Thursday, November 17, 2011


I just feel like screaming. Seriously. Need to get some frustration out. So hence I turn here.

Oh my. People at this workplace. I cannot get my head around it. There is a mentality to take care of yourself and screw the rest. Copy in the boss in every email when you do not get your way.

Thankfully the most annoying people are located in Norway so I do not have to deal with them here at the office. Just through email. Which is plenty, I assure you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fun day at the office

Today I feel like: blah...

All thanks to the job and worklplace. The job itself is usually quite ok, but the workplace is not the most optimal and I am happy that it is temporary. Perhaps it has been a bit more calm at work the last few days and hence the 'blah' feelings.

And the restlessness that peak through every now and then when there is a little bit too much free time. That together with the fact that I am waiting to hear about a job that seems so very interesting.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

worst recruiter?

You know the fastest response ever?

That email only said "When can we talk over the phone?" Nothing like "Hi Carin", "Thanks for your application" or any other pleasantries. Was not sure what to think of that, I think you should always appear polite when dealing with formal emails. I email back and ask when it is suitable to have the phone interview.

I do not hear from him for one and a half week, then he calls me out of the blue one afternoon without giving a heads up. I did not answer as I was not in the best position to do so. I email him back to schedule a talk. I ask again when it is suitable. He answers "Anytime.". No "Hi" nor a "Regards xxx".

I email back, always with "Hi xxx" and "Best regards, Carin", suggesting 1 pm. Even though he said "Anytime." he emails back and wants to push it to 2 pm. Fine with me. At said time I leave the office and waiting for the call. I wait until 2.15 pm. No call. No email.

I email. He answers with a "Sorry" and that he was delayed. Why not send a short text or email?

We finally manage to get a phone call the next day. He starts telling a bit about the company and the position. He says that he thinks I have a very interesting profile. He also mentions that there are several other vacant positions if I wish to have my CV passed on to those people. Sure he could do that. Then it sounds like he tries to end the conversation and I barely get to stick in another question, asking if that means that I will or will not be in the race for the job I applied for. He then explains that there are other applicants with a better background.

So what? We have gone through all this problem to schedule a phone conversation for a job that I am not even in the race for? Why could you not have written an email saying that? I did not even get the chance to talk about myself or my experiences. You were not even nice and inviting in the emails making me want to work for the company!

When dealing with possibly future employees you better appear nice and inviting. Otherwise you should just stick to your working tasks and not be part of the recruting.

Just FYI.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 11.11

That's how much fun I'm having at work.