Tuesday, January 26, 2010

to the movies

I did go to the movies this weekend. So I actually got out of the house. Went with sis and her dude to see Sherlock Holmes. A few minutes into the movie, I think that the actor playing Dr. Watson looks familiar. Then I realize, after seeing him again, that it is Jude Law. I did not know he would be in it, a nice surprise. Although it does not show him at his best, and that is in regard to his good looks and not his acting skills. He has a mustache and short hair. But I love him anyways as you know.

I liked the movie. I like Robert Downey Jr as well, he caught my eye for real in Ally McBeal. I like these movies that are a bit like a riddle and mysterious when it comes to crimes.


A week has passed. I did write a post one late night a week ago but the next day I took it away, not sure if you got to read it. I wrote it late at night with all these thoughts in my head and needed to get it out. But in the morning I did not feel like having all of that out there.

I got once again in one of those bad moods. Which caused me to close off and just do even less than I have. I spent most of the days just watching movies. As you can tell by all the posts regarding movies that I actually posted.

Now I think I am back and kicking again. At least I feel a bit good about today. I applied for three jobs today. Hopefully I am getting started again and do not have to have this weight over my shoulders, the bad conscience for not doing anything.

There was one job that would suit me well I think. The funny thing is that it is in Oslo. Last summer after loosing my job my friends said just that, that it is time for Oslo and then I have tried all the capitals here up north, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and then Oslo. Of course I wish to end up somewhere more south, but I am keeping an open mind.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the tooth haunts me

It totally blows. I found out in the fall that I have to do some kind of surgery on my front tooth I broke in gym class when I was young. You see, sports are dangerous and no good for you! Anyway, I got this porcelain tooth when I was 18 and thought it was all good.

In December I went to the dentist for a check-up which I had not done since 2004 or 2005. Then he discovers that there is an inflammation in the root of the tooth and something has to be done about it. Great. I thought it would be all over with that.

So today I call my insurance company to see if it will be covered by the insurance, I was not really all that hopeful since my dentist said the insurance company sometimes sees the case closed after a porcelain tooth is put on. Now that was not true with my insurance company. But I found out that they had a stop date for my case. That stop date was when I turned 25.

I curse myself. Why did I not go earlier to the dentist could have discovered this inflammation? I had five years to go to the dentist. Ok, the inflammation might have appeared recently, but not so recent.

Dammit. Now I have to pay it all myself. It will not be cheap.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

musical day

Then came another rerun of the movie August Rush. I always seem to have a special eye for musical movies. Where the music is a large part of the story itself or if the soundtrack of the movie is great in itself. Here they worked hard to let the music tell the story and move you. Of course it is one of those movies were you can see in the beginning where it will end. But I do not care the slightest.

My favorite song form the movie is Moondance. It is a beautiful song.

I like the movie. Of course it does not hurt to have a Jonathan Rhys Meyers in it. Handsome. And he sings too! In the song Moondance but also several other songs in the movie, like in Bach/Break.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

my blueberry nights

Having a bit of a movie day/night here since I do not really have energy for much else. I might have caught something again, even though I was sick less than a month ago.

It seems to be the day for old favorites. During the day I watched Almost Famous which is one of those classics. It is just a really nice movie with good music.

Last night I started watching My Blueberry Nights but was too tired to finish it, so watched the second half just now. It is probably a movie not many have heard of. I stumbled across it perhaps a year ago looking through the movies of Jude Law. He is kind of a favorite (which you might have noticed, if someone out there reading followed me from the start way back when) since he is so gorgeous.

It is not one of those 'best ever' movies, but it has something that got me stuck. If someone asks me about a favorite movie it would not be this one, because it is not one of those movie that first appear in my head. It is always one of those well known, great movies that appear, for me, it is always The Shawshank Redemption. But My Blueberry Nights has something that always make me watch it again when I come across it again.

It is beautifully made and it is all the small things in the movie that I like. The narrative voices of Jude Law and Norah Jones. How he decided to shoot the scenes, the angles and use of slow motion. It is difficult for me to describe not being in that field of business. Watch it and you will understand.

Let's see what the next movie will be.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

always the number one

I have had a Friends marathon until now. Now it is over. I watched the last episode today and got a bit teary-eyed as usual and especially during the last scene. You really feel that the last episode is final. The friends are all crying and sad to leave the apartment, but you could also imagine that it is teary-eyes since it is the last episode. The camera scans over the empty apartment and shows the keys left on the counter and then shows the frame on the door. The last thing we will ever see from Friends.

Unless we watch the reruns and dvd's over, and over, and over, and over again as I do.

I remember when I saw the last episode of Friends, I actually had the opportunity to watch it in real time or what to call it. I was in USA at that point and watched it on TV gathered with my Friends. It was a good last episode. Friends is my all time favorite TV show. I seriously doubt that any show can kick it off from its number one spot on my list.

to the earthquake victims of haiti

Today my thoughts go to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. We know that the situation is bad but it will take some time until it is clear how big the impact of the natural disaster really is. The world has gotten better at predicting natural disasters and therefore preventing the impact of them on societies. The problem with earthquakes however, is that there is no way to really predict them. That is why it is very important with the immediate response of aid actions after it happens. Since Haiti is an already troubled and poor country they rely on the international society to help. Hopefully the countries have learned from previous natural disasters and have a better plan now to act swiftly.
I got an email today from Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders/Läkare Utan Gränser with an update about the situation in Haiti. I got this email since I have a standing, monthly donation to the organization and have had for years. Even so I decided to give another 100 SEK (10 Euros) to their emergency fund because it is such a small amount for me, but makes a difference for them. It is the least I can do.

I hope that more people will take action and just give a little something and not just read about it and then continue with their normal, easy lives. If donating to the Swedish organization of MSF, you can give as little as 25 SEK, just skip the next bag of candy or soda and you are even. Or just pick another organization of your choice that suits you better. 

For Sweden, I know we will never get close to the amounts donated after the tsunami in 2004. It is ridiculous that people of your own nationality have to be affected in order to give you sympathy enough to donate. I hope you could prove me wrong.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

it can never get too warm

I am in love with the stand-alone, electric radiator I have in my room. The house is quite cold these days since it is so many degrees below zero. And I am know to always be freezing. The standard reply I get when I say I am freezing is: 'But you are from Sweden?!'. Getting quite annoyed at the fact that I always have to defend it or that people are questioning that I am always cold. Below 22 degrees Celcius is cold for me and I am having 23-24 degrees in my room right now. I am sure that is the temperature it has been in all my apartments. It is the perfect temperature. For me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

girls night out

This weekend L was in town for some fun. We kicked up our heels and painted the town red. Or just plainly had a lot of fun and great party. We partied all night long which started with just us three at E's place chatting and gossiping. A memorable night with the girls in many ways. Sunday was just spent lazying around in E's apartment since we were all rather beat and tired.

Also a lot of photos were taken to remember the night. There were many more, but let's just say that they will never appear online. I had a lot of fun girls. Let's have another one soon again.

Friday, January 8, 2010

something sweet

The first time I had pecan pie when we celebrated Christmas in Florida with some friends to the family year 2000. It is so delicious and I made one myself after we got back to Sweden again. So I guess it was time again and I wanted to bake something delicious to eat after sister's show.

So yummy you cannot believe! You wish you could have to pieces but it is really sweet and heavy so you only manage to fill your stomach with a small piece. And of course some whipped cream to that. (What was it I decided about sweets now again?...)

Pecan must be the favorite nut. I also always seem to choose the ice cream flavors with pecan nuts in it.

a hair rising evening

(I know, that headline is almost awful...) Sister had a show tonight showing what they have accomplished during this semester training to becoming hairdressers/stylists. It was nicely done and cool to see all kinds of hair styles and hairdos. She has found something to do that she enjoys and that is the most important thing. Of course she is good at it too.

All students had one person which hair they cut and styled. Sister had A to the far right. They had different groups with music genres as a theme, this one was synth. 

Here we have? Disco of course, with all the cute and colorful outfits.

Here a sneak photo of sis. You did great love!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hanging out with ben and jerry

I have decided to stay away from sweets and stuff for a while since it feels like it has been a lot the last couple of months. I kind of got into bad habits after I lost my job and enjoyed the summer and everything else with that. It would be nice to be able to ware all my clothes again.

Tonight I had some ice cream, have to be able to enjoy something. The best kind: Ben & Jerry's. This time I decided to try another flavor since I otherwise always buy the cookie dough one.

Although the ice cream is filled with all kinds of chocolate chips and stuff. Maybe I should just work towards 'beach 2010' instead. That gives me a few months.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

over and over and over

This is tiring. I have a list of 80 recruitment firms and have now gone through half of them and registered online where possible. It feels really annoying to fill in all these forms at every site for the same things. Personal information, work experience, education, language skills, other merits etc. I have been doing this for four hours now. Think I need to switch to something else know. Find some interesting ads perhaps.

i want water

Today we have no water. Something might be broken. It might have frozen.Which might be likely since it was -20 degrees at 10 a.m. and hence a lot colder during night.

So of course when I am in the kitchen thinking about what I want for breakfast, it all requires water. Porridge. Tea. Suddenly I am very thirsty for a glass of water. And I want to wash my hands. And I really want to brush my teeth.

Good thing that I am not going anywhere. Because my hair looks like crap and need a shower.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the modern kitchen

What do you think of our new stove? Or 'stove' might be to stretch it, I guess 'hotplate' is a more appropriate word. It is remodeling going on here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sitting on the subway realizing I was late for a lunch with J and wanted to let him know. Another realization was that my cellphone was not in my jacket pocket anymore. The only place I could have dropped it was on the way from E's flat to the subway station. Typically I slipped on the icy road and probably when the phone was lost.

Desperately trying to call it and even went back to look for it. I wished for a friendly soul out there in Hammarbyhöjden. But no such luck. The phone was later turned off.  It sucks. I bought it only half a year ago.

I liked my phone. And now it is gone. And not because of some drunken New Year's Eve behavior.