Monday, June 30, 2008

hasta la vista, baby

So I am off to Finland. Soon at least, in six hours my flight leaves. Which means I will have to wake up in about 3-4 hours. Yeay. The same time as yesterday. But I have a car ride of about five hours to look forward to in Finland so I can sleep then.

I will be in the middle of nowhere for about two weeks. With no internet so the blog will die for just a moment. Maybe some revival tries if I get in touch with a computer with internet. This year I am hoping for better weather than last year. We had three days with sunshine last year. Out of 16 days. I am hoping for better odds this summer.

So hasta la vista, baby!

is this for me?

Back home again after the interview with Maersk. It went well, I actually felt that this interview was easier than the first two. There were two guys and one of them was not used to doing interviews I think, seemed insecure about what questions to ask.

Since I read the job description I have had some doubts because it is not something I imagined myself working with. But as the two men said today, the job requires someone with analytical skills and like working with numbers. That would fit me perfectly. Still there is something that does not feel right.

And when they said that they expect me to stay three years I felt that I was already out of the door. Maybe it was naive of me to think I could stay only one or two years with this job and then move on to something more exciting. To give the job three years of my life when I have doubts and trouble imagine myself working with it, does not sound appealing.

Tomorrow I am heading for vacation and I need to give it some serious thought. But the thing is, always when I have to make some tough decisions I never have to think for a long time. Because deep down I always know what I want. You always know what you want, even though you might not want to realize it since it might not feel like the smartest decision.

judgement day

Depending on what impression I make today my future could be set. Maybe I will have a job in a couple of weeks. Do I want it? Well, well. Tired and heading to the airport. My flight leaves at 7 am and I will be there at 6 am. Screw the two hours before departure rule. I am doing the self-service check-in anyways so I will be fine.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Gratulations Spain. You deserved it. Was about time. 44 years.
And you won all the games. Good job.

devil's music

People who said KISS was the music of Satan.

"First Celine Dion and now Hits for Kids - I'm proud of you guys!"

the third interview

Tomorrow is the day. The day time for the third and final interview for Maersk in Copenhagen. Luckily I have not really been nervous, I rarely are and have also been busy with packing and other stuff. I will be flying down to Copenhagen and then back in the afternoon to arrive at 3.30 pm and we have to be at the ferry to Finland at 4 pm. The choices was to either take a cab or fly to Helsinki on Tuesday morning. The thing is that the cab will be more expensive than the flight so I will just fly there.

Anywho, I will do good on the interview. I will just be myself and take it as it comes. As I usually do. It is interesting how I am starting to doubt it all again, just because of the day in Stockholm. If it is in fact a trainee position I will be offered I will take it, no question. However, if it is just a regular job I am not so sure. Then it demands some thinking through.

Honestly, right now at this moment I am not sure of what I am hoping for. A trainee position or a normal job. Since the normal job would be 'easier' to turn down. All because I want to stay in Stockholm at the moment. One more thing to mess up my mind.

But that is just another worry for the future. Now I will just do the interview and see what happens. One day at a time.

how i love stockholm

I headed to Stockholm yesterday. I took the subway to Medborgarplatsen on Söder and when I came up to the street this feeling hit me. It was almost overwhelming. I felt it in my heart how much I love Stockholm. It is difficult to explain unless you have not felt it yourself about a city. The only cities I have felt this way for is Stockholm and New York. They have a special place in my heart. So when I got up from the subway I felt this satisfaction about being in Stockholm. Then of course I wondered if I had made the right decision to apply for M in Copenhagen. Since I would like to live in Stockholm for a while. I have thought about it before and if I get a job now with M I will of course take it. Otherwise I will probably apply for jobs in Stockholm.

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

Of course I had to eat lunch at Sandy's. My favorite chicken curry sub!

I got some shopping done. Not that much money was spent. Well, I bought two pair of shoes but then I did some second hand shopping that was not that expensive. And I found exactly what I wanted for a low price, that is perfect :)

Friday, June 27, 2008


Never got a phone call. But did receive an email from the woman I talked to yesterday. I think there was some mix up. So the man I had emailed with and the woman I talked to about interviews, may in fact be the same interview. Because I have now only one interview. When the woman called I thought I heard her talking about the trainee program. So either it is the trainee program and my first position would be as a financial controller, or it is just a normal job. I will just wait and see to let them tell me on Monday what I am actually considered for. Kind of confusing.

not a fan of waiting

I am not a fan of waiting. Maybe that together with me being restless makes it much more frustrating. Right now I am waiting for that phone call from the Maersk. Which should not really bother me since I got the interview and they just need to call to confirm the time. I am also waiting for the damn post to come. I want my books I ordered! All seven of them, so I might become less restless when starting reading.

But waiting for a couple of days or hours is nothing compared to the worst waiting I have gone through. About 3 years ago when I started having problems with my back. I knew I probably had to go through another surgery but it took the damn doctors almost one year before I actually got a time for the surgery. I hated the uncertainty and waiting. I had many downs and lows during that time.

So I think I will be fine with this waiting.


Getting a little bit nervous about the two interviews at Maersk. This is it. The final interviews. With the managers and all. Who have the final saying.

On the other hand, what can I do? It has been going well so far so apparently I have something that they like. I can only be myself and hope that they appreciate who I am. Otherwise it was not meant to be I guess.

two third interviews

By they way. Just when we were about to leave the park and head to the car today my cell started ringing. The display showed a phone number that I do not have on my phone. Then I realized it was a phone number with the country code of 45. Someone from Denmark is calling me.

I answer and a woman tells me that they want me to come for an interview for the finance trainee program at Maersk that I first applied for. Yeay :). So maybe I will have two interviews on Monday, she will get back to me tomorrow when she have checked with the manager. I got so happy and started making random jumps and shouts of joy. That is the one I want. Well, I think so. I am not sure what the trainee position entails but I will of course get more information during the interview.

So two third interviews. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

sushi picninc

Finally a warm day. Have not had one of those in a while. Such a perfect timing then when meeting up with A for lunch in the park. A meeting not overdue. Have not seen each other since the Christmas holiday. Hopefully we will get to meet up at least a couple of times this summer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

officially done!

Now I am done for sure. All my grades are in.

And I got an A for my master thesis! Yeay! I put in so much work in it and now I got my reward. Well, that and a good thesis. The interesting part though, is that I got an E on my bachelor thesis. A very large span between the two theses. However, it has its explanations. Since we did not finish it before heading abroad and then just wanted to get it over with. The bachelor thesis I cannot say I am proud of, just something we had to do.

But the master thesis on the other hand I am proud of. And now it is published for everybody to see. Feels good. If anyone actually would like to see it, it can be found here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

two hours in the sauna

Again one of those doing-nothing-days. It is nice. But starting to get restless. That is why I started taking bike rides every day. Well that and I want to try to get a little bit fitter, i.e. lose some weight. Annoying though that there was headwind, even downhill when you would prefer tailwind.

After that I decided to light up the sauna since it was a little bit chilly. Of course I fell asleep in the sauna like I always do. I love the heat and it is so relaxing.

Now I just hope that the weather will get better so I can enjoy the heat outside. And get a tan.

midsummer in pictures

Midsummer started with an totally empty airport. Only three flights were leaving in the afternoon, mine and two others. We had a lovely midsummer dinner with a great view over the lake.

The next day I stayed with M&J and we went to Universeum and saw all the animals and fooled around with all the kids. We also stayed for the quiz at 15 o'clock with the kids, 'guess the penis' haha.

how to decide?

So I got an email from the company today. The girl that had my second interview had sent my application to this guy that emailed me regarding a position as a Financial Controller at Maersk. Which means that I made a good impression on the second interview. However, a position as a Financial Controller is not really what I have been seeing myself working with. Reading his email a couple of times it started sounding more interesting. So I did send him an email telling that I was interested. But now I am starting to doubt again. It is not really a job that I am jumping up and down and cheering of joy for. On the other hand it might be a good first job. If I get my foot into the company it will be much easier later. Then again, can I see myself working with this for one or two years before getting ahead? It might as well be difficult to steer away from this path if I start walking on it.

Deep down inside I know what my decision is. Then again there are those doubts. Can I really turn down a job? If I go for another interview and get more information about the job it might seem like a good job. And it did sound a little bit interesting. But how can I decide when I do not really know what I want to work with? It is not like I have a valid reason to turn it down, except my gut feeling. Is that enough?

first time

My first visit to Gothenburg was nice. I had a good time with my friends that I already had said goodbye too. But there we were once again. A lot of good food and some snaps. A nice evening. The next day I got to see some of Gothenburg, but the city was very quiet and not many people out. Which made the city feels so small and quiet, probably a little bit different from how it normally is. So I should maybe go there another time to let the city make a better impression on me.

Friday, June 20, 2008

happy midsummer!

Happy midsummer everybody! I am heading to Gothenburg real soon. For the first time in my life actually. Never been to Gothenburg so this will be the first. I will have a nice midsummer and as always we cross our fingers that it will not rain. Usually with no luck. I am sure it will rain this midsummer as well just to keep the tradition alive.
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

stereotypes of americans

I have been watching Eurotrip. The movie with the tagline 'No actual Europeans were harmed in the making of this film'. I like it, even though it is kind of stupid. I guess that is why it is so funny. It is not really making fun of Europeans, it is making fun of Americans. The first time I watched it was when I was living in the US, hilarious when you have some experience about what Americans actually think about Europeans. All the typical stereotypes and preconceptions Americans have about Europeans. Sometimes maybe a little bit exaggerated, but sometimes so very true. I have even experienced some of them. It is interesting that some Americans can in fact be that ignorant.

And I like the soundtrack, the song named 'Scotty Doesn't Know'. When Matt Damon do a guest appearance as the singer. Hilarious.

enjoying the freedom

Now I am enjoying my freedom. I even have the whole house all by myself since my sister and parents left for their midsummer celebrations. I am leaving tomorrow so I got another day of just relaxing in an empty house. I had to have a celebration dinner. And what is better than sushi. :) Picked it up in Märsta and it was really good sushi so I was happy. When I got home I noticed I had visitors, some pheasants running in front of the house. That is the countryside for you.

I am not totally alone. My kitty Sara is keeping me company, purring next to me.

Celebrations continue with some good drinks. Mommy bartender is good to have. Of course I made my favorite drink Cosmopolitan. A quite nice evening with just chilling in front of the TV.

yeah baby!

I'm free, I'm free!
Four years of university is finally over. I passed my last exam ever, which I even got a B in to my surprise. Now I also got a okay from my tutor about the thesis. So it is all over and done with. Unfortunately I probably will not be able to get in the grade before the summer. I think I will have to wait until fall but I do not really care at this point. I am just glad I am done!

Now it is time for some celebrations. I started it with a cider and watching Friends. The celebrations will continue this weekend with Midsummer and all. It will be great.

For the moment I will just skip the worries about the future and the fact that I am done with school. Which is kind of scary. Now I will just focus on being unemployed and living with my parents. And enjoying the summer and the free time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

stockholm girls

Remember reading a while ago about Stockholm being the number one, or at least top three, greenest city in the world. Now there is a more important rating out. The women of Stockholm is the most beautiful in the world. As if that would be something new. It is the American magazine Traveler's Digest that has made this survey.

"Stockholm is a city filled with the best looking women in the world, women so good looking that when you walk in to a 7-11 you will swear that you have just walked into a reality TV set, What Happens When Supermodels Work at A Convenience Store?"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

obstacles before the finish line

So I managed to find some energy in the end. After some sleep and food I was prepared to start writing. With some candy next to me giving me a sugar kick when needed. I was up until 2.30 am writing to get most of it done to send to my tutor hoping that he can read it through as soon as possible. Boy did I fool myself once again. Of course he had a paper to write and the earliest he can read my thesis through is on Thursday. The last day for me to send it in if I want to have it published before the summer. The database where our theses are published will close for the summer due to upgrading and will open in fall again. Yeay, such good news. And since the people on the 4th floor, dealing with the publishing, are so 'helpful' and 'accommodating' I am not hopeful that they will be fast enough to publish it even if I hand it in on Thursday. I guess I will not be able to get my grade until fall. I do not now if it really matters unless employers really do ask for the grades. Well, well. If I do get a job at M I do not really have to worry since they do not ask for grades. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Motivation, please

I am in need of some.
I am so close to the finish line and cannot seem to gather enough energy to cross it. I am going to watch TV for a while and hopefully in an hour I will have some motivation. Motivation to finish the thesis. Please, a few hours of efficient work is all I need.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

unleash hell

I like it :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

goodbye jönköping

So today was all about packing the last stuff, carrying, and cleaning. Was like it never would end, but gladly it did. And it was good that dad did not bring anyone else to help moving. Because we would not have fit in another person in the car. The whole car was stuffed as you can see. Only two seats free in the front.

Also the trailer was stuffed. I am happy that I had such a small apartment, otherwise it would have been a lot more crap to take care of.

Goodbye my dear apartment. The second red door from the left at the top. Going to miss it even though it was only 27 square meters. But it was all mine. I could be messy without someone caring. I could stay up late. Or sleep in. Eat whatever or whenever I wanted. I hope I will have my own place soon again.

Goodbye neighbors. Goodbye town. See you in November for a weekend for the graduation ceremony.

Friday, June 13, 2008

leaving for good

Today has been all about packing. And packing. And packing. And so boring. Tomorrow will be all about carrying. And carrying. And carrying. So exhausting.

Now I actually dare to show pictures of my messy apartment. Since it is justified because I am moving.

Quite some mess. And now it is even more messier since more have been packed since dad brought more bags and cardboard boxes.

I packed all of my shoes in this big, blue IKEA bag. Honestly, I even have a few more shoes in the attic...

second interview

About that interview. I flew down on Monday to Copenhagen for my second interview at Maersk. Of course the flight got delayed and I had to wait for the baggage to arrive. I had two hour planned from arrival until the interview, but then I also had to take the train to the city center, drop of my bag at the storage at the central station, and then head to Maersk headquarter. Finally I got there with 15 minutes to spare, so that felt good.

They headquarter looks very strict and posh. I got surprised about what some people wore, since I had the picture that the dress code was kind of strict. But some wore simple sandals and some very casual summer clothes.

A woman came and picked me up and we went upstairs and I had to do another logical test. It went ok, about the same results as last time just a little bit better. I think I got questions right 30 out of 32 answered of the 50 questions in total in 12 minutes.

Then it was time for the interview and this time it was more focus on my qualifications, different experiences, how I handled some situations. Then I also got the question about what I think I will be working with in 10 years. How can I possibly know that since I do not know what I want to do now? Of course they also asked what I like to do now. I tried to ask, what I would like to do now is some analytical work. However, the interview felt good and I was able to answer the questions good I think.

Although, now when a few days has passed I do not feel as secure as I did after the interview. Now I start doubting myself and the answers I gave her. I told her I wanted to do analytical work and maybe I should have said something else as well. She told me that I was considered for a spot in the financial trainee program they have, or maybe another position if I would fit into that instead. So I guess I just have to wait and see now. Two weeks, or almost one now, until I know if I will be spending my next two years in Copenhagen. I want to move there! Please, please let me have it.

champagne breakfast

We came up with the great idea to have a champagne breakfast. Some bread, brie, and fruits.

And most importantly some sparkling wine. Yeah we cannot really afford real champagne.

The whole gang came along and we had a good time. Discussing where we will be in ten years. We will see if it holds true.

Since we still had some sparkling wine left we decided to end the day like we started it. Some more wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate. Yummy.


Since I have not really been present here I think it is time for a recap. Last week we had a nice goodbye dinner at Anna Gretas eating tapas, really good.

Then we stopped by L and had some wine and just chilling.

Then it was time to head home to my sister's high school graduation. She looked really pretty in her pink polka dot dress.

My sister and I.

Here's my family, me, my sister's friend, mom, dad, my sister, and her boyfriend.

We had some great warm weather and I could lie outside in the sun. And then jump into our 'bath barrel' or what it might be called in English. You heat the water up by making a fire. It was still hot from the night before, so it was 35 degrees and it was perfect. Warm enough for me.

Then of course I had to prepare for the second interview at Maersk in Copenhagen.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the last dinner

Been kind of off last couple of days. I always stop writing when I have much going on or things I do not really want to think about. Sometimes I just stop, I guess I can just push it all forward for a while. Of course it all catches up with you.

Now I have started packing. I am moving out of my dear old apartment on Saturday and dad comes tomorrow to help. My dear apartment, we had three lovely years together. Although I was away for 9 months when I was abroad.

So to enjoy my last dinner by myself in my apartment I had to have sushi. And to honor the day it was the best sushi I have had from the new Sushi Bar. So good. Of course enjoyed with a glass of wine.

Time to continue packing...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

going abroad

Tomorrow it is time for the second interview for the trainee program at Maersk. I will be flying to Copenhagen from Stockholm since that will be much cheaper for me than taking the train. Mom working for SAS is just great. I think I am prepared. We will see. At least I have got a suit now. I found one really nice from Esprit, a brown modern one. Not the typical black since I do not really like that.

Cross your fingers for me!

rinky tinky tinky

One of my favorite Disney movies when I was younger. And the song 'Everybody wants to be a cat' ('Alla snubbar vill ju vara katt'), is of course the best song. My sister and I watched the movie over and over again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

post-university syndrome

Is there such a thing? Now there is. I have just been home at my parents house for three hours and all these thoughts are starting to pop up in my mind. Basically going like this: noooooo... And at the same time I just want to be finish with the last assignments and have summer holiday. Little bit conflicting. I do not want to grow up and get serious. Do I have to? Well, I will just take on day at a time and hopefully I will figure it all out.

overheard in new york

Little boy looking on ground while holding toy: Have you seen the golden screw?
Nanny: Oh honey, we're all looking for that.

--Central Park

i want more!

...of Grey's Anatomy. Have to wait until September 9, 2008.
Soo long! Damn it...

Monday, June 2, 2008

the end?

Watched the last episode of Scrubs tonight. So sad. Then of course I had to Google it and read if it actually was the last episode since they only aired 11 episodes in season 7 because of the strike. To my delight I read that there is supposed to come a season 8, we have to wait and see. I did read it on Wikipedia. But it sounded true and I am waiting for some new episodes.

celebration and comfort from subway

Went to town to buy some things and get my mind of things. And stopped by at Subway on my way home to buy a sub and of course a lovely cookie. A combination of celebration and comfort dinner for having presented my thesis but still having a lot left to do on it.

Now I have finally called a girl I met that is just finishing her trainee program with Maersk. Got some tips for the second interview and some other things. It felt good to talk to someone who is already in and get information. It is likely that I have to do another logic test and answer questions about my qualities and such. Have to get prepared.

i love my tutor

My dear tutors. Don't you just love them. Well, especially one of them. I still have some work to do on my thesis, 'not anything difficult it will just be time consuming' as he said. Lovely, just what I need. It is not that they have comments, I knew they would. But to give me those comments today after my presentation when he could have done it a lot earlier. However, that would require the effort of actually open all oh my emails I have sent and read through the analysis.

So I cannot really be happy about the presentation being over and done with. I still have some work cut out for me. I agree on many of his comments, it is just the fact that my tutors have not been available the last couple of weeks and have not taken the time to read through my damn paper.

I am letting it go. I am taking the evening off and heading out to town.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

d-day tomorrow

I cannot explain the great feeling I had waking up on Saturday. A day without having to go to school. I could just wake up at my own pace just take it easy. I do not even remember a day not having to go to school. But now it is time to focus again since I have the presentation of my master thesis tomorrow. Nice to get it over with, but I have no motivation. Been working on my presentation today but got no motivation. I am really close to the finish line now so cannot give up just yet. I hope my opponent and tutors mostly have good things to say.

The exam by the way, I hope I did well enough to pass. But of course the questions that I did not know that well came. I answered everything however, so if they are nice when correcting and I still get some points I should survive it. Crossing my fingers.

perfect weekend

What a great weekend. Long time ago since I had a weekend this nice and relaxed. It started straight after the exam on Friday, we went for lunch at a nice restaurant and then sat down at the pier with the largest cup of soft ice cream enjoying the sunshine.

It continued at home with a glass of wine and strawberries, does not get better than that.
The evening ended with going to the movies and watching the new Indiana Jones movie. What a lousy movie! Must be top ten of worst movies I have ever seen. Aliens? What?

The rest of the weekend continued in this lovely way. The weather was great and both days were spent on the beach. A lot of people did the same and some even got into the water. But not me, I do not really like when the water is colder than 25 degrees.
Saturday ended in typical Swedish summer style, a barbecue at my friends house. A great dinner outside in the garden with grilled skewers.