs is probably one of my top favorite manicures I have done so far. It ended up being my Copenhagen manicure and it wore really well.

Scotch tape manicure with silver studs, Sally Hansen - White on and Wet n Wild - Blackmail

Blue and gold manicure. I really like making stripes manicure with the scotch tape, straight and clean lines is good for the perfectionist.

Scotch tape manicure with Catrice - Hip queens wear blue jeans and Orly - Glitz

Great and simple manicure, just put a pearl on each nail and it makes it all a little more fun.

Mavala - Jazz club and white pearls

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

copenhagen revisited

One of the better weekend in a long time just passed. On Wednesday I talked with a friend from Copenhagen and when she told me about the party they were going to have and that some common friends were in town, I immediately started looking at ticket prices. I found some cheap tickets and within minutes they were bought and I were ready for a weekend in Cph. I decided to keep it a surprise that I was coming and I definitely surprised my other friends arriving at the party. Definitely someone they did not expect to be at the party.

It was really nice weather and was nice seeing everybody again. I realized how much I actually miss Copenhagen. I do not think it is only because of my non eventful life here in Sweden, but I think i really miss the city and the people.

This weekend I managed to squeeze in all my favorites. Hornsleth Bar for some partying - probably one of my favorite bars in the world, Halifax - for the best burgers, Café Zirup - a great café with the delicious Miss Maria's Quesadillas, Ruby's - the best cocktail bar with amazing cocktails, and then a stop at Joe & the Juice at the airport - for the best juices. Throw into the mix some great friends, sunshine, Somersby cider, Thai and Indian take away, and you get a great weekend in Copenhagen.

Friday, April 1, 2011