Friday, October 31, 2008

in honor of my sister


Sunday, October 26, 2008

going for the classics

I have a new favorite TV channel. TCM, Turner Classic Movies, with the good old movies from the 40s up until the 90s. Some of the good old classics you have heard of but never seen and some you never heard of. Movies with all the good old actors like Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Clark Gable and so on. I like it.

I even bought some good old and new movies from a store where the DVDs only costs 20 DKK. Amelie from Montemartre and Citizen Kane among others. Watched them both this weekend and Amelie is a favorite I watched many times. It was a first for Citizen Kane and I think I need to give it another try since I was quite tired at the time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

just words

I am not a fan of people who throw around those words and sentences without truly meaning or follow them true. Those small words that I have no reason to not believe.

I miss having my friends nearby and only minutes away.


Was reading a book in the sofa with '90s weekend' on VH1 in the background. Suddenly the video Say you'll be there with Spice Girls came on. What a flashback to Vårfesten (spring show) in sixth grade when we were arranging it. Everybody in sixth grade were allowed to perform if they wanted to. Me and four other girls were fans of Spice Girls and of course we had to do something with that. So we performed with the song Say you'll be there all dressed in one of the characters. We didn not sing though, just mimicing. I was Sporty Spice, aka Mel C, she was my favorite. Her first solo album I also really liked, still one of my favorites. It was funny to see that video on TV again, and I have not thought about the performance in ages. Some good old memories.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

chicago in denmark

Remembered that I have another thing to look forward too. And that one is already tomorrow. I am going to the musical Chicago with some collegues. A while ago we saw this message on our intranet that there was free tickets to the musical for the ones who wanted. We had to sign up for Art Society at Maersk to get the tickets and we did that as fast as possible and got the tickets. Sure, we have to pay membership to the Art Society every month but tomorrow evening will be worth one year of membership so I am ok with that. We will even have a buffet before and something to drink in the break. It will be a cool evening.

However, what I realized a little bit later is that the musical is of course in Danish. And me who is so good at Danish. Or something. Well, I will manage somehow since I have at least seen the movie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dublin here we come!

There is a lot of things in the near future that I have to look forward to. My computer of course within the next few days. 1st of November there is this soccer cup with work, that might not be fun but the party after will be I hope. In middle of November I am heading for Jönköping once again and my graduation. A lunch with everybody and all teachers on Saturday as well as a ball in the evening. My dress is still hanging on my door keeping the motivation up for getting slimmer. Then finally, in end November J and me are heading to Dublin for a visit. I am really looking forward to it. Many fun and cool things coming up. Cannot wait.

quote of the day

I like the motto of the Mythbusters shop:

"With enough lubrication you can do anything."

time for something new

It was finally time. The day had come.
Yesterday I ordered my new computer. Yeay. I am really tired of this artifact that A nicely called his damn old computer I have borrowed. It is one piece of crap. I can barely surf and not watch my movies and series at all. All my movies and music is on my external hard drive mocking me.

My collegue at work who lives in Sweden was nice to let me borrow her address to send the computer to. Since the computer got even more cheaper in Sweden when the exchange rate changed. It ended up being 1000 SEK cheaper in Sweden. After some research and trying to find out what I want I decided to go for a Fujitsu-Siemens Si2636. Soon soon I will have it.

I am gonna be like a kid in a candy shop when I get it. Unfortunately I will have to look at the computer the whole day at work before I can go home and play with i.

english please

I realized something this weekend. Something strange.

I was invited to dinner at my Danish friends place and he had also invited some of his Danish friends. They all talked Danish and I thought it could be an opportunity to get used to hearing Danish. I realized how bad I was at understanding Danish. I think I understood about every third word when some of them spoke, one guy I hardly understood at all. Thankfully we switched to English in the end. Otherwise it would have been a quite boring evening on my behalf.

I came to the conclusion that I understand Finnish better than Danish. That either tells me that I am better than I thought at Finnish or really, really bad at Danish. I go for the latter alternativ.

Friday, October 17, 2008


For me it is always easy to chill. So that is why I am not sure what is wrong tonight. My mind just keeps swirling. I need it to settle down. My body just feels like chilling and watching some TV. My mind, however, is of a totally different opinion. Why did this appear all of a sudden?

Maybe I should just try starting a movie and bring out my sketching pad. Drawing always make me calm. Makes me fade out and keep the mind busy on something else.

you said what now?

I am a firm believer of that your home is where your heart is. For example is there two cities in the world that I feel at home in. #1 is Stockholm and #2 is New York. I also have Southeast Asia in a special place of my heart, but not really Singapore as such but more the lifestyle and the feeling over there. I am still waiting to go back since 4.5 months was way too short.

Sure, it has only been two months and I know I have to give it time. But I am not feeling it. About Copenhagen. Of course one reason is that I am tired in the evenings sometime and just do not feel like doing anything. Need to start doing things. Start feeling it. Or at least something close to it. Like starting a Danish class. I think it is time to start understanding what the people here are actually saying and not just bits and pieces.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

almost weekend, again

Already Thursday afternoon. And only one more working day before the weekend. Yeay. This week has passed incredibly fast. Feels good.

Now it is only 20 minutes before I can leave work and meet up with a friend for 'fika'. Before lunch I had things to do and the time passed quite quickly. On the afternoon however, I have been quite bored. Not much to do at all. And since my manager is busy with the montly report today I did not really feel like disturbing today. So I have just been looking around the computer and figuring out somethings. After that I read some funny conversations overheard at Hilarious.

Tomorrow I promise to make myself work.
Now I am just counting down the minutes until 5 pm...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

going strong

It is interesting how I can actually get progress when I really put my mind to it. I have been thinking of getting fit and losing a little bit of weight for a long time. But lazy as I am... Would be nice to get back to the size I had in Singapore when I just lost weight by doing nothing. When moving back to Singapore was not an option, I just had to get a grip. Of course that evening gown hanging on my door is the perfect motivation.

Being on a diet now since last Monday. I am surprised how easy it has been. Even though I am eating less I am not hungry. Sure, I do not really need to eat a lot of food and of course I still eat breakfast and a big lunch, otherherwise I would not survive work. Then something small for dinner and also fruit for snack before and after lunch. The test was then to try on the dress this weekend. I managed to pull the zipper up myself which I did not do the last time. Much easier to breath and the dress felt much better. Must mean that I have lost some weight already. Just have too keep on going.

And I should start jogging or something since I have signed up for this soccer cup at work... I am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up. But at least there is a party afterwards.

smallest movie theater ever

Unfortunately the weekend came and went. Too fast. But it is already Wednesday evening so the weekend is almost here again! It was a nice weekend. Friday we were out on the town since it was Kulturnatten - Culture night - here in Copenhagen. If you bought a ticket you could go to any museum or all kinds of things from 6pm to midnight. A whole lot of people out on the town which was cool. We went to some conserts and just strolled around in the night.

The funny thing was that I ran into two of the very few people I know! The whole city was crowded so what is the chance to just happen to walk right into someone. Sure, almost everybody might be out since there is so much going on. But there are things going on around the whole town. So I still think it is quite cool.

I also went to the movies this weekend so it was quite quiet. We saw Wanted which was a really, really cool movie. I for sure liked it. But we saw it the tinniest movie theater I have ever been to. There was maybe ten rows and only four seats in each row. I guess the older movies get the smaller ones. Next time we should go to a newly released movie instead.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

messy - messier - messiest

One of three accomplished.
- Do the dishes. Check!
- Washing clothes...
- Clean the apartment...

Hopefully I will not be that lazy this weekend and actually get these things done. I am in desperate need of clean clothes and apartment. Living basically by myself the whole time after moving away from home has made me very lazy when it comes to certain things. Well, I was lazy before too but then I had a mom and dad that complained about my messy room.

Poor person that has to live with me. A had to cope with it in Singapore when we shared room. I told her that I can be messy but that I will try to keep my things organized. And I thought I did, I was fairly neat compared to me living by myself. But still, she was surprised how messy I was. I did warn her.

It is kind of disgusting sometimes. Really. People do not really seem to believe me when I tell that I can be messy. Of course not, since I usually have it neet when people come over. It is not like I would ever invite people to see my mess.

I serisouly need to improve...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

feeling observed

In the afternoons when I leave work I always walk through the Queen's crib. It is a quite nice walk surrounded by beautiful buildings. Of course there are guards standing there protecting the Queen. Or maybe just for show with their fancy clothes and tall hats. It is the same in Stockholm though.

Every afternoon I have to walk past one of the positioned guards and I always feel so observed. They have to keep an eye on everything and everyone I guess. But it just feels strange passing the guard just one or two meeters in front of him. I always feel somewhat unsecure and do not really know where to lay my eyes. Usually I just look straight ahead but sometimes I feel I should just give the guard a smile as a hello.


Not much happening today. Quite boring day. I have had somethings to do. But not nearly as much to fill a whole working day. So what have I been doing to make the time go by?
Well, I did look at some computers and have narrowed it down to a couple. I think I will be ready to by one soon, do not want to by one impulsivly since that does usually not end well. Looked at some apartments that are up for sale but it is not like I have the budget to buy one yet anyways. But I did do some useful things as well, I have been sitting with some of the programs we use to get more familiar with them.

I have managed to keep away from snacks also this day. But it have not been easy this day since our boss brought us Ferrero Rocher chocolate because we finished the engagement survey. And I cannot eat one. I am telling my co-workers to eat them fast so I do not have to see them, they are doing a good job. At least it is good that I am sitting with my back to the shelf where all the candy is. There is always candy laying there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's all legal

Yesterday I got a call from a manager who had some questions regarding figures he need to update and send to me. Then he continued by saying that he had a question regarding something totally different. He asked if I write a blog. Got a little bit thrown by the question but of course I said yes, since I do have a blog. He is a lawyer and working with this legal stuff and are doing scannings of where the company name is mentioned. Of course my blog had then popped up.

A couple of people have reacted on the fact that I mention the company that I am working for. After two had done that I started to remove some of the times when I actually mentioned it. When the guy called I was a little bit worried but he soon calmed me down by saying that it is totally ok mentioning the company name. That it is still my right to be able to mention it but of course I cannot give out any sensitive information. Which I am totally aware off and I know I have not done such a thing.

I guess he have been checking it out and thought that it was me writing the blog. Good that someone actually mentioned it so I do not have to worry about mentioning the company name. I can feel safe when I got the confirmation from a lawyer :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

day one

Feeling the sweet thooth aching. I desperately feel the urge to start nibbling on something. I have got some brie in the fridge. That would taste really nice. Or some chocolate that I have in the cabinett. Then I look at my ball dress hanging there on the door. A good, green piece of motivator. In size 36. Oh dear lord. And not much time. Will be interesting whether I can pull this one through. As I have a habit of being lazy. Lazy by nature.

too quick weekend

The weekend went by too fast. I think one reaseon was that I did things the whole weekend but also that I left for Stockholm on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. Way too quick this weekend. But I did have a really nice time.

Went shopping in Stockholm on Saturday which is always nice. Lovely Stockholm. I need to start discovering Copenhagen so I will start liking it more. My sis and I ran around to some second hand stores but unfortuantely none had any evening gowns. At least not any long ones that I am looking for. But many, many other cute ones. The last store we went to called Saker & Ting Vintage which sounded just perfect, were closed on weekends. How can that be? Only be open at weekdays? Really annoying since I saw evening gowns through the door. Dammit.

But I did find a few other things that I love so the shopping was not all bad. I got some new scarves (of course, can never have enough), a pair of mittens from Indiska, and my lovely flowery sneakers from Monki. It is good that there is no Monki in Copenhagen so everybody will not be wearing the same shoes as me.

The day could nog end better, since we had potatoes au gratin, which I have not had in ages! Mmmm... And it only continued since dad called and told that my cousin has a dress she used for her prom in high school. She sent pictures and it looked really nice. He brought it home and I tried it on and manged to get the zipper all the way up. Some trouble breathing though... It was more impressive that my cousin got it on, since it was eight years ago she had it on and she have given birth twice since then. So now I need to lose a couple of kilos, should go ok since I have a goal now for it. In a couple of weeks I will try it on again and go to a seamstress with it, since I still might have to make it a little bit shorter. Maybe losen it a little bit around the waist... hopefully not :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

early bird on a weekend

I am heading home to Stockholm this weekend. Once again. Was not long time since last but sis is home and mom is off this weekend. I want to check out some second hand stores and look for a dress for my graduation ball in November. Maybe get some inspiration or even find something. I want something cool and special. Since I am always out in the last minute for most things I thought I should do it the other way this time. An evening gown or dress is not really something you find that fast. But hopefully I will anyway.

I have to start looking for cool second hand stores here in Copenhagen as well. There must exist some nice ones. Have to check with my friend from here who is also all into it. That might be something for next weekend.

Now, I seriously need to crawl into bed. The flight leaves early so have to wake up at 6.30am. I will not even have to change the time of my alarm since that is when it usually rings when I am working. That is bad. Well, I get to sleep in on Sunday.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It was time for the evening with the collegues. We had a nice dinner at a Spanish restaurant, so a whole lot of tapas was served. I love chorizo and the artichokes we had. And of course the dessert that was some kind of passion fromage. Deelish!

After that it was time for snowbowling (a.k.a. bowling if you are not from India). Apparently, according to my Indian collegue that is what it is called in India. There they are bowling with actual snow in the arena on the sides. So it has become kind of an internal joke. Snowbowling. We where very doubtful the first time we heard it. But he is going back to India now for one month so we are hoping that he will actually bring pictures of the real deal so we can actually see it with our own eyes.

So from the snowbowling tonight I am the proud second best looser. Considering this this was the second time, the first time was when I was 12..., I still think I did a fairly good job. I did manage to get two strikes.