Friday, August 31, 2007


Eight more hours in Sweden. At seven tomorrow morning I'm lifting off to Helsinki. My home for the coming four months.

I'm feeling okay now. Not nervous or anything. I calmed down when I left Jönköping and got home to Stockholm. Change in environment is always good. It's great to live only ten minutes away from the airport. And I don't have to be early at the airport.

Goodnight. The next post will be from Helsinki.

packing light

I've become pretty good at packing. I learned the hard way when going to US for one year. I packed everything and used the maximum of kilos you are allowed. 64 kilos. I did a good job going to Singapore, still I brought a couple of things I never used. And traveling in Asia you had to pack light. Now I've packed 24 kilos and I think it will be OK even though the limit is 20 kilos. Now I have only packed things I use. I guess it still be problems going home again. Since I'm probably gonna do some shopping. Hopefully I'll have some visitors to help me bring it home. But that's a future problem.


So, one year older.
Now I have to remember to say/write 23 when somebody asks for my age. It always takes a while to get used to it. It's the same after New Years, I always forget that it's a new year.
Nowadays I always have to think about how old I am. I think I stopped caring about my birthday after my 19th birthday. That was the year I moved away from home, I think that's one reason. When you are young you always count the days to your birthday and write a long list what presents you would like. Now it's just another day. Since I'm at home in Stockholm and my family I'll get a little bit celebrated, with some food and cheesecake (don't really like the regular cakes, love cheesecake!).
Now I'm gonna continue with my packing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Goodbye Jönköping.

Goodbye friends.


This morning I woke up at 8am. A little hangover but mostly tired. And the first thing on my mind was that I was leaving. I felt so sad. Don't wanna go. It's the worst feeling waking up with all these worries.

I guess I'm getting a little bit nervous. I just wanna stay here in Jönköping where it's safe and the same old. Right now I don't wanna go to a new place and new people. Strange how I feel this time. Didn't feel this when I was leaving for Singapore. Why is this different?

Of course I'll feel better when I'm settled in with all the new in Helsinki. But still, don't feel like leaving.

loosing my memory

So. Just got home.
It was a fun night. My last night.
Kind of sad saying goodbye.
Well, at least the ones I got a chance to say goodbye to.
Some disappeared before I got the chance.
Not naming anyone.

To something totally different.
My memory failed me tonight. I ALWAYS remember faces and names. And I was standing behind two guys in the line to Kåren tonight. I couldn't remember. And the guy just kept on saying that he had seen/met me somewhere (and it wasn't just a cheesy pickup line). Then it just came to me when I was inside and they were already gone. We had met at a preparty.

Can't believe that my memory is already failing me.
A clear sign that I'm getting old.
Is this a reasonable age to start loosing your memory?
MY memory? I always remember everything. And everyone.
I'll be 23 on Friday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

emptying my apartment

Today I've just been running errands.
Now I'm cleaning my apartment and packing.
I'm so happy that I've just lived here for some weeks and don't have that much stuff. Now it's not that much things to carry to the attic.

Only two days more in town.
Feels a little bit sad.
I'm leaving my place again.
It always feels so sad to leave.
But I'll be back.
And I'll have fun in Helsinki.

Monday, August 27, 2007

i'm free

I'm done with the thesis.
Well. At least for now.
There's still work to do.
But know I want to have a break from it these last couple of days in Jönköping. Leaving on Thursday to Stockholm and to Helsinki on Saturday.
Now I'm gonna enjoy these last few days.
Just taking it easy.
And look forward to the sexparty on Wednesday.


I had the best dinner. All kind of rolls. From just around the corner, Asia Garden. Highly recommended.

Vietnamese spring rolls. Although they weren't as good as in Vietnam.

Sushi - California rolls. Of course with soy and wasabi.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

playing games

After working on my thesis i decided I was allowed to go out.
I had a nice night with my peoples. We was at A & J's house and sat there talking, laughing and having fun. After that we played a game, the girls against the boys. That's what A wanted and he really wanted to win. Of course the guys didn't win. Of course we did.

my music right now

I have my slave driver sitting on my shoulder. Although he's having a break to go to the bathroom. That's why I've got the time to write this. Part of my playlist that helps me keep up the energy and write.

Mark Ronson ft Lily Allen - Oh my God
Timbaland ft Nelly Furtade & Justin Timberlake - Give it to me
Maroon 5 - Wake up call
John Mayer - Your body is a winterland
Timbaland ft The Hives - Throw it on me
Snook ft Veronica Maggio & Petter - Inga problem
Justice - Dance
Plain White T's - Hey there Delilah
Gym Class Heroes - Cupids chokehold
Mason ft Princess - Perfect
Vincent - Don't hate on me
Michael Bublé - Everything
Justice vs Simian - Never be alone
John Mayer - Waiting on the world to change
Alex Gaudino ft Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria
John Legend - Save room
David Guetta & Chris Willis - Love is gone
The Fray - How to save a life

party pics

Here you can find some more pictures from the last two parties. It's all about Facebook these days. =)


Last night was a lot of fun. Once again we had a pre-party at M's and more people I haven't seen for so long. We had a fun pre-party and then we went to Twin City and danced all night.
Well, all night I guess is exaggerated since they close at two. We were not tired and ended up at J's just to sit and chat and play cards. And not to forget, some chorizos fried with Passoa and pistachios. It was 5am when we said goodnight and went home. When I cycled across 'Västra torget' people were already there to prepare for the market that day. And I was heading home to get some sleep.

Today was even more eventful. Went up with J and the guys for some food at Max. Then we went to IKEA to buy a bed. Had some 'fika'. The ride home with the bed on top of the car was very memorable. We were sitting with our hands out of the windows holding it since it was so windy. But we were successful and got the bed safely to H's apartment. Then we went for a visit to A and J's house and hanged out there for a while. After that we decided to by some food and make dinner.

We just watched some TV tonight (Shrek 2 =)) and didn't really feel like going out another night. We were all tired and I knew that I needed to do some serious studying the next day. Since I didn't do much writing yesterday or today I really need to get a grip for tomorrow. I'll cross my fingers.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sitting here having lunch.
I'm doing everything to get out of studying.
I'm leaving in less than a week and need to write.
Instead I'm planning for tonight.
What to wear and all.
We're going out.
So I'm sitting here eating my yummy tomato salad and playing some party music to get into mood.

A lovely tomato salad.
With feta, fresh basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today we had dinner at Johanna's. We made broccoli and cheese pie. One of my favorites.

Me, Maria and Michael and Johanna behind the camera. We had fun.

Broccoli pie. Lovely!

We had a nice evening yesterday. Although it didn't end up like we had hoped.

incredibly irritating

I had been looking forward to yesterday for a long time. The first night out at Kåren with all friends that I haven't seen in ages.
We're grilling and eating and starting early with the preparty. All excited for the night. We arrive early at Kåren since it's the kickoff week and it's gonna be crowded. We're there in a good time and we don't have to stand in line for that long. I have all the necessary papers with me, I don't have my student card since I was abroad last semester but I have a printed and signed paper that certify that I'm a student at JIBS.
Then the bouncer says that they are not allowed to let us in. That paper that certify that I'm a student at JIBS is no longer valid as a certificate that I'm a student. The Student union has recently changed the rules and we haven't gotten any information about it.
We couldn't do anything. So the only thing to do was to go home. J and me went to D's place, had tea and watched TV.
I'll send a really angry email to the Student union.
It's just crap.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

forgot my memory

I got my memory stick back.
You know it's really small and easy to forget.
You keep reminding yourself that you cannot forget it since you have important data on it.
But somehow that easily slips your mind.
I forgot mine yesterday at school and didn't even realize.
Until a friend called that I had been talking to in the computer room.
Luckily he had noticed it and took care of it for me.
No fun if I hadn't gotten it back.
Since I have my latest thesis work on it.
It's so boring so I rather not rewrite it.
I was fortunate.
This time.

hey there delilah

a song by the band Plain White T's that my sister introduced me to this summer. A favorite.
This was a really annoying day.
Many small things just got me in a bad mood.
Nothing is going my way right now.

Feeling tired of this mood I called J and we went shopping.
That made me feel better.
(To be specific: a cute black dress, 3 bracelets in different colors, black shoelaces, eyeliner)

Monday, August 20, 2007

feeling old at the age of 22

Today when I went to school it was totally crowded.
I had forgotten that it was the first day of school for all the freshman. So today they had invaded campus. First it felt nice to have some new people coming to town.

Then I realized.
It was three years ago I was in the same situation.
Nervous with no friends and no clue about nothing.
I'm feeling so old.
I'm in my fourth year.
Some part of me wish to do it again, on the other hand I've been to Singapore and soon heading to Helsinki. I still have many great things to look forward to.

But I will get to be nervous with no friends and no clue about nothing when I'm in Helsinki. I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm spoiled.
I had so much to do and to chose from in Singapore. Of course Singapore isn't that big, 'only' four million people. But bigger than Jönköping. I had so much fun in Singapore and had a blast every time we went out. Sure the music was alright and Twin City isn't really the place to go out dancing. It doesn't really have a dance floor and was pretty crowded. So crowded that I was pushed around on the dance floor basically all night. Finally I had enough of all the pushing and went home.

It's really not the same in smaller cities. I know how it may sound but I got used to the good life in Singapore.
All the great party places a bigger city has to offer.
Better music. Not as mainstream.
Cheap taxi so we never had to walk.

I'm looking forward more and more to my semester in Helsinki. At least it's a little bit bigger. And of course a new place is usually much more fun than the same old same old. But I'm giving Jönköping another chance next week. We're heading to Kåren and that can be a fun place. Except sometimes the music. All the Swedish 'schlager' music that I can't bear. That the engineers just seem to love.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

now i can breathe again

I got balance in the balance sheet. I noticed that I had done some miscalculation and also written a 5 instead of 7. It should be enough to pass the course so that feels good. Hopefully I'm all done now with these distance business administration courses. (Well, of course I skipped one but I'm not planning on doing that one anyway)

Now I think I need to hurry up and start to get ready for tonight and get something to eat!

here we go again

Today it was time to do the accounting home exam.
The first exercise was not fun at all. Incredible annoying when the balance sheet doesn't add up! I have no idea where it went wrong. (Don't know if I have the energy to bother about it later, we'll see)
I decided to leave it and continue with the rest. Hopefully I'm done in a few hours.
At least I've got the motivation to finish soon since we're going out tonight. And of course I wanna have time to get ready.
Now I think I'm gonna get a cup of tea.

Friday, August 17, 2007

great asian food

Today I met up with the gang and had lunch. We were six today, the friends are increasing, more people arriving. Had lunch at Asia Garden, some good Asian food.
Satay with peanut sauce.
Curry chicken.
Love it. I think I need to start buying some takeaway from that place.

Then I went to school to try to get a meeting with one of my tutor. He had time and I ended up staying there for two and a half hour. It was good, I got some help and now I know how to go further. Also there was some problems with the data, hopefully it will be better after some adjustments.

Oh, also. I finally colored my hair. It was needed. It's the same as I've colored before but since it had washed out and been bleached by the sun it was light brown. Now it's dark again. And next week I'm getting a haircut. Lovely.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

i need ideas

Today was the day to work on my thesis. I rewrote the stuff I had written about the statistics. The things I 'evidently had problems with'. If feels like a better text know but what do I know since I've never written a bachelor thesis before. I'm gonna try to get hold of one of my tutors tomorrow and talk with him. Because I don't know if it's okay and if it's not then I don't know how how to approach it and change it. Hopefully he can help me and give me some points on how to do it, not like the last meeting when they told me 'you have to do more research' and 'read the econometrics textbook'. I need some concrete proposals.
Let's hope I'll get some.

quote of the day

"The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't."

Douglas Adams

(One of my favorite quotes from 'The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy'.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

'fika' time

I managed to go to school today. Although a little bit late, was in school at noon. But I've gotten some things done, I've written on my econometrics analysis. It's as boring as it sounds. Statistics is not a favorite subject. But I have to admit (this is very interesting...) that my statistics and econometric courses are among the courses I have an A in. Still I have problems with using it in reality. But anyway, I'm getting ahead. Slowly.

Now I'm soon gonna go and meet J for a coffee (although I don't drink coffee but there's no English word for fika!). Maybe I shouldn't since I know I need to study. Maybe I'll do something this evening instead (even though I know I'll be meeting up with L later to watch So you think you can dance...).

quote of the day

"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you."

Marsha Norman

Monday, August 13, 2007


Another thing to worry about.
Just remembered that I need to send in what courses I'm interested in taking at Helsinki School of Economics now during fall. They need to have it in by Wednesday. I only have about ten courses I'm interested in, that's not many at all. I also have to consider the courses schedule and exam dates. What a puzzle. And of course there are a couple of my favorites that clash. In Singapore I couldn't find many courses I was interested in and was hoping that it would be different at HSE.
Apparently not.

time to get serious

It's important that we finish this thesis and I really need to work hard these few weeks I've got left before leaving for Finland.
I know that. I really do.
So why am I not working harder?? Today I didn't get much done at all. It feels really bad. I guess it connects a little to what I wrote yesterday. I'm just thinking that everything will be alright in the end. I've got to stop doing that!
I need to change this bad habit of sitting at home doing nothing. I'm gonna go to school to get some work done instead. Where there's no distractions. I seriously need to get something done this week.

quote of the day

"We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours."

Dag Hammarskjöld

"Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny."


Sunday, August 12, 2007

what do i want?

I'm doing research about my future.
Since I don't know what I want to make of my future.
As of June next year, when I have my degree, I don't know what will happen with me. So I'm trying to gather some information of different ways to go. Like internships, trainee programs or job opportunities.

It would be interesting to work for a multinational company. But I think I'm more into something else, like working for UN of EU. Working with something within UN has always been kind of a dream. Unfortunately I've read the criteria for internships and such and I have to be fluent in English and another of the UN working languages, i.e. French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian or Chinese. And that's the problem, I'm not fluent in any of the latter. Although I read French for five years in school I'm no way near fluent. I know, 'I'm still young' and 'I have all the time in the world' and all. But still. I'm just tired. Tired of not knowing.

I'm kind of tired of that I'm always thinking 'it will be alright in the end', because what if it won't? (Funny thing is that even when I wrote that I was thinking 'it will be alright') I've never seen a clear path for me. It has always been kind of a blur and everything that I've done seems like they've just happened. In high school I had no idea what I wanted to study. A few months before we're suppose to choose a program, the school that I was applying to had this new program with a lot of self studies, media/IT courses and social science. It sounded interesting so I took the opportunity. That's when I got interested in social science and later applied to JIBS to study economics with no previous knowledge about it. After high school I went to US for a year as an au pair. An idea I got from a friend that was thinking of it and it sounded interesting too and I had a great time. Then I went to JIBS to study economics and I've loved it. It was the perfect choice. So of course I consider myself lucky since I found something that I really enjoy studying. But I'm not really sure how I ended up there. So I guess I'm just waiting for the next thing to happen. The moment that will let me know what I wanna do with my future.

Some part of me believe in destiny. Some moments in our lives are meant to happen. But I also believe that we can make our own choices to get there.
I just have to keep asking myself: What do I want?

I'll just keep on doing research and keeping my eyes open for a sign.

corn on the cob

My dinner today. Haven't eaten fresh corn since my year in the US I think. And that's three years ago. It was really good. And you have to have butter and salt on it. Yummy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

one more to go

I did get hold of A and I got the help I needed to help finish the remaining question. Happy for that. So hopefully I'll pass this exam and the course will be finished.
Now I've got another exam just like this next Saturday to look forward to. Yeay... Accounting this time. I hope to pass that exam as well so it's all over and done. (Of course there is still one course I haven't done at all. But it was so boring so I doubt I will ever do it...)

the home exam 3

The feelings about this exam have been fluctuating a lot today.
After I had read through the exam it felt OK.
When it took a little bit more than three hours to do the first exercise (of five) I started to feel the panic coming.
The second and third exercise went fast and then I calmed down again.
Now I'm practically done.
The problem now is that I have to small parts unanswered. And I need help. Haven't read enough to answer it probably. My savior isn't answering her phone.
I've got three more hours to look through the book. I'll be fine.

I'm gonna try to reach her again...

the home exam 2

This is not fun.
I'm still on the first exercise of five. And I don't really know what I'm doing. Just trying to look at old exercises, but they don't really help since I've not done this type of exercise before. That sucks. Why do they ask you questions you haven't really practiced on? How will I know if I'm doing it right?
I've got to hurry.

the home exam 1

Time to start.
I've read through the finance home exam and it's gonna take a while. I haven't worked with it for some time know. I just have to look through all the old exercises. I wanna pass this so I don't have to deal with it again. It's boring.
I have 12 hours of fun ahead of me.

Friday, August 10, 2007


As I recently wrote, I have this thing for certain movies form the 80's. Tonight it was time for Sixteen Candles. It's cute. And it's as old as me.

This night I have to go to bed early, at least compared with the recent week. I've not been able to sleep until 2-3am. The home exam will be online between 7 and 8. I need to get some sleep.
But before that, I'm gonna watch some Scrubs. Lovely.

difficult decisions

What to choose?
Should I read:

Modeller för finanisell planering (my finance book) by Jan Greve,
for the home exam tomorrow
Flickan från ovan by Alice Sebold, pleasure?

I'm thinking the last one.

keep going

The meeting was fast.
Don't know if it gave me anything really.
They basically said that I should keep on with my research.
Sure, I don't expect them to write it all down for me.
I just have to check out one exercise they said might help.
And look through the textbook and other bachelor theses.

Also, I'm getting worried.
Realizing that I don't have much time left before leaving for Finland. Like before I have only myself to blame. I've had many lazy days without doing anything. I have to get more disciplined and maybe I'll be fine. Otherwise I know what I have to do in Helsinki. Besides reading the five courses at HSE I have to do. Yeay...

'the meeting'

It's time.
Time to face my tutors.
And again hear that it's 'evident that I have problems'.
Hopefully they'll give me something to work on.
What kind of tutors would the otherwise be?
Maybe the kind of tutors that they were during fall.
When they gave me no help at all.
I don't like my tutors.

mom, you have something to tell me?

Apparently I have a twin sister I didn't now existed.
Yesterday when L and I were enjoying ourselves in the sun, we decided it was time to have a soft ice cream. We order it from this young girl at the ice cream stand.
Then she asks us whether we are twins!
Twins?! How on earth?!

I seriously think she needs glasses.
Do we look like twins?!

Well, she made our day.

quote of the day

"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?"

Chuck Palahnuik


Another beautiful day with sunshine. And I decided to enjoy it. Since 'I evidently have problems' I couldn't do much on my thesis. Have a meeting with my tutors tomorrow and hopefully they can help me with my 'problems'.

We enjoyed the sun at the pier.

L and me.

We also enjoyed the view.

Then we went to L's balcony and enjoyed some wine.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

evidently i've got problems

I wrote to my thesis tutor because I need some help to continue. I'm stuck. This is what I got back:

'It is evident that you are having some problems with the analysis but the most important thing is you seem to be putting in some effort. That is very encouraging!'

I'm gonna try to focus on the good parts. That's what you've got to do to keep going. But on the other hand you don't wanna hear someone else confirm what you already know yourself: 'It is evident that you are having some problems'...

Thank you.
I know.
That's why I contacted you in the first place.

we're back

Same old, same old.
This evening was like the good old days.
L is in town again so I went over to her place and watched TV.
We haven't done that in ages.
First time this year. I think we'll have some more before I leave again. But I won't be long gone. I'll be back in January again. So I don't think this goodbye will be as hard as the one in December. That day in December was not fun at all.
I'm happy to have you back in town babe!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Watched a favorite of me and A today.
The Holiday.
A perfect feel good movie.
And it doesn't hurt that a gorgeous Jude Law is in it.
I've always thought that he's handsome but A hasn't.
But the movie certainly changed her opinion.

Even better was that Jude Law was a model for Dunhill. So his pictures was all over town in Singapore. Mmm.

Don't you agree? Unfortuantely these ads are only shown in Asia. But you can see more pics here.


I don't think this is representative for how Swedes celebrate midsummer. =) No wonder IKEA Sweden stopped this commercial from airing in Germany. Haha

a day in the sun

Finally I had a chance to go to the beach.
The sun was shining and I had nothing else to do.
(Well, that's what I was telling myself...)
So it was the first time at Vätterstranden.
It was nice.
I had my ipod, listening to Simon & Garfunkel.
Eating grapes.
Reading in my book, Flickan från ovan (The Lovely Bones) by Alice Sebold. A book that I highly recommend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

today's 'really good'

The sun was shining today. Went for a walk with M around the lake.
Then I sat outside in the sun reading a book.
Really nice.

After dinner I had a piece of my great chocolate cake.
Really good.
It takes a long time to finish it by myself.

Since I've got some free time now I try to read books that I always wanted to read.
Now I'm just finished with a book by a Swedish comedian, Jonas Gardell with En komikers uppväxt.
Really good book.
Really sad.

Tonight I watched the movie The Breakfast Club.
Really good movie.
I like all those movies from the 80's with the Brat Pack.

Monday, August 6, 2007

remembering singapore

Had a little bit of Singapore nostalgia tonight.
Thinking of the good old times. Miss it.
Soon it's time for some new adventures.
But I don't think it will be the same.
How can Helsinki top Singapore?

Miss living with you honey! It's sad that I won't be in Jkpg with you this fall. xxx

Haven't heard from my German friends in a while. Miss you too!

Santa Fe, Philippines. Might be the best vacation so far.

Boat Quay, Singapore. A good place for some food, beer, and a nice view.

The Gang. 'Spice Girls'. We had fun.

The food. What can I say. I barely eat Swedish food anymore.

Sunshine and hot weather. Lovely. Not like the Swedish summer so far.

It's all about food! Don't you just love sushi.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

where has the summer gone?

This summer hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to. The sun has barely been visible. I came home tanned from Singapore in the beginning of May. And with some more tanning during the summer I would still have a nice tan during fall.
But no. Of course not. And all the summer clothes I've bought in Singapore and all over. No use of them.
And it's been raining so much that I haven't even been able to be outside. It's like the weatherman's just laughing in my face since I've had a lot of free time. Although I have some serious studying to do this summer and it helps that the sun isn't shining and teasing you.
Unfortunately. It hasn't made me study more .

I was happy when I opened the blinds yesterday I looked at an almost clear blue sky.
I had planned to do some writing. I skipped that right away.
When the sun was visible for once I took my book and sat outside reading the whole day.
I got all caught up in this and checked the forecast for Sunday (today) and it showed 24 degrees and sunshine. So the plan was to go to the beach with J.
Imagine my disappointment when waking up this morning with a gray sky. No sun in sight.

But I started writing.
Always something.
Now I'm crossing my fingers for some more sunny days.

Friday, August 3, 2007

as always

You know when you are planning to go downtown for some shopping, to buy those things that you've been putting off since forever or always forget.
I needed a white bra and eyeshadow brush.
It ended up being a very expensive white bra and eyeshadow brush.

Because I also happen to buy
- two long sleeved tops
- a light pink top with flowers
- a bracelet
- four patterned black and white bowls (which I was so happy to find since I have four since before and wanted a few more. Today I saw that they had new bowls with new patterns on)
- a brown strapless bra
- chai tea

Indiska is bad for me. And they don't even have a big store here in Jönköping compared to the ones in Stockholm.

I have no discipline.
Tomorrow I really need to study.
That's a little bit contradictory.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

my day

Today is my 'namnsdag'.
And I had a piece of my homemade chocolate cake.
It's the best.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

me likey

  • That I actually interpreted the regression of my statistics. (Now I just have to put it into words and pretend that I know what I'm doing.)

  • I had corn on the cob for dinner. Love it.

  • That there's a new season of So You Think You Can Dance. (The bad thing is that I don't think I will be able to see the whole thing since I'm moving to Helsinki for the fall.)

  • When showing American Idol here in Sweden they have a text explaining that your votes will not be registered if you try to call. (I would like to know is someone is that stupid that they try.)

  • That when Lindsay Lohan was in house arrest and couldn't be on Leno, they had Rob Schneider imitate her.