Friday, June 29, 2007

quote of the day

"The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast."

Oscar Wilde

studying and shopping

This week I had an assignment for my finance course to do. I finished it pretty fast. So now I'm worried that I did it wrong or missed something since it was so easy. I feel it was too easy.
Well, I'm just gonna trust that I've done it the right way and not be worries. I'll see in three weeks how it went.

Since I finished it early I went to Stockholm yesterday to meet up with Lois. Great to see her again, she's been on exchange to and last time I saw her was in December. So we went for some 'fika' in Gamla Stan and then did some shopping. (More clothes. As if I need it. But you know how it is, it was on sale.) After some rainy days we had really nice weather.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

only work and studies

Lot of work this weekend.
Friday - 13 hours.
Saturday - 12 hours.
I was happy to have Sunday off. I was tired the whole day.
At least I'll have money for my rent in August.

Now I'm studying again. Have another assignment for my finance course that needs to be handed in on Friday. It's going okay but it's boring.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

busy weekend

Not in a fun way.
I'm working this midsummer weekend.
I'll be at work the whole Friday and Saturday.
From 11am to 11pm.
I just have to think about the money I get.
I need to pay rent in August.
I'll have fun later.

and it continues

So any bad luck yesterday?
Of course. It just continues.
Yesterday I over slept. I woke up at 9am when mom came into my room.
I started to work at 9.30 and needed to leave at 9.10.
I just brushed my teeth, put my working clothes on, ate a banana and drove to work.
I was almost in time, logged in before 9.30 but was only a few minutes late to open the bar.
So it wasn't that bad.

Then I had a caesar salad for dinner. Again. Can't help it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Nothing seems to be running smoothly for me these couple of days.
Work today was a total chaos.
I opened the bar today and when I started the cash register (it's a computer, a flat touch screen) it didn't start up like normal. It had crashed. Wonderful.
I can't sell anything if it's not working, I can't print any receipts. And I had guests.
The next thing to notice was that the coffee machine was broken as well. No coffee, cappuccino, espresso. Well, we could make black coffee in a normal brewer.
The one thing that made it even worse, was that all the managers was in a meeting this day. Great. So no one to call. Eventually I got help though.
So basically everything was a mess.
For a while I had to run to the cash register in the restaurant to print the receipts and if they wanted to pay with cash I had to go back to the cash register in the bar.
But the computer guy showed up rather soon an exchanged the the cash register for another. After that I managed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

caesar salad

One positive thing about working where I do is that they make the best caesar salad there is and I can have it whenever I want.
Like today.
I love caesar salad.
The problem is that when I try it in other restaurants it can never match the one at my job.
So I rarely eat it somewhere else and I'm looking forward to the lunch breaks at my job when I can have a perfect, freshly made caesar salad.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

free rider

After all the trouble I went through yesterday when trying to get home I thought it would be easier today.
I was wrong.
I was packed up once more and left the apartment for the second time at 6am. I needed cash for the bus ticket so I had to pass an ATM on the way to the bus.
I'm trying to take out money. Three times. But every time it says it's some technical fault. Perfect.
I try another ATM and the same thing happens there. Some problem with the contact to my bank. Now I'm getting a little bit worried since I have no clue about what to do.
I have NO cash.
Since I really needed to go home I decided to go to the bus anyway and talk to the bus driver if he could help me. I explained what happened and he was nice to let me on the bus. He said I could try to take out money somewhere on the way. I'm thinking that I can take out some cash in Stockholm hoping that the bank would have fixed the problem by then.
When sitting on the train from Sthlm to Märsta I realize that I totally forgot about it and didn't pay for the ride!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

how stupid am i

So, I was heading back home to Stockholm today after this week in Jönköping. I was all packed and the apartment was tidy again after being sick for one week.
I'm kind of in a hurry when I lock the door and walk to the bus station. When I'm there it's only 15 minutes until the bus is leaving but I'll make it, I just have to buy the ticket.
When I get to the ticket counter it's closed. Great.
I can by the ticket on the bus but I need some cash for that. I head to 'Pressbyrån' to buy something and get some extra cash. When paying with my VISA card it's rejected. Great.
I decide to go to an ATM. It's closed. Great.
I try one more time at 'ICA' to get some cash. VISA rejected once more. Great.
I thought I had money on my card, but then I remember that I had used it for buying some things I forgot about.
I had forgot to transfer money from my other account to my VISA account. Great.
So. The only thing to do was to go home again. Just great.

childhood memories

Sometimes when reading the TV guide you get a little bit extra happy. It's not the same as when seeing that your favorite TV show is on, not to forget is that you actually know what days you favorite show is on. Today there was this old series from 1990 showing, that I really loved as a kid: 'Ebba och Didrik'. My sister and I taped the episodes back then and the tape actually broke since we watched it so many times. The day it broke was a sad day for us.

It's such a great TV series, so typical Swedish and laugh-out-loud funny. Even today when I'm older. The dialogs where favorites then and are still today. I think I have to buy the DVD.

Friday, June 15, 2007

'spicy' or 'Swedish spicy'?

Today I'm finally feeling a little bit better.
I managed to go and meet Karolina and Linda down at the pier to have dinner at Harry's. It was nice seeing them again after almost six months.

When you get used to the spicy food in Southeast Asia it's ludicrous to be back in Sweden and try to order spicy food here. I ordered a chicken wrap that was supposed to be 'spicy' according to the menu. It barely tasted anything. Don't even know if it would help to order something 'x-tra spicy', doubt that would be enough.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i'm hot

I'm so hot that someone could fry eggs on my cheeks.
Of course I get sick the one week I'm by myself in Jönköping. All alone and no strength to do anything. I wish I was at home so someone could make me dinner.
Today I had vegetable broth with vegetables.
On the other hand I don't know if my stomach can handle something else.

But I did manage to go to my hair appointment.
After taking some painkillers.
At least my hair looks fabulous even though I don't.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the favorite

This helps my sore throat. The best ice cream and finally you can find Ben & Jerry's in the supermarkets.

cold in the heat

I think I'm about to get a cold.
Not now.
I think it's from the party night on Öland. We sat outside the whole evening and night and it got chilly. So now I'm sitting here tired with a sore throat just waiting for the next stage of my cold.
And I was supposed to study this week.

it's a sign

A few weeks ago I listened to a program on the radio, P3 Planet. They were talking about weird signs that you can find over the world and you could send in strange ones that you had found. So I decided to send in one but it was difficult to choose since I've seen many strange ones during my tour in Asia.

A week later the radio was on and I heard something that sounded familiar, it was my description of the sign that they were reading. My sign can now be seen on the net on P3 Planet's webpage.

(It's in Swedish though, but the translation is:
"Don't pee! Hi. In april I saw this intresting sign in Singpaore, the city that a lot is forbidden and leads to high fines if you break them. This sign was seen in a little corner in Little India. /Carin")

Monday, June 11, 2007


My uncle, Hans, and my dad. They are twins.
But I have always been able to tell who's who.

My uncle's wife Eva, that we celebrated on her 50th b-day, and my mother. Many years ago they bought the same blouse in Florida and they both picked out it for the party. What are the odds?

My sister Ingrid and I. We are not really similar,
maybe in only a few ways.
But we are sisters.

that's the way to do it

to come in two Corvettes and have one son each in a baby seat next to you in the passenger seat. That's my cousin Lihna and her boyfriend. =)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now I'm in Jönköping again after a great weekend in Borgholm at Strand. The weather was great, so was the food and the company. It might have been the best baked potato I've eaten. Long time since I last visited the island, a midsummer many years ago.

Öland is beautiful island.

Colorful sunset.

My outfit for the party. Just love my dress.

how will you be defined in the dictionary?

Carin --


Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Thursday, June 7, 2007

going away

I'm going to Öland this weekend to meet my relatives, it's been such a long time now. My uncle's wife is turning 50 so there's going to be a party for her but she doesn't know it yet (and lets hope she doesn't read my blog...). Gonna be so much fun to see all the kids again, haven't seen them in ages and they change so much when they are young.

And finally I can wear some of my cute dresses and tops that I bought in Singapore. Always fun with parties. :) After the weekend I will head to Jönköping for some studyin. Hopefully I will be more productive there.

I'm packed.
I have my outfits ready for this weekend.
I've got manicured hands.
My Ipod is reloaded with new music.
I'm set.

Now I just need to go to bed since we're leaving at 8am. (At least that's the plan, but realistically I think we're off at 8.30-9)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

what kind of drink am i?

It's a tie!

You are a part Pint of Beer. You're happy with who you are. Sure, you may not be the 'sophisticated' and 'refined' type, but at least you're real. You don't let the little things get to you, and you have a good time no matter what life throws at you. Keep it up.
You are a part Fine Glass of Wine. You are sophisticated and refined, but also complicated and hard to deal with. Not everyone loves you, but those who do swear that you're the coolest thing since sliced bread. One of these days the people that matter will understand you. Until then, you will be sitting on your throne as the distinguished product that not everyone has the taste to appreciate.

Try it at

Monday, June 4, 2007


Today there was some really nice weather. I was actually able to wear a pair of shorts and a tank top. No woolen socks or pashmina.
I could even be outside in bikini and even got some tan. It's finally getting warmer and now I can start being outside without freezing.
And most important.
I can start wearing all the clothes and shoes that I bought in Singapore.

It's summer. Now I don't want it to be colder than 20 degrees. Otherwise I'm guessing that the thick socks will reappear on my feet. Crossing my fingers! (Although, if I'm realistic I do know that it will get colder than 20 degrees many times...)

Saturday, June 2, 2007


My first day of work for this summer. I'm tired, been running around quite a lot today. I've been serving beer and food all evening. Now I'm just waiting for my shift to end. At 1.30am we get to kick out the remain guests.
I'm yawning.
Maybe I should eat something to keep me awake? That's the great thing about working here: the restaurant kitchen has everything you want. :) You just choose what you want. Ah,h and for dinner I had a really good burger. Maybe it's time for some late dessert now?


I'm working today. So I don't have to study, not that I've been doing any of that the last two days. Not good.
But it's gonna be nice to do something else. Will probably be a busy night in the bar tonight since it's soccer tonight, Sweden against Denmark. Go Sweden!

Oh, and tomorrow Annika is flying in from Singapore so I will be at the airport welcoming her home! Will be nice to see her again if only for a few minutes. See you tomorrow honey!