Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just a little bit of shopping

Mom had a day off and needed to do some shopping so I tagged along as company and I was happy to get out of the house and do something else. I had no real intention of buying anything. But of course, on a day like that when you are not looking for anything special you find all those things you did not know you wanted.

I have for a long time been thinking about buying a pair of shoes but did not know what I wanted, of course I found them today. I found a black and white cardigan I did not need but with 25% discount I had trouble resisting. I found that black scarf for winter I have been wanting but never found. I found a top with the greatest pattern and of course could not resist as I love patterns. I bought a pair of cozy, warm slippers as the days are getting too cold for my feet to bear and I needed a new pair. Even though I have the most gorgeous wallet from Svenskt Tenn I found a one with golden paisley pattern and could not walk away as it was really cheap. And last but not least, of course I got not finish the day without a nail polish and finally bought the Isa Dora graffiti nail polish.

Yeah, not the cheapest day. I need an income.

Monday, September 27, 2010

a night at the boat

What a night. Had some dinner yesterday with some friends and after some wining and dining we were ready for a night on town. However, trying to get into Berns was a no go. On a weekend when everybody got their pay, being there a little bit late, not being a regular known by the door men, not being on the guest list, and with door men on a power trip it was doomed.

So we ended up going to Patricia, the club on the boat. My first time there and despite all the rumors and stories we had a great night. A great night that led to an after party and me sleeping in a sofa together with three other people. Not so comfortable. I wish I had had an apartment in the city so I could have gone home at an earlier hour and get a few more hours of sleep in my comfortable bed.

But it was a fun night for which I am paying for today being all messed up and tired. But at least I do not have a job I need to go to on Monday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

tomato and mozzarella salad

My light dinner today. Love these kind of easy but tasty salads. Made it the other week as well and have been craving it since then. Unfortunately we did not have fresh basil at home today so I had to do with frozen basil today.

Just some sliced plum tomatoes alternated with mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and flaky salt sprinkled on top.

daim cookies

Another day waking up feeling a bit bored. And of course that cannot be cured with sitting the whole day applying for jobs so what do I do? You might know the answer by now.

I decided to bake some American style cookies, my favorites.

Half containing Dumle and milk chocolate and the other half with Daim, two different style of caramel cookies. But I actually think I had to much of all the chocolate in the dough and might try a little less next time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

chocolate balls

I made these the other day. My absolute favorite recipe of chocolate balls. Much better than the normal recipe. I used to make them all the time when I was a kid and it was ages since last time. Last week I just got a craving for them.

Chocolate balls
Mix all dry ingredients, 6 dl oatmeal, 1/2 dl coconut flakes, 1 3/4 dl sugar, 1/2 tbsp vanilla sugar, 4 tbsp O'boy (chocolate milk-powder), in a food processor/mixer. Mix in 200g butter and 3/4 dl milk until a smooth mixture. Refrigerate until the mixture is cool and easier to handle. Shape into balls and roll in coconut flakes.

Deliciously simple.


Tried another cider the other day, Herrljunga Höstcider. Which I really like, an apple cider flavored with cranberry. I good combination I must say and of course I love cranberry. But of course there is something wrong with it, it is an 'fall' cider and will hence only be sold during fall. Bummer.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

that spiral again

Some quiet time for me. Except on Saturday when I spent the day and night with some cousins I have not seen for one and two years it has been quiet here. I guess I was in that downward sloping spiral for some days. I did not feel like doing anything and was frustrating about the jobs I am not getting. Of course I got a really bad conscience as I have not applied for any jobs and a few jobs where the deadline passed without any applications sent.

But today I slow started again and sent out six applications. Perhaps that could be seen as a good start but I have a whole list of jobs I could applied for and I also need to check the new listings. So I have things to do. But at least I got started again so now I can feel a bit better with a little bit less weight on my shoulders.

Friday, September 17, 2010

we no speak americano

This is insane. Insanely cool.
I am impressed.


Before and after. A lot of dishes now that needs to be cleaned up. The worst part of baking. I decided to make an old classic and that I made as a kid and a new classic that I kind of failed with the first try but not this time. Some comfort food for tonight.


Damn. This is becoming really frustrating. I got a call back from the job I interviewed for and they went with the other girl. I have been among the last couple of people in several processes now and no positive news in the end for me. I was hoping for that one.

Better luck next time I guess.

Now I just need to get out of my own head and do something. And what do I always do when I need to do that or I am bored?


Or perhaps just watch some more Scrubs.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

it's guy love, between two guys

Just watching a little bit of Scrubs. I am on season six of the Scrubs rerun here in my room. One of my favorite episodes just finished and it is the episode called My Musical of season six.

dentist and candy

Had a check-up on my tooth yesterday in Uppsala (it all looked good). And what did I do after that? I could not resist going into the candy store we passed on the way to the car. So the dentist and then the candy store. But I do love the self-pick candy and it is hard to resist. I came out of the store with only salty and liquorice candies of course.

I also stopped by Systembolaget to buy some more sweet stuff. Cider. Wanted to try some new ones out, well at least new to me. The first one out was the Xide with the flavor of rhubarb and pomegranate. Two flavors I really like but the drink itself was not good. Tasted so artificial.

bacon pie

I am proud of the pie I made for dinner today. A pie containing bacon, cheese, red onion, garlic (of course), and chopped fresh basil, the standard cream and eggs. Topped with shredded parmesan at the very end.  Really nice.

Bacon and cheese pie, with garlic and fresh basil.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

good odds

Today I talked with the girl from the recruitment firm I met with for an interview last week. I also met with the company the day after and I think the interview went well. They seemed like really nice people and joked and laughed a lot and made me feel really comfortable. It was a nice interview.

Anyway, the girl from the recruitment firm said that the company still has to take a fem more days to think and make up their minds. They are not sure how to form the new job and the tasks and might consider hiring one or even two.

Apparently they only had one more person that they had interviewed so that is good news. I am one out of two. Good odds. Hopefully I will know more soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

speedy interview

Had that planned interview today with the company without a homepage. A different interview. I guess it was some kind of a boss that held the interview and he had not read any of the applications. And it was like speed interviewing. I was there for 20 minutes and had to tell my story, the whole story since he had not read my application. Then he asked some questions, but only if I was good at Excel, Powerpoint, and weather I would be thorough or fast when doing things. I got one question to ask basically and got like a one minute (or perhaps two) description of what the company does.

Then I was out. There was a girl coming out of the room when I was sitting waiting for my interview, and when I came out there were two more girls waiting. Definitely speed interviewing.

He would get back to me during the week for a second interview. And what I guess would be a more thorough interview. I am not sure if I make it to the next step as I have not studied marketing. We will see.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

no customs

I have an interview tomorrow. It is for an administrative job at the Swedish Customs. I am going for the interview but kind of with the notion that I do not want the job. This since I probably do not want to work within the public sector.

I have realized it would not be a good match when I think about what I want in a job. I want flexibility, efficiency, no bureaucracy etc and those words does not really describe the process in the public sector. I kind of realized that when doing the internship at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

But I am going to the interview anyway to see what it is all about and what they have to offer.

cover letter writing

It has been a good week. A whole lot better than that week, or especially that Tuesday, two weeks ago. I have sent out 11 job applications this week, a bunch on Monday and a bunch today. On both days I got a call for an interview the very same day I sent out the application.

Today I spent some serious time on the cover letters as there was several jobs that interested me a lot. Only some hour after I sent the application I got a call back. The job seems really interesting, as a project assistant, as it also appeals to my esthetic side.

But the weirdest thing. It is a job for a company working with online strategy/marketing, and here comes the weird thing: they do not have an own homepage! Should that worry me?


Mom made some delicious puolukkapuuro yesterday, that is the Finnish name for what in Swedish is called klappgröt. We make it by cooking the fresh lingonberries and a bit of water and sugar and adding mannagryn (what is apparently called semolina in English). The next step is to whip it cold and fluffy with an electric mixer. You eat it with sprinkling a little bit of sugar on it and some milk to it.

Puolukkapuuro, or klappgröt.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another interview

Had one of the interviews today at a recruitment firm. It was a nice interview, I think I was there for over an hour and the time went really fast. It is always so easy with interviews with recruitment firms, they now how to handle an interview and make the interviewee relaxed. They ask the right questions and make it easy to answer them. Not like the phone interview I had with the guy from EF in Boston or when you come to a company and they don't really have a well thought through set of questions.

Anyway, the company seems quite interesting. Although the way to work in this position is more interesting than the company itself (and maybe what they do as well, have not really made my mind yet). The fact that you work with projects and almost work as consultants is the appealing thing here.

But the interview went well and only a couple of hours later she called me with news. I am going for a second interview tomorrow afternoon and this time I am meeting with the company itself. We will see how that goes and hopefully get some more intel in how they are working and exactly with what.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Some weeks ago I heard the good news that Maroon 5 is releasing a new album now in September. Exciting! And I really like their first single Misery from the album.

I fell in love with Maroon 5 when I lived in the USA in 2003 and released the singles Harder to breathe and This love. Those songs (and the whole album Songs about Jane) brings me back to that great year in the USA.

good start of a monday

I must say that this Monday is starting out really well. It is only 2 pm and I have already two interviews booked for this week. Feels good as I was about to head down this bad road when nothing was happening.

oskar linnros

A while back, on August 17th to be precise, I was at Mosebacke to see the concert with Oskar Linnros. It was really crowded but oh so good concert. Unfortunately it was quite short since he only have released one album. You can see him there somewhere in the picture but it is quite a bad one since I only had my cell phone with me and it was quite dark.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

potato gratin

I mentioned the fabulous potato gratin I made on Saturday that gave me a food baby. A dish that does not really photograph well but truly delicious it was anyway. I made it from Tina Nordström's recipe, and the first time I tried to cook the potato first in the cream and milk. Have to do that again.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

new york cheesecake

So what came out of the oven yesterday? Of course a delicious cheesecake. But after all the food for dinner, which included a fabulous potato gratin (that I have been longing for in such a long time), I was so full that I could hardly enjoy the cheesecake but for a few bites. But it was delicious as expected. And I have to eat it tomorrow again with a not so full stomach.

This time I tried out Leila's version of the New York cheesecake. Truly delicious. And I love all kinds of cheesecake. (But of course nothing beats the Chicago cheesecake at Coffee Bean...).

Friday, September 3, 2010

heat up the oven

With my unemployment comes the baking once again. I baked something delicious today. Well I hope so at least, since I will get to taste it tomorrow. A version of my absolute favorite. Show you tomorrow.

I have been looking through all kinds of recipes and I just want to bake and cook it all.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

what's up doc?

Tonight I am just chilling in front of the TV watching some movies that I have already seen. Right now I am watching What's Up, Doc? starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. I first watched it when I was in USA. They had this marvelous thing at the library where you could not only rent books but movies on VHS and DVD. Without a cost.

When I or my friends were bored we would head to the library and rent a movie to watch. I had some days when nothing planned and I could spend some hours just watching movies. Since it was all free I catched up on plenty of movies I had missed. As well as series, they had all seasons of Sex and the City on DVD and I went through them all as I had not really watched it before (except some reruns on TV now and then).

In the library they also had plenty of these old movies. And the ones starring Barbra Streisand I just fell in love with. For example What's Up, Doc?, The Main Event, and The Way We Were.