Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i am not complaining

The exam has passed.
And I think I passed it.
At least I am not counting on doing the re-exam.

So today I had a half day off.
But tomorrow it is time again.
School. School. School.
All day long.

I have not only one, but two theses to worry about.
I have my bachelor thesis presentation coming up.
And need to start up my master thesis.

Then of course there is all the job hunting.
Need to apply for internships and jobs.
It feels like a job itself to search for a job.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


One more day of studying.
Then it is time for the exam.
It feels quite okay.
I feel that I should at least get a pass.
Imagine the good times in Helsinki where I only needed 40% on the exam to pass.
Here it is 60%. Quite a difference.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It is late March.
What is wrong with these pictures?

A couple of days ago we had spring. I was thinking of buying a spring jacket. No such thoughts anymore.

This year's Easter became a snowy one. A couple of years ago I was wearing summer clothes during Easter.

Happy Easter by the way! In all the snow.

Friday, March 21, 2008

exam ahead

Been all busy with studying for the exam this last week. Do not even have time to have time off and celebrate easter. Have my exam in Advanced Microeconomics on Tuesday. Since it is microeconomics on advanced level I though it would be on a much higher level than before, but it seems to be quite simple. The good thing for me is that it is not that much theory, it is more math and that is perfect for me. Have not even read the whole book. But I think I will be fine. I got another three days of studying.

And the damn snow has not melted away yet.

Monday, March 17, 2008

what went wrong?

Hey, what happened to the greenhouse effect?
When I opened the blinds and look out the window this morning I saw snow.
A lot of snow.
Well, maybe I should not exaggerate.
It was about 5-10 cm of snow.
But still.
I do not like snow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

weekend in school

Saturday and Sunday in school. What a lovely way to spend the weekend.

Finally I have started studying for the exam. But I have not gotten all of the cold out of my body. I have been fine when sitting in school, but when coming home I feel tired and exhausted. Going to bed early tonight so I hopefully get a better sleep than last night.

Friday, March 14, 2008


By they way.
I love my new haircut.
Well, it is not really a new one.
But I still love it.
Just the cut I wanted.

into the zone

Did not get much done today. Not near as much as I hoped to get done. My plan was to study at home since. My plan sucked. But tomorrow I will get my but to school and start with the exercises and old exams. I am really happy my cold was not long-lasting. Tomorrow it is time to get into the zone.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

whimsy lady

Annoying Posten (the Swedish post office). Do they ever make everything right? No. There is always something annoying with Posten. When I was abroad all my mail went to my parents, but since January my mail is supposed to come to my home in Jönköping. The last couple of weeks my parents have gotten a lot of my mail to their house. Really annoying.

I got to talk to the mailman that delivers the mail to my parents and I said that there is something wrong with the forwarding address. One of the first things she asks if I got the package today, I am a little bit confused since I did not get any package. Soon I realize that she is talking about a package she delivered to my parents house. A whimsy lady for sure. I tell her again that I am not living with my parents anymore (that is why I have a forwarding address, she does not get that?) and I need my mail forwarded to Jönköping.

Apparently there was something wrong with the forwarding address they had. Hopefully, the mail will be forwarded from now on.

an affair to remember

Yesterday I watched the 50s movie An affair to remember, starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I love it, must be one of my favorite movies. Got really happy when I manage to get hold of it a couple of years ago. It is a movie that I watch a couple of times every year, one of those truly great romantic movies that you never get tired of.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

unusual cold

Seems that I am lucky this time. My cold has not become the worse kind that I usually am used to. Have just been a little bit fevery and with headaches. Hopefully I feel a little bit better tomorrow and maybe I will be able to go to school. Or maybe I will just stay home and try to read.

mexican snack

I was glad to see this chili and lime spice, that remembered me of a Mexican spice, in the grocery store the other day. I lived with A, who is a Mexican, for a short period of time at the end in Singapore. She got me to try a snack which was really good and so simple. Cut an apple, squeeze some lemon over the pieces, and spice it with the chili and lime spice. I added some salt, since it is in the original spice. It is really good, spicy, salty, and sour.

There are a lot of good food and snacks out there that you never hear about or will be able to taste. I love meeting people from other countries and be able to taste something that you otherwise would not get in contact with.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

just my luck

Been really bad with updating. On the other hand I do not know if much have happened in my life. Just the daily life with school from 9 to 5. Yesterday it was time to start studying for the exam in two week. Of course, with my good luck, I have gotten a cold. This implies that I will be in bed for during the next whole week. Because that is how my colds usually evolve. Unless I am lucky this time. But why would I? This is the fifth time that I am sick before the exam.


Monday, March 3, 2008

quarter-life crisis

Read an article today in Swedish newspaper SvD about how young people are having a quarter-life crisis. An expression coined by the American Abby Wilner, 25, newly graduated from university moved back home to her parents. I wrote the other day about my anxiety about my future, and although I am not deep into the crisis I have some worries.

I want to achieve so much and fast. There is a lot of pressure. But the pressure does not come from my family or friends, it comes from me. I am putting the pressure on myself. I want to get a good job, have a steady career, earn money, develop as a person and with my job, work abroad within a couple of years, have a nice apartment, see as much of the world as I possibly can, and the list goes on.

Now, I am soon done with four years of studying and will have a degree in economics. I have studied abroad in Singapore and Finland. Been living one year in the US. Been active in the student association at my university. Been in charge of the school magazine. But is it enough? Enough to get employed at a company that I like? To get the future that I want?

Up until now I have been the person who takes one day at a time. I still want to be that person. But I have to try start thinking ahead. It is now that I need to start applying for a job and internships. I need to get better at planning. I need to stop worrying. But it is difficult when it comes flying right at you.

How can I stop worrying when I have nothing figured out?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

'child called it'

Just finished the last book of Dave Pelzer's trilogy. It is unbelievable what this man has gone through and managed to survive and fight for a better life. There are not many books that have made me cry and Dave's story cannot leave anyone unaffected. It is impressive how he managed to rise above and create a great life for himself and not pass on the child abuse.


Home after some dancing at Twin City. Quite ok night. It started with Melodifestivalen and the right songs went on to the final in my opinion. Then we continued with some Singstar. L and I rocked singing 'Det gör ont' with Lena Philipsson. We ended up at Twin City but L and I left and I got home at 1.30am just to get an early start and avoid the coat check out line. Unfortunately they close already at 2am here. Such a shame. But it feels quite alright since I have some stuff to do tomorrow. And an early night allow me to get up quite early.

The weird thing is. When I got home I turned on my TV and CSI New York was on and it was about some mysterious stuff, containing voodoo and magic things. Then I enter my bathroom and see my hair straightener's red light indicating that it is on. But when I touch it it's all cold, as if I recently turned it on. It's all so freaky. Since it should be all hot and smelly in the bathroom if I accidentally left it on after I last used it. But it was not.

It is all very, very strange.