Monday, May 31, 2010

fun facts at the foreign ministry

Got some fun facts today at work. We were sitting in the lunch room at 10.15 am for the early coffee break and talking about the Eurovision Song Contest. The oldies (most are +40 or even +50) were reminiscing old eurovision hits. Apparently they had a bet some years ago about who the winner will be in ESC, and who won the bet? No other than Jan Eliasson (that I have written about before). Evidently very interested in ESC and good at picking the winner.

Apparently they have had some empty offices at the department where I am at and plenty of interesting people have had their office there. One being Jan Eliasson. To bad I never got to shake his hand and say hello.

Friday, May 28, 2010

where the action is

Went to another questioning at the Riksdag yesterday. This time it was really interesting to listen to because Anders Borg (Minister for Finance) and Maud Olofsson (Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and Minister for Enterprise and Energy) was there to answer quesions. Both did really well and answered convincingly, I like them both.

Then there was also a bit of commotion here when the news came out that the government kicked the Director General of Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). We work quite closely with Sida at my department on the adminsitration level. So we just have to wait and see if and what kind of effect it has on the work of this department.

It is also a really interesting work place here when you take part of events like this in a different way than you would just reading about the news. We are in the middle of the action.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


He should have won in the first place. Then we could have had a real chance in Eurovision Song Contest.

I cannot say I am surprised that Anna Bergendahl did not go to the final. Never liked the song really.Why send a experienced and talented artist when you can send a nervous, young girl not even graduated from high school.

Salem Al Fakir - Keep On Walking


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how transform a night owl into an early bird?

It is difficult when a night owl need to change the routines and start waking up early. A night owl that almost always went to bed at 2 am now has to go to bed at preferably 11 pm. To be fit for work the next day that is. Last night the night owl fell asleep at midnight and was dead the next morning. Not so nice for a night owl to wake up at 6.30 am for work.


I made kimchi some two weeks ago and have forgot it there in the fridge. Kimchi is a Korean dish many times served as a cold side dish to almost everything. In Taiwan we had beef fried with kimchi, so this time the kimchi was warm. Warm kimchi was so much better in my opinion.

Remembering that really good dish, I started looking for a kimchi recipe and found one that seemed good. And it was. Today I fried some beef and added the kimchi, really spicy of course because of all the chili, but delicious. Like being back in Taipei. Well, not really, but at least a good effort.

the perfect company

I think I have found the company for me.

A problem though, it is a quite big, international company and there are probably many out there thinking the same as me. I just need to convince them that I am what they are looking for.

Now I just need to send in an kick-ass application for the trainee program and write the most awesome 500 word assignment that they require.

Then it is a done deal.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

not down that road

I happened to see that you can apply to the Maersk trainee program. I also entered the website to check out the job listings. There is actually an opening to Center Finance at Maersk Line and I recognized the contact person in the ad as he was a colleague of mine and he has become a manager. I guess they have started to hire some people again now, there was several openings at Maersk in Copenhagen.

Of course I would have an advantage if I would apply, either to a normal job or to the MIFP (trainee program, previously MISE), since I am already in the system and have worked there. You remember I got fired last summer? Or I guess laid off is the more correct term to use. I did not mind really and had the best summer I have ever had, 'vacation' in Copenhagen during summer with salary.

Maersk salary check. Those were nice.

It would be an easy way out of this unemployment and I have friends there, but I do not know if I even want to go down that road again. I am not even sure if I want to apply just to give it a try, since I am concerned what my decision would be if I was given another chance. I do not think I want another chance at Maersk.

Or is it just my bad (really bad?) memory that is clouding my view. But that time I did not listen to my gut feeling and see where it took me. I promised myself to listen to my gut a little bit more in the future. But still...

Monday, May 24, 2010

dn's utrikesdag

My lunch today was spent at DN's utrikesdag, Foreign Day, at the concert house in Stockholm (DN is the largest news paper in Sweden). Listening to different correspondents living and reporting from different parts of the world. A fascinating life being a correspondent, meeting people and then writing about it. Seems like a nice life.

They had interesting stories to tell too from the areas they are reporting from.

Stockholm Concert House.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The weather switches from one day to another. It is like you could get sick from the temperature changes of 20 degrees. That is why I took advantage of the sun yesterday and just lied outside in my bikini enjoying the sun. Because I knew the gray, rainy weather was about to march in. And so it did today, crappy rainy weather destroying the days.

Even so, I decide to fight it and headed into Stockholm to go to a museum with sister. Fotografiska just opened on Thursday and have exhibitions of photos of different photographers. Since both me and my sister and interested in photography I convinced her to go with me. Well, it was not really that difficult since I offered to pay.

Fotografiska, museum in Stockholm.

It was a really nice exhibition where Lennart Nilsson and Annie Leibovitz being the main ones. Lennart Nilsson famous for taking photos of what was until then seen as unphotographable, human embryos at different weeks during a pregnancy. And Annie Leibovitz, a portrait photographer known for many famous celebrity magazine covers. This one of Nicole Kidman was one of my favorites. It was a nice exhibition that I really can recommend. If I had to pick one bad thing, I wished it had been more photos from Annie Leibovitz professional career, more of the magazine covers and shoots. But still, go and see it if you are in Stockholm.

dancing on my own

I love that Robyn is finally releasing some new music. It has been way too long. I have loved her from the beginning. Her first CD Robyn Is Here, was also my first CD. With songs like Show Me Love for example, she has changed quite a bit since then. Well, now she has her own record label and can make any music she wants instead of other people telling her what to do.

What is not to love about her. Great music. Great sense of style. She is cool. And her new songs coming up are great. I really hope I can make it to Arvikafestivalen (the Arvika festival) this year since she is one of the artists.

Here is Dancing On My Own.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

i scream

Me love ice cream. Very much needed on a sunny day.

Caramel ice cream. Yummy.

man in the speaker box

I almost had to spend the night yesterday at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs where I work. Involuntarily that is.

I stayed a while because I had a few job applications I wanted to send before I left. I come down to the entrance and see that the guard that usually lets you in and out has gone for the day. You can pass by using a card key and personal code but so far I had not had the chance to use it. I slide the card and press in my code but nothing happens. I hear no click suggesting that the door is unlocked. I slide the card once again, and again, and again, and again. Nothing happens.

I am getting a bit anxious at that point, with no one in sight to ask and it is Friday evening and everybody must have left at this point. What do I do?

Then I spot something and can happily exhale. There is a button, I press it and I hear a mans voice. I tell him I cannot get out and he eventually lets me out. Thank you man in the speaker box.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Another reason to the lazy day at work yesterday, I went with S (the other intern) to a questioning at the Riksdag. It was also my first time in the Riksdag, security people everywhere because of the questioning open to the general public.

The members of the Riksdag can ask questions to certain ministers that are attending the questioning. So now I have seen one of the ministers of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ewa Björling who is the Minister for Trade. I liked her, she seemed very sympathetic and gave good answers. At least for the few short minutes we heard her speak. Since the ones asking the questions and the ones answering are only allowed one minute at a time. At least it does not get boring, on the other hand I wished some of the ministers had more time so I could hear them develop their line of reasoning a bit more. Then there was of course those ministers you wished had less than a minute to speak...

Now I am just hoping that there will be a couple more questionings so I get a chance to hear Carl Bildt, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Gunilla Carlsson, the Minister for Development Cooperation. That would be all of the ministers at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

late at work

I stayed at work, on a Friday evening, sunshine outside, applying for jobs. What is wrong with that picture? Everything I guess.

But I am actually not sorry since I found three job ads that sounded really interesting with the application deadline today.

Perhaps a little sorry that I missed the really nice, warm weather. Since the forecast says a gray sky this weekend. How come it is always like that? And why, why did the 25-degrees-clear-blue-sky days come after I start working?

Then on my way home I got some good caesar salad at the bar where mom works. Perfect Friday dinner.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A nice day of work. Perhaps because it was not much of actual work. There was a seminar we could attend, so me and the other intern did. It was a seminar about how the opinion of Swedes changes towards the EU membership. It was quite interesting, but the professor that spoke could have gone deeper into some issues and especially discuss the future more. But even though he was a professor in political science he seemed more like a statistician since he really relied on his data and would not really step out of that comfort zone.

Anyway, it was interesting to hear that the opinion about the EU membership have changed a lot and that we now are very positive against EU. I think we Swedes are starting to feel more and more like Europeans and not only just Swedes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

swedish trade council

The third day of work have passed. Well, not much work these days, I got a bunch of papers from the intern that I have started to look through to get an idea what they actually are talking about during the meetings. Some of it is quite interesting, although I could probably have ended up in a more exciting department. The department I am in is called Planeringstaben and is about planning and administration of the whole Foreign Ministry, both home and abroad.

Still, today was a great day even though I did not do much. I tagged along with the other intern to a visit at the Swedish Trade Council in Stockholm where they presented what they are doing and all kinds of interesting information. Now I really want to work at the Trade Council even more, but like everybody else I guess. At least I got the contact information of the two, so I have someone to harass for a job.

Monday, May 17, 2010

first day at work completed

First day at Utrikesdepartementet (Foreign Ministry) today. Nothing special, just one of those first-day-at-work day. When you get all the key cards, access to the computer, some start-up info, tour of the place, and introduced to the co-workers.

The good thing is that they have a current intern and she will be leaving in two weeks unfortunately, but at least I will have someone to help me in the beginning and introduce me to everything. A big help.

Let's see if I will get something interesting to do, I'm afraid that it can become a little slow. But we will just have to wait and see. At least I have something to do and somewhere to be during the days.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

warm, outside bath

Perhaps another dip in the bath barrel? While the sun is still out and the water is warm. A nice temperature of 30-40 degrees in the water. Mmm...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

while it lasts

Days like these it is just fabulous to live at home. Waking up to a clear blue sky and sunshine I can just put my bikini on right away, head downstairs, grab some breakfast, and head out into the sun. With no neighbors around I can just walk around in a bikini and do not have to care. Today I really have been enjoying every minute of the sun because who knows when you can enjoy a day like this again, especially since I start working on Monday.

Fabulous day, almost 25 degrees.

defying gravity

This is seriously cool.

It is the winner of Best Visual Illusion of the year. The wooden balls are defying gravity!

it is like summer

I woke up to a a clear blue sky, sunshine, and 23 degrees celcius. Finally some really warm weather (for Sweden that is...). Therefore I am taking on my bikini and summer clothes and heading outside to enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, May 14, 2010

fabulously kitschy

I just could not resist myself. Everybody does it these days.

Fabulously kitschy.

I, like many others, am drinking rosé wine now whenever I get the chance. The typical drink to order as soon as the sun appear and you sit with your friends outside at a café or bar. And then writing about it. I am now one of those people. Yesterday I was at home sipping on a glass of rosé wine with dinner.

I also just had to show you the fabulous, kitschy wine glass. Mom's old ones that are adorable. 

covers #3

This  is truly impressive. He makes a cover on Lady Gaga's Paparazzi on his school's talent show. This boy is 12 years old and both play and sings incredibly. He will most definitely have a great career in music.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

flied lice

After Nationalmuseum with E, we were so hungry so we started hunting for a place to eat. Since Kungshallen was closed we ended up at the usual spot, a thai/sushi restaurant at Hötorget that is actually quite nice and decently priced.

Had one of my favorites, fried rice. But unfortunately it is never as good as over there in Asia, even though the cook was probably cooking his native food. Maybe it is just the raw material that is the villain.


Went to Nationalmuseum (National Museum) in Stockholm today, one of the museum I had not been to. Throughout the years I have been to several of all the historical museums in Stockholm with school. But not really any of the art museums. However, what I liked most with Nationalmuseum is not the paintings (too much historical paintings for my taste, I am more in favor of modern art), but the design exhibition called just Design 19002000. Since I have an interest for design of all sorts this was my thing, with plenty of nice Swedish designs.

However, one thing that really caught my attention was the display of busts in the hall they are rebuilding. Normally I assume they display a bust on a pedestal, but due to the remodeling they had put all the busts on this rough, scaffold. I loved it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it is difficult not to

As if I did not have enough of sweets today. Mom brought home some cake from work today. Cake with white chocolate and raspberries, two of my absolute favorites. How can I resist.

restlessness turned into baking frenzy

Being totally restless I started baking. First out I made these spongecake squares with a yummy topping with coconut flakes. Got the recipe from my cousin long time ago and they are really good. The bad thing being that it did not take much time to do them, so I decided to go on. Go on and make a batch of my favorite cookies this time filled with white and milk chocolate.

My 'spongecake squares', lacking a better name.

The ever delicious cookies.

Then my 'dinner' eaten outside in the sun, a salad/salsa made of cantaloupe, cucumber, cottage cheese with the flavor of grilled paprika, and cress.

restless as ever

Really restless today. I was supposed to go to IKEA in Uppsala but postponed it to Friday when mom can tag along. So I am just home doing nothing. The other day I cleaned and organized my room so not much to do there anymore. It is nice weather outside, but too restless to just sit in the lounger. Too restless to read a book.

So what do I do everytime I am bored or restless? It has been a bit of a theme the last couple of weeks.

I bake. So hence I am baking.

And my plan to start eating healthy again goes down the pooper. But I figure I start with that new life when I start working and get a routine going again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

nails, nails, nails

I love my nail polish of the day. It is from Depend (no 167), a cerise color. I love Depend's mini nail polishes, well I love all mini nail polishes, since I then can by many different colors. I have a small basket full of nail polishes, you cannot even imagine. The colors ranges from plain red, light pink, brown to green, blue, yellow. All different kind of shades. I just cannot help it. I love it. Makes any (boring) outfit a little bit interesting.


Went to sister's hair salon today, SACHAJUAN where she is a Junior Stylist a.k.a. trainee. (Book her!) It is perfect with your own stylist that can cut and color your hair to family discount prices. I decided that it was time for something new and wanted to get back to a bit lighter hair color now when the summer is around the corner (or something). Today was the first time ever to bleach my hair and now I am the lightest I have ever been. Not really 'blond' blond at least not compared to sis, but definitely fairer than before.

First time ever to bleach and of course I am all carrot top.
Time for some color.

My hairdresser and me. I feel blond but is no way near sister's color.

The new hair color. Nice for the summer.

Friday, May 7, 2010

+/- zero

I got a few grown-up points on Wednesday when I went to the bank with mom. Mom was there to talk about pension saving and I thought it could be good to listen in since I do not know anything about that and have not started pension saving. Mostly I tagged along since I wanted to hear my options for 'regular' saving since I have my money just sitting in the account earning nothing.

She asked all these difficult questions. How much risk I am willing to take? What the time plan is, when do I need the money? In one year, in three years, in six years? Difficult for me. Since I only know what I will be doing for the next 3-4 months. After the internship I have no clue.

So perhaps the grown-up points evens out since I live at home, I have no permanent employment, and have no clue where and what I will be doing in four months.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today I was sporting my bangs. Usually I have it hidden underneath the rest of the hair but today it was on display all by itself. Sometimes I feel like having bangs for real instead of letting it grow as is the plan most of the times. Then I remember how frustrating it can be. Especially in the summer. In the end I will probably just let it grow. But now it is nice with some variety one day once in a while.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

covers #2

A while back I found this cover on Ke$ha's Tik Tok by Magnus Weideskog. I really like the original song but also fell in love with this cover. Apparently he got some attention abroad since Perez Hilton tweeted about Magnus and his cover of the song.

And just discovered he releazed it as a single, yeay! You can listen to it on Spotify

liquorice mudcake

On Friday I did make a whole lot of sweet stuff. I made the white chocolate panna cotta with mango and also the liquorice mudcake. I got good reviews for both of the desserts. The white chocolate panna cotta was delicious and a perfect dessert. The liquorice mudcake was perfectly 'muddy' or 'sticky' with only 15 minutes in the oven and one day in the fridge.

Yummy liquorice mudcake.

Of course I doubled the amount of the liquorice candies in the recipe for the cake, since I cannot get enough of liquorice. I also added some additional cocoa to make it even more chocolaty. I also found a recipe of the same cake but with the additional ingredient of raspberries. A perfect combo! Liquorice and raspberries.

more colors

I just wanted to say that I bought a pair of flower tights from Lindex the other day that I am absolutely in love with. I love all kinds of patterns and colors. It is funny when I go into a store, my eye always goes to all the colorful clothes or pieces with crazy patterns. I never see the basic black tops or similar. Whereas some friends are totally the opposite. I had trouble some years ago when I realized I did not have a single basic black top in my wardrobe and needed to go shopping for one. One time I ended up going home with a turquoise shirt instead of a white or black one that was goal, but with a table of shirts with all kinds of colors it was apparent that I could not resist.

Monday, May 3, 2010

star struck and neon pink

I was a little bit star struck on Sunday just before the comedy show with Magnus Betnér. We noticed that they were having Humorgalan ('Humor gala') at Berns which is just next door to Chinateatern where we were heading. Humorgalan is a gala shown live on TV to raise money with UNICEF.

There are a few people standing outside and I soon recognize one of them to be Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar. A group I am always cheering on in Melodifestivalen (Eurovision Song Contest).

My sister was mocking me a bit and thought I should go up to him and tell him that I loved his neon pink tie from one of his performances with Alcazar in the competition in 2009. I decided not to make a fool out of myself so I just walked by.

I truly did love his neon pink tie from that performance. And he did not let me down in this years competition when he had an outfit consisting of a black leather jacket and a pair of neon pink jeans.

a little bit of stand-up

This Sunday which just passed it was time to enjoy the birthday gift that I gave to my sister in February. Yeah, I actually got to enjoy it too, since I had bought us tickets to the stand-up comedy show of Magnus Betnér that is touring the country. The first couple of times I saw him on TV I did not like him at all, but then I warmed up and now I really like him.

Magnus Betnér did a great show yesterday at Chinateatern and it was well spent money. It was slow in the beginning but then it started to build up and by the end I laughed my ass off. The time flew by and when they started to light up the theater again I was surprised that more than one and a half hour had passed already. We just wanted to see more of him.

Cute sister.

Magnus Betnér at Chinateatern in Stockholm.