Monday, August 31, 2009

me + champagne

Yesterday evening I spent with L and her roommate making pizza. To dessert we had a bottle of champagne. Last year I got a bottle of Lanson pink champagne from my neighbors as a graduation present. I brought it to Copenhagen and I was waiting for the right moment to drink it. I guess this moment was a good one with my birthday and me leaving Copenhagen. And I had to drink it up since I did not want to drag it back home again.

I love champagne. And starting my birthday being a bit tipsy from champagne, can it get any better?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

quarter of a century

Happy birthday to me. God I feel old. Half way to 50. But it is very true what L told me today, I have done so much already and I am only 25. My life basically started at 19 when I moved away from home. That is only six years. Then it does not sound that bad. You just have to find the definition of age that makes you feel the least oldest or youngest (depending on how you see it).

baileys goes well with... scrubs as well

Baileys and then of course not to forget: Scrubs.

Right now, the episode 'My life in four cameras'. Probably one of my favorites.

baileys goes well with... packing

I am cleaning up and packing. Packing my last bag.

Of course I also have to finish other stuff. Like my Baileys. It makes packing so much more fun.

serious issues

No internet access causes problems.

472 new posts. And counting.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

one last night out

Friday night turned out to be a Wednesday rerun. Met up with E for a tapas dinner and we had a lot to catch up since it had been a while. Then I had to run to next get-together. This time with my ex coworkers in Nyhavn. First just some beers at the dock and then we sat down by one of the bars. People left one by one and in the end we were only three left but decided to go for one more drink. Happily I suggested my favorite place instead of one more of the slightly boring tourist traps. So then we of course headed to Hornsleth bar. I finally got to see it one more time before I left, goodie.

Then the third one left, K was not feeling too well, and the Swiss guy and I ended up staying for another drink and then some dancing. It was really nice music, a mix of old and new just the way I like it. At 2.30 we decided to call it quits. Quite early I must say but I was a bit tired so what to do. Maybe if I have had some more dancing friends.

One last night out. And many laughs and stories from my coworkers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

in this moment

I do not want to leave. I just want to stay in this moment. I do not want it to be tomorrow.

I have had too much time to think today.

Friday is planned. Will keep me from thinking too much.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here you can see me having an orgasm in my mouth. I tried the mint/lime sorbet at Paradis. Taste just like a mojito which is my favorite drink. Must be if not the best, at least in the all time top favorite ice cream/sorbet flavor.

sushi in the sun

Now L is in town, keeping the city in place when I am taking off. Very bad timing though, I am leaving when she is moving here but at least we get one week together. What was very good for me is that her parents managed to pack all my crap into their car and take it back to Sweden. Of course it would have been great if we could have painted the town red together. But after university I never really expected us to be living in the same city anyway since we both want to work abroad.

So now we have just been enjoying the last few days I am here. I really thought the summer was over but this week the sunshine and warm weather have continued. Monday with clear blue sky once again, L and me sat down by the dock in Nyhavn with our take away sushi.

beginning of the end

Yesterday ended up being an eventful day. Had lunch with friends passing by Copenhagen and in the evening I meet up with dear C for dinner and gossiping. Unfortunately I have not been seeing her that much since she lives in Malmö. But I am going to miss her and regret that we did not spend more time together. It was not fun to say goodbye and I really hope that I will meet her again one day.

Having said goodbye to C and on my way to the metro I noticed a message from my previous coworker G. Then I decided to meet up with him as well at Sankt Hans torv. It is really nice there with all the bars around and especially in the summer when you can sit outside at the square enjoying a drink. Then also B joined us and the Brit. I was kind of tired before and kind of just wanted to go home after dinner but I am happy that I met up with G and B since I have not seen them in ages as well. Some really nice guys I of course will miss as well. I ended up staying until 2 a.m. the great benefit of not having a job and you can stay out until whenever.

A really nice Wednesday.

an interesting brit

Gustaf gave me some homework last time. Everyday I have to write down things about people I meet. First, I need to write down what I think about a person I meet. Second, I have to write down something interesting about one person I see or meet. Today is the first day I can truly write something about a new person I meet that I found interesting.

It is the first time I met him but I know about him through common friends. With a charming accent, being from Great Britain, I got fascinated by his lifestyle. Of which I of course do not know much about and I do not know his story. But it seems he has the money without being the typical ‘rich person’, very down to earth. What I got fascinated about was the way he appeared and what he has done. (I am always the young one in this gang being about 6-7 years younger.) Somehow I guess, I wish I could just do that as well, go for a round the world trip for a whole year by myself. Experiencing the continents, cultures, and people. Enjoying life. Moving around and taking it a bit as it comes. I wish I could just rent a van, get to know some people that could tag along, and drive through Australia.

Sure, I am still young and all. But I still have this hesitance for certain things. I have no trouble moving around to new places all by myself. But sometimes when it comes to traveling by myself, I can feel this fear of being by myself. I would like to be impulsive and unafraid but still I am this person who needs some kind of control in all the uncertainty. Sometimes I still feel like this shy little girl from when I was 12. This guy, and others like him, motivates me to be more like the person I wish I was when it comes to certain things. I wish I could just challenge myself and do it, go out traveling for a month all by myself.

I doubt I will never meet him again. But if I do, I wish I would have a similar story to tell. How his story, like many others, inspired me to challenge myself.

i survived

Walking through Norrebro late at night without getting shoot. Success.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what is life without internet?

It is truly great timing when internet stops working one week before you move out. I even tried calling the internet provider for help, they can usually fix it. To my suprise they just asked if I had restarted the router (of course, several times) and then they wanted to book a technician to come. In Sweden they go through all the different settings on your computer and everything else before even thinking to book a technician. Of course I have left already when someone has time to come. Lovely. What am I going to do now all days/evenings/nights?

known stranger part 3

I know who it was! Finally!

I knew that it would not just pop into my head. The only way to figure it out was if I happen to see him in a newspaper or on the TV.

But he is not in politics. But you do see him on TV. And then he is usually very serious.

It was Lars Lagerbäck that was on the same flight as me to Copenhagen. I saw him today on the news. Now can I finally let it go.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I was wrong, we are having another warm day with clear blue sky here in Copenhagen. Trying to enjoy them the fullest since I know there are only very few left. Then we have to wait 10 months until we have them again. So here I am lying in the grass reading 'A biography of the world's most famous equation'.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

whose line is it anyway?

I am lying here in my sofa laughing my ass off to Whose Line Is It Anyway?

It takes me back to the time in the US when I was lying in bed in my room laughing my ass off to Whose Line Is It Anyway?

A few days ago I just remembered this show I always watched in the US. It is an improvisational comedy show that I thought was hilarious. Still think. I started searching if you could watch it online. Thank you who created YouTube. And you who uploaded several of the seasons on YouTube. (And thank you YouTube for not having removed them.)

Now I am well into the second season. Just watch the clip and maybe you will get hooked too? It is difficult to describe what it is all about.

A video says more than thousand words.

a night of sushi

Not so much happening this evening as you might be noticing by all the posts. But at least I had some fun last night.

Since it was A & A's last evening in town they invited me for a sushi dinner. They made really nice homemade sushi. (I would have showed some nice photos of the good food, but of course I packed the cable for my camera...)

A really nice evening among friends. We of course once again talked about me coming and visiting in Taiwan and checking flights. It continued when I came home. I really, really want to go.

Maybe flying in to Bangkok or Tokyo. Japan would be cool. A trip to Taipei to visit them of course during their exchange (no I am not jealous). Perhaps Hong Kong to visit E who will be working there (of course I am not jealous). Would also be fun to do what I missed last time in Southeast Asia. Like Cambodia. And northern Vietnam. But I am not sure if I want to do that part by myself. Anyone?

It is not I have the time. Being 'between jobs'.

devil woman

Watching Scrubs today. Coincidence?
Very spooky huh?

Yeah, you noticing that I do not have that much to do this Friday evening do you?

topper harley

- "These men have taken a supreme vow of celibacy, like their fathers, and their fathers before them..."

Last weekend we had number one of the quality movie. Tonight it was time for the sequel.

no goodbye

When a good friend does not even have time to meet up for a goodbye before leaving, I apparently was not a good friend of his.

When new people come into one's life, some tend to forget their previous good friends.

not my fault

3:34 a.m.

And I who had a nice daily rhythm going with going to bed and waking up at decent times.

It is all A & A's fault. They are going to Taiwan tomorrow for their exchange. So I have been checking flight tickets.

Friday, August 21, 2009

a whole lot of stuff...

I am done packing.
I am a bit worried.
Maybe I have to do another trip home with some of it.

I did not realize I have this much stuff here. But sure, I have been living here one year and thought I would be staying longer. You buy and bring a lot of stuff for yourself and the apartment. At least I have been very efficient in my packing as always. The bags are cramped.

(Also noticeable is that I have brought home two big bags of clothes already...)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

is fifteen jackets too little?

Packing. Packing. Packing.

All evening. I also had a slow start because when I got home we had a clear blue sky and 24 degrees so I just had to go out. I laid outside my building in the grass with my music and book. I think that was the last chance for that this summer.

So the packing. Now I see how much stuff I have here. Really a lot. Is it crazy to have 15 coats/jackets? Five I basically never use, five I use sometimes, and five I have used a lot. Also a blue IKEA plastic bag filled with shoes. Two big, black plastic bags filled with clothes and jackets (however not completely filled). One heavy suitcase filled with all kinds of crap (that I of course still need). Three small boxes filled with fragile stuff.

Let's hope that L's parents trunk can take some stuff. Otherwise I have to do some more trips carrying home stuff.

slow starter

Sure I love traveling. But flying Copenhagen-Stockholm every other week is not so satisfying. Two times in two weeks now. But now I am staying in Copenhagen a while. A whole ten days. Until it (maybe) is time to go home again.

The reason for the maybe is that my dear landlord have not find another tenant yet. I have the apartment until end of September and knowing that she does not seem very worried. She has a whole month and a week to find another tenant. Only two people have been looking at the apartment. And I canceled my contract one month and three weeks ago. She is not very fast at this.

The fact that she increased the rent with 1,800 DKK I am sure not making it easier. Lovely.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

old patterns

Once again back in dear old Sweden. Home for a quickie. Well, not a 'quickie' just a quickie.

I like meeting with Gustaf at the recruitment firm. It gets you thinking. It is almost like going to a shrink (not that I have been to one to really know). He asks those questions that make you thinking. And today I took these tests, and some of the results from those does not mach my personality at all. It is interesting how you see yourself in one way but in fact it is not the truth about who you really are.

I think I realized one thing today. I do not want to work in Stockholm. Gustaf got to hear my hole story today. He then asked me if I think I would end up in old patterns now when I move back to my parents. I said I would not since I know better. But then on the train back home, I realized. Because some where I think I might end up in old patterns working and living in Stockholm. That is my fear. I am not actually sure I would end up in old patterns, but the fear of it makes me not want to work in Stockholm.

I realized that I will always love Stockholm but I do not think I am ready for it. Maybe in the future.

Monday, August 17, 2009

wrapping up

I am wrapping up my life. In newspaper.

Noticing the Christmas ornaments? I just took them down. On the other hand, in January they stopped being Christmas ornaments hanging in my window and just ornaments hanging in my window. I really liked them so they stayed.

Last week when I went home I had the same bag filled with clothes. Clothes I don't use. Now I have filled the same bag with another 25 kilos of clothes. Clothes I do use. There is still clothes in the closet. I could probably fill one, or probably two, of these bags more with the rest of the clothes. Then we also have all the shoes. A qualified guess could be that I have around 20-30(!) shoes in my closet. Oh, and all the coats and jackets too. That's another bag.
I am not a shopaholic.

This was supposed to be a post about how I am wrapping up my life. Not about all the stuff I have to wrap. Thank god for L's great parents though, driving down her belongings and taking my stuff with them back up. Otherwise if would never have worked out. Well, then I had to drive down and that's a long drive for clothes, shoes, and some other stuff. My friend have great parents who does things for their daughter's friend.

it's like being back in school, but fun

Wine and homework. Great combo.

My homework (for Gustaf at the recruitment firm):
Where am I in 35 years?

I want to be descriptive and have written 1/3 page so far. Doing good. It is actually not that difficult. You just have to paint up the scenario of where you wish you are when you are 60 years old.

I am sure it will be very helpful in this whole process and in the future. Having a goal makes everything much easier.


There is nothing wrong with having a bit of wine for lunch. At least not if you have some food with it. Should I cook something?

It is not a sign of alcoholism when you sit at home drinking by yourself.

billy once again at the oscars

Got kind of stuck with Youtube and listening to old music. There is so much fun out there that you had totally forgotten about. Then I ended up with the Academy Awards intro of Billy Crystal from 2004.

That year when I lived in the US and we watched the whole show live at my friend F's place. We took it very seriously and had even printed out these papers where we marked who we thought would win. It was a good night. Due to obvious reasons (time difference) I do not think I have never seen the whole show since then.

Loving this intro. Especially 1.43 minutes into the clip.

Ok, come on now. Time to get serious. Stop youtubing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

stylish as only swedes can be

One more.

Style appearing in Melodifestivalen 1986. Don't we all wish that those hairstyle should come back? I know I do.

I can't help wondering how much greater the ozone hole became after creating her hair style.

Although their old song is a classic.
Their new song of 2009 you can't stop playing over and over again. Neither can you stop playing the video again and again. And again.

no more sunday blues

Well, at least not in the nearest future. I can tell you that it feels good. Several Sundays during the spring I had the Sunday blues disease. When I just wanted to keep being awake to keep Monday as far away as possible. It has been a while now since I had those feelings, almost forgot about how unhappy I was at my job. But that is one good asset of mine, I do not dwell. I morgon är en annan dag as Christer sang (tomorrow is another day). He is very emotional. Just look at his hand gestures. So touching.

Even though he came in second to last in the Eurovision Song Contest he is our true schlagerbög.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

quality movies

Good old Hot Shots is on TV. Don't you just love it. It is so silly that I cannot stop laughing.

We had the two Hot Shots movies recorded on VHS when I was young. I have no idea how many times I watched them.

Friday, August 14, 2009

shake that booty

Hilarious every time.

Do as Beyonce and put a ring on it

It is the guys from the Swedish blog 365 saker du kan göra (365 things you can do) that show you how you can make your own warm-up.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

who's digging it?

I am imagining the moment where Mr Rosengren came up with the logo for his company. He and his friends (sweaty from the summer heat and with big beer bellies from all the beer during the years) are sitting in someones garden drinking beer. The macho guys with that special jargon joking around.

Then they get the brilliant idea. They have the tagline 'we dig also for you', Rosengren asphalt and paving, so hence they of course need a picture of a finger digging (picking) one's nose.


in the air

Here is where I spend a few minutes today. In the Wheel of Copenhagen. Although I am a bit disappointed, Copenhagen from above and at night is nothing special really. You do not see much at all, the city feels kind of dark looking from above. Perhaps it would have been nicer by day. At least one other thing to cross of the list of to-do things.

So a dinner with friends, Wheel of Copenhagen, and then some fabulous drinks at Oak room. One of my favorite cocktail bars in Copenhagen. Now I can sleep well. With a Venezuelan Butterfly in my stomach.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

late sweet tooth

From now I am not allowed to comment on someone arriving late to the gate. Sitting at the cafe with my cookie just having sent my previous post. Realizing 15 minutes to departure that it is 15 to departure. I started running. Of course the other flight's gate is in the new wing me the airport. I ran and I made it. Two people coming in after me and then boarding was completed and we took off. Who am I to judge who is arriving late at the gate.

sweet tooth

Came to the airport knowing that I might not get on the flight since I booked standby. I was just sitting waiting for everybody to board, reading my book eating my muffin. I was told that the flight was basically full so no hopes from my side. Them they called my name! One guy had not showed up so I got his seat. However, two minutes later they asked me to step outside, the man had appeared. Who appears at the gate five minutes before departure? Anyway, they told me that I could sit in the back on one of those fold down chairs. I made myself comfortable. Two minutes later the stewardess came to me and said I had to get off the plane due to weight over balance. Little me made the plane to heavy? (Unfortunately I am not that little anymore...) So I got off and they listed me on the next flight, luckily that was in one hour and I will definitely get a seat. What surprised me though was that they gave me a service check of 50 SEK, not much but something. Travelling with staff tickets I would never expect something like that. So now I am on my second sweet thing today, a chocolate chip cookie.

this is the world we live in

Just watched a documentary on the web tv of SVT (Swedish state television) called Inte som min syster (Not like my sister) made by Leyla Assaf-Tengroth. A very touching and emotional story about honor killings and forced marriages. The oldest daughter Rim was forced to marry when she was 13 and her sister Dalida decided to not let that become her destiny.

You see the father, husbands, and other relatives talk very openly about the traditions of men and women. Rim's husband talk about his right for freedom, no one is allowed to tell him what to do, no one can make decisions over his head. Very hypocratical when the clip before showed his wife Rim talking about her life. She is not allowed to leave the building and just sits inside and she seeks comfort in food. When eating melon seeds she can keep her mind occupied.

It terifies me how Rim and Dalida's father describe and justifies the aciton of a honor killing. He compares it to cutting of a sick finger. By doing that you however will get punished. But with the lowest sentence of 5-6 months in jail.

In the end, Dalida has found someone by herself that she wishes to marry. Very problematic however, since he is christian but Dalida's father approves and they get married. Although it is not that easy since the uncles do not approve and threatens to kill her if she shows up in their village in Syria. They do now live in Libanon where they moved when her father needed a job. This was probably the reason since Libanon is more modern and the children have got a more modern view on things.

It is disturbing how these men can sit and describe for the camera how the men of course should have their freedom when the women is not allowed to go outside. That they are allowed to punish their women if they are not good and do not obey.

It is difficult to understand with the world I live in, that there are girls and women out there living in a totally different world. It is the same world but but the realities could not be further apart.

(The documentary can be watched online at SVT play until September 9th.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it's a business doing pleasure

The plan was to go home today but I found out that L.A. Gigolo (or Spread which is the original name...) already had premier in the movies and had to see that. My darling Ashton is playing the lead. So that is basically all I had to know to go and see the movie.

Of course I love my darling. Not sure what I actually think about the movie. But I think I like it. You shall not be fooled and think it is just another romantic comedy, because it is not. I heard a girl's comment sitting behind me that she did not like the ending. But then I think she expected a typical chick flick by saying that comment. I love the tag line of the movie: it's a business doing pleasure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

where am i in 40 years?

Was kind of tired when my alarm rang at 8.30 am. A while since I woke up that 'early'. Maybe it is finally time to get a better routine than I have had lately. Difficult to change the pattern of a night owl.

Gustaf seems cool though. A very nice man in his sixties. He even said before that if I wanted a younger contact person I could have that. However I prefer having him, he has a lot of experience and since I really do not have a clue about a lot it feels good to have Gustaf.

So I got some home work. He asked me today where I see myself in 40 years. 40 years?! I do not even know where am in one year. Or even six months. But he said something interesting with thinking about this as early as now and to set a goal. He compared it with pension savings. If you start when you are young it does not require as much effort today compared to starting saving in 20 years from now. Makes sense.

So where am I in 40 years?

i wonder

Can you make a good impression on someone after only 5 hours of sleep? (Or less...) Good thing that it is a first meeting and what I am hoping: informal. The best thing is that he will give me just an introduction. And I will talk about myself. A topic I know.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

do you believe in miracles?

Finally meeting up with Gustaf tomorrow. My guy at the recruitment firm. Finally I might get my ass on the road and get something done. To get some motivation.

One could think that it would be enough motivation to get a job since I have to move back home and will soon not have any income. But now I am just enjoying the summer and have no worries at all. Which is usually my problem, that my 'motto' is that why do things today that I can do tomorrow. Not the best in a situation like this. I get annoyed at myself since it never gets any better. At least I know I am a kind of person that is in desperate need of deadlines sometimes.

So let's see if this Gustaf can make miracles.

going abroad

I made it with time to spare. But I just threw stuff into my handbag. I am sure I forgot something. But I have my ID boarding card, and of course my computer. Now I am enjoying my SmooTea lichi lime. Now time to go through the customs.

precious belongings

I seriously do not understand how I am going to get all my crap home to Sthlm from Cph. I am realizing how much stuff I have actually bought and brought here. Well, I am not like Rebecca in the book at least because I do not shop on credit. I just spend all the money I earn.

No but seriously, I have even bought stuff at IKEA and a whole bunch of other stuff. A lamp, 3 big pillows, self inflatable air mattress size large, mixer, toaster, water cooker, drinking glasses, paintings. Then of course all the clothes and shoes that my wardrobe is cramped with.

Now I have packed my big bag with clothes that I am not using. At all. (Well maybe once every six months.) I have to fly here and there a coulple of times to get all this crap home.

Damn. I have to leave in half an hour for the airport. I am still in my pyjama. I better get changed and packed.

I am not stressed.

fashion week

So yesterday. I am not really sure what I think about it. Even though I did not really have any expectations it was kind of a bummer. Maybe one good hour in the end.

We decided to go to the Fashion Week Party at Marriot Hotel. We got there around 8.30 pm, quite early but they had free drinks from 8-9 pm. When we arrived they told us we had to pay 100 DKK for entrance (in fall it was for free), but since we got this far we could not just skip it. We got a free drink and checked the place out and got a bit disappointed. Basically just a big lobby with a couple of bars placed out and Dj booths. The only place to sit down was a couple of outplaced seating groups but as soon as you sat down, a waitress came and said you could not sit down if you do not buy the table. For 2,500 DKK it was not worth it.

We knew that Outlandish was going to play at midnight so we decided to stay for that and hear them out. But apperently the lead singer was absent for some reason which was kind of a disappointment. Hence they did not even play my favorite Aicha (also the song everbody basically know them for). And they only played for like 20-30 minutes which was a further disappointment. However, the DJ that came after was really good and played nice music so we got to dance a bit. He played the right music to get the crowed going. Well, crowed and crowed. It cannot really be called a crowed since it was not that much people.

We then left and I wanted to tag along a friend and her friends to another bar so I walked all the way to Kongens Nytorv and damned myself for not having a bike. Hoping that we would go to my favorite Hornsleth bar but when arriving the others apparently wanted to go to Karriere bar in Vesterbro. Which means that i had to walk/take a cab there and then take another cab home later.

So I bought a hot dog and took the metro home.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Some pictures from the other day at Halvandet. Best place ever. Though it is very tricky to get there, it is soo worth it. It is tricky if you do not have a car or a bike. Which of course does not apply to many people living here in Copenhagen. Yeah, I am a strange one not having a bike. I took the bus for ten minutes and then had to walk for 25 minutes. Kind of a random place, situated in an industry harbour area. But as said, it was so worth it.

It reminded me of the good old times in Singapore at Café del Mar.

We were just lying there on the beds enjoying the good music and the warm sun. And of course the mango smoothie, the mojito, and the nachos (yeah they look much nicer on this pic instead of the previous one).

Life is lovely.

life would be so much easier with a pizza slicer

second dip into the ocean

Another day in the sun. Beautiful, clear blue sky. Another day we cannot let go to waste. (Many of those lately...) Today we are at Charlottenlund beach park. Yet another new thing this week and it is really nice here. And I actually went into the water, quite warm. Now I am going to continue enjoying the sun.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

this is life

Been at Halvandet since 2.30 pm enjoying the sun and the nice music by the water. Now I have a huge plate of nachos and a mojito in front of me. Jealous? Employment is treating me good right now.

problems with being unemployed

A few weeks ago I decided to give Bloglovin a try. Loving it. I added all my favorite blogs and it is just perfect to have them all in one place. The problem came when I got unemployed. I did not have that many blogs I followed on a daily basis but it was enough to check in on every evening. Now, I got much more time due to obvious reasons. So I check bloglovin in the morning and in the evening. And a couple of times in between.

Hence I started looking for some other blogs that I could occupy myself with. Now I got 36 blogs on my list. Around 20 of these blogs update on a daily basis. Several with more than one post. Here is where it gets problematic. If you for some reason are busy one day, you will the next morning be up in maybe +150 posts. I will read most of these posts.

I will be in trouble when I get a life and actually am busy with other things during the day instead of refreshing bloglovin.

(You can of course also follow my blog on Bloglovin. Maybe someone else feels like joining my sister in subscribing. Yeah, she is the only one.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

miss k

I seem to be eating out a lot lately. But on the other hand I have to enjoy the last month here in Copenhagen. (You can always find excuses for everything.) Tonight I was meeting up with K from work for dinner. Lovely K, I am really going to miss her. We had a lot of fun together. At work. At parties.

At work we gossiped and talked and she was the one that made my working days fun. Until we moved and I was not sitting with her or the others anymore. And at parties, we were the last two girls standing. Us two and the guys.

Now she has to survive the working days without me. How will she manage? We met up for a nice dinner at Riz Raz where they have a really good deal for a buffet for only 89 DKK, mainly of Greek food and everything is vegetarian. Their falafel is really good. Then we sat down at a café at Strøget and had a cocktail. A piña colada for me this time.

I have been drinking many cocktails lately. But on the other hand I have to enjoy the last month here in Copenhagen...

what plan?

Do not know what is wrong with me these days. Even though I go to bed quite reasonably I am still so tired in the mornings and have trouble getting out of bed. That plan is not going so well. I just have to set my mind and make it work. But today I woke up to a clear blue sky and we cannot let that go to waste. That is why I am now lying at the beach. Chilling. With no bad consciense at all...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

catching up

Bad news! The sixth season of Entourage started to air in July without me knowing it.

Good news though that it have started to air again (finally!) and I have now seen the first four episodes.

Loving this series. Loving the characther Ari Gold. And of course it does not hurt to have the pretty face of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) in it.

Why am I not surprised that there is a website out there dedicated to collecting the quotes of Ari Gold. Isn't internet just fantastisc?


Let's just forget about the plan for another day. (Tomorrow!...) I guess I was tired even though I was in bed before 1 am, because I had my alarm for 9 am but snoozed until 10.30 I think... The plan was to check out this second hand store on Studiestræde that I got a tip about, Wasteland. (That is where many cool second hand stores can be found.) It was a really cool second hand store, especially since they now had 1 piece of clothing for 50 DKK, 5 for 200 DKK and 10 for 350 DKK. I managed to find a couple of cute skirts that I will used as dresses instead. Also stopped by Weekday and bought a cute pair of tees, although I think one was not supposed to be on sale, but I got the two tees for only 90 DKK. Not like I am going to quesiton that. So all in all, I got 8 pieces of clothing for only 600 DKK. Feels good. Now I am going to keep the shopping to a minimum. I promise.

But on the way home I did indulge myself into some ice cream. Finally I tried Paradis, the ice cream store that have new flavours every day. I tried the white chocolate ice cream and elder flower sherbet. I was really disappointed on the white chocolate ice cream but the elder flower sherbet tasted like heaven.

Since I was still thirsty after the ice cream I decided to indulge myself even more by buying a freshly squeezed juice from Joe & the Juice. Grapefruit, passion, and apple. Mmm...

Monday, August 3, 2009

known stranger part 2

Still have no idea who he is.

(Ok, now I am shutting down.)

night owl's action plan: becoming early bird

Another lazy ass day have passed by. I seem to have justified myself watching movies today because it has been raining. However, I sense that I probably could have come up with a reason even if it was not raining.

I should start to put my plan into action.
The plan that I should not stay up hours after midnight.
I should get up fairly early to get a good start of the day.
I should set away a couple hours every day for job hunting and CV writing.

If I manage to set away a couple of hours every day for the necessary boring stuff, then I do not have to feel bad when doing the fun stuff. All the stuff I have left to do in Copenhagen before I leave.

This plan starts as of tomorrow. I am going to shut this computer off right after I have published this post and it is only 12.30 am. That would be a very early night for me. The night owl.

eventful weekend

That is also why I did not really have time to update. With a presentable apartment I could welcome my two visitors, Lois and her sister. They came Friday afternoon and was basically thrown into a dinner party. This time Lois could finally see that I actually have friends in town since they were not out traveling. We managed to fit in ten people around the table, almost New Years Eve revisited. My beloved friends called me and had decided to have a dinner party at my place. For ten people. Since they know me, they had already decided to take care of the grocery shopping and cooking. I took care of the hosting as always.

We had a nice dinner with fajitas and a traditional 'Swedish' punch (only Swedish because I made it) that was happily appreciated as always. Then I was the perfect host and left my two guests in the apartment and headed out with the rest of the bunch to a bar. (My new favorite bar by the way, Hornsleth bar.) The nice hostess continued her good job by staying out later than planning (free shots are not good...) and forgetting her keys so she had to ring the bell and wake her guests up at 3.30 am... The next morning the perfect hostess woke up to an empty apartment since her guests had woken up several hours before and headed out to town. The hostess was a bit tired and spent some hours in the sofa watching Scrubs and eventually made it out to meet up with her guests for a late lunch.

After lunch I was all fit again (although with a bit of a bad conscience) and Saturday evening we headed out for some drinks with some friends. But we called it a night relatively early since we all was a bit tired. For different reasons. My guests for being touristy and walking around town the whole day. And me. For partying while my dear guests was sleeping in my apartment.

Sunday was spent shopping. Really! It was the first Sunday of the month so the stores was actually open. So we did some nice findings.