Monday, December 29, 2008

importer of cheez doodles

Now I have been home in Stockholm for about three days in total. Tomorrow at noon I will be heading back to Copenhagen for New Years. A lot of flying around here. I have had no day to just chill at home doing nothing. It will not happen when I come back to Cph either so I have to wait for the weekend after New Years I guess.

Back at home in Stockholm I had a few things I needed to do, such as see my friend and her new apartment she bought in Sthlm. Today sis and me went shopping in Sthlm with all the sales going on. Too much people in some stores so did not really have the energy to do it all. But I sure did find a few nice things. And there was some things I needed to buy that I have not found so far in Cph and it is also cheaper here.

What I am importing to Denmark is: Finnish bread that I love (Fazer), Klippoteket hair spray, tooth paste, OLW cheez doodles, and some good Swedish liqourice. Maybe some odd things considering it is a neighbor country but they do not have the things I like.

french christmas

I have had a little bit of a break over Christmas. Even though I brought my computer with me to Nice I just wanted a break from everything and just chill. The Christmas in Nice was really nice. We had some nice weather with around 12-14 degrees Celsius and sunshine during the days. Much nicer compared to around zero in Copenhagen. And we got to see the sun! Long time no see, I must say.

Some good food, although I appreciated the Italian restaurants much more than the French we went to. Of course some shopping as well. It was a Nice town and we also went on a one day trip to Monaco which was also really nice.

Unfortunately though, my sister got some sort of food poisoning and only one or two days later I got it too. I seem to have some really bad luck since I had it in Alicante during Christmas last year. What is up with that? At least it was easier on me this time compared to last year. The day after the evning/night being sick I had to get up packing, head to the airport to fly home. Not much fun with no energy in your body whatsoever. But I made it home to Stockholm in one piece.

Monday, December 22, 2008

early christmas

The family came this evening after work. Staying here one night before we fly on. We headed out for some dinner and went to a Italian restaurant at Nyhavn. It was really nice, some good pasta. However, not as good as the Italian place we went for lunch with work. Then we headed home and popped a Champagne bottle and opened Christmas presents. We did not really feel like dragging all the presents down to Nice. Well especially not me since I had a few quite big and heavy ones. I want to fill my bag with booze and clothes and stuff on the way home. Well, if I am lucky. However, we are going to be there only from Tuesday to Saturday of which many days are holidays. So I am not keeping my hopes up. But I do have some shopping to look forward too since I am heading to Stockholm right after. With the Swedish crown so cheap compared to the Danish it will be a bargain shopping in Sweden.

swedish tin

So the weekend came and went. Not much happening. Sunday was spent cleaning the apartment since I have guests coming for New Years. I had to make the place look decent. It took some hours. Otherwise I was quite bored on Saturday. But I managed. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I did do something interesting on Saturday. Since I did not have any plans I figured I need to get out of the apartment for a while to not go crazy. So I looked up some second hand shop areas and went out looking for them. The weather was nice and I found a few really nice stores. I found some really nice things as well. Two really cool belts, a cool leopard shirt, and a nice blue tunic with silver threads in the fabric, really nice maybe something for New Years. Love second hand shopping. Need to do some more. Need to find a lamp for the living room. The problem is that I know exactly what I want. Doubt I will find it. I want a lamp from Svenskt Tenn with Josef Frank fabric. Usually quite expensive though.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

Nice relaxing day today. A Swedish co-worker of mine is leaving (unfortunately) and we had a goodbye lunch today. She does not like smørrebrød (open sandwiches, which is typical for Denmark) which has been more common for these lunches, so we went for an Italian restaurant called La Tombola A'Smorfia close to work. I love Italian food and this restaurant surely did not disappoint me. It started with two rounds of different antipasti which was delicious and then continued with three kinds of pasta and you got to have a little bit of them all. Really a good deal, I love it when you are able to try many different things. On top of that some nice red wine and some panacotta for desert. I wonder whether companies would order wine for lunches in Sweden?

After a 2.5 hour lunch we headed back to work. Did not really get much done with tummy full of food and we only had two hours to work until next stop. In the end of the working day we had a get together with the other sections to say goodbye, with speaches and presents for our collegue. And of course some beer.

What a lovely day. In the sense that I did not have to work that much and enjoy some really good food. Not in the sense that one in the Swedish mafia is leaving.

nice with nice

I am going to Nice on Tuesday :)
Which have caused somewhat of confusion when I tell my co-workers I am spending Christmas in France. They hear that I am going to Tunis when I say I am going "to Nice".

Apparently it will be all sunshiny and lovely there. 13 degrees Celsius which I am all satisfied with since it is ten degrees more than here in Copenhagen. Really nice.

Now I am just thinking whether it is worth it to go home to Stockholm after that since I am coming back to Cph for New Years. It will only be two days (max three days) at home in Sthlm. I will decide later since it also depends when we are coming home from Nice and if the family wants to stay in Cph for a day. But I really do want to go home to my town. And of course I need to do some shopping since the Swedish crown is not worth as much with the crisis and all. You got to love it.

Anyways, the vacation will be kind of eventful and not much of actual relaxing at home. 23rd to 27th will be spent in Nice, perhaps the 27th to 28th in Copenhagen or straight to Stockholm. The 30th I will be heading back to Copenhagen to celebrate New Years as well as meeting up with some ex-exchangers that are in town. Friday the 2nd I will be working and then I have a weekend to relax.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

public transportation and computers

What do they have in common?

Lately I have been kind of frustrated at the public transportation. Today there was something wrong with the metro and the station was packed with people. It took me about 40 min extra to get home. Yesterday morning the bus to work took me 15 min instead of 5 but I made it to breakfast at least.

Last week I was not very lucky, it was raining a little and I decided to take the bus to the metro instead of walking. Walking towards the bus stop I see two buses pass me. But I am brave and decides to wait for the next. Sometimes you are lucky and the next will arrive in a minute, otherwise you just have to wait about six minutes. Unfortunately not this evening. I had to wait about 30 min for the bus. When I could have walked to the metro in 15 min.

Everything seems to be working very slowly these last couple of days. Today at work the network was incredibly slow and I barely got anything done. What usually take me about 10-15 min took me 1,5 hours today.

earth quake

Yummy, yummy I got sushi in my tummy.
The other day I saw a sushi place not far from work so I decided to get some takeaway on my way home. A place called Sushitarian and I am happy to say that it was really good. It is just perfect with a place I can walk past on my way home.

And yes. I survived the morning. Coming to work a co-worker asked me if I felt the earth quake. I thought she was joking at first and then realized she was being serious. She live close to me and she had woken up by the earth quake. I know I was tired this morning, but apparently I was really tired. Since I slept through the whole thing. It is too bad. The worst earth quake in 100 years and I sleep through it. Frick.

cheap sweden

A picture says more than thousand words. Sweden is getting cheaper. Well, at least for us "foreigners".

This morning at work it was 1.47 SEK/DKK. Then the SEK just kept on falling. As said before, when I started it was 1.25 SEK/DKK. Holy moly. I should transfer some money to Sweden. Shopping will be cheap in Sthlm after Christmas. Yippie-ka-yay!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

no raise for me

Oh, and I got a haircut! Nice with shorter hair again. Well, it was not that long before but it had passed six weeks since the last one so to me it felt long. I found a hairdresser I really like, she does a good job. Feels nice to hit jackpot the first time. Although she is kind of rough with the hairbrush and drying my hair. Luckily I am not that sensitive.

But it does sting a little bit every time I go to the hairdresser here in Denmark. In Sweden in Jönköping I went to the place considered a little bit expensive and paid around 400 SEK. Here in Denmark you usually have to pay 700 DEK(!!). It truly stings. Especially now when the Swedish crown is what it is against the Danish crown.

My Swedish collegues is happy though. Since they have gotten quite a raise the last couple of months. I started four months ago and then it was 1.25SEK/DKK. It is crazy. Everything is a little bit more expensive here and now, if I compare to Sweden, it is even more expensive. But I actually stopped comparing. What is the point when I get my salary in DKK and live here.

But I have to shop a lot at Christmas at home in Stockholm so it feels like I am saving money since it is so much cheaper.

smelly, but good smelly

I got clean clothes. It was in the very last minute. So now it smells softener in my apartment from all the drying clothes.

I can tell it had been a while. Carrying all my damp clothes back to the apartment was like carrying an extra person on my shoulder. You have to go through a lot of pain when waiting this long to wash your clothes. I almost dislocated my shoulder carrying back my blue IKEA bag completely full of damp clothes.

Every time this happen. And every time I promise myself that I should do washing more often with less clothes. It is the same with my dishes actually. And the cleaning of the apartment.
I see a pattern.

Monday, December 8, 2008

to work or not to work

I like my work. I just do not like working.
Can you combine those two?

The optimal solution would be the student life with the flexibility and all: late mornings, late evenings (i.e. parties), and doing a everything as you feel like it. Preferably without the two weeks before the exam and the exam day. Then we also need to add parts of the working life: the money, the never-having-to-bring-work-home part, the paid vacation, and the work parties.

How do one accomplish this?
At 24?
After working for four months?

I need to keep working on that...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

my boys

Was just reading a little about my favorite Lenny Kravitz and some tour dates. He is playing in France and Holland next year. I just wish he would head up north. Then I happen to come across this page with dates of concerts this year. He played in Denmark the day before I moved here to Copenhagen. What is up with that...

There are two artists I have always wanted to see but events happening just seem to be keeping me away. It is Robbie Williams and Lenny Kravitz.

Some day. Some day.

Me like.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

toilet wash

I can take a shower in my bathroom again. Well, it cannot really be called a bathroom since it is just a toilet which I happen to take showers in. It is really small and I shower in front of the toilet and washbowl. The drain to the washbowl and when I take showers is the same and now and then I need to clean it from my hair and stuff since it makes the water go away more slowly. On Thursday the water was running out very slowly and there was basically no hair which could hinder it. So I bought some caustic soda to fix it.

However, it made it worse. The water was disappearing more slowly and slowly. Not good at all since I needed to wash my hair for the party. So I ended up washing my hair over the toilet. To keep the toilet from flooding. Felt quite weird. But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Quite frustrating as well since the weekend was coming up and I had to wait to contact a plumber. But to my surprise when I got home from the Christmas party on Friday it was all working as it should. It took more than one day to make the plug in the drain disappear. I am happy that I do not have to worry about that and take showers somewhere else.

time for bed at this hour

It is past five. Just settling down after coming home from the Christmas party. Walked a short part by myself to Norreport to get to the metro. Was quite calming walking there in the dark and even hearing some birds twittering. Very soothing actually. Then I just wanted to get onto the metro to reach my bed and head into it as soon as possible

But of course that did not happen and I happen to end up in front of the computer writing this message to however that is interested in a somewhat drunken message in the middle of the night. But sometimes I just need to let it out even at the oddest times.

Getting home to my apartment I am listening to 'Supermassive black hole' by Muse and I just wish I had my L hear and a dance floor so we could just go crazy. You know what I mean. Maybe you all know if you know us or the beat of the song.

However, it was a really nice evening. At the end we left to head for a club, ended up at Mc Donalds and I guess did not really have the energy to move on. I think it was a good idea, I need to get some sleep. And here I am. Still awake. Come on, time for bed.

But a nice evening, and some good dancing with the guys as a good substitute to all my girls.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

weekend in ireland

Back in town after a nice vacation. Although, it would have been nice to have just one more day to relax at home. It is like you need vacation after the vacation. At least when it is a weekend one and you come home late on Sunday evening. But it was all worth it of course. It was a really nice weekend in Dublin. And it is interesting to see how vacations can be different depending on who you are traveling with.

So us girls went to visit the girls working in Dublin. Unfortunately it was a quite cold weekend, not colder than Copenhagen but apparently the coldest in Dublin for years. The weekend started with lunch at Google where K works. Very interesting to see how different offices can be. My company is much more old and traditional and Google is very young and modern. At Google you would assume people wearing suits are visitors and at my work it is the opposite where somebody wearing jeans is in for a visit.

We of course made it to some bars, many many to choose from. We also paid a visit to Jameson distillery and had a tour finishing it off with a glas of their whiskey. I tried it with cranberry juice, which may sound weird but was actually very nice. And of course we made some shopping. I did not find much, but a few things that were quite a catch. A pair of grey ancle boots from Clarks on sale, really nice. Just need to get used to walking in higher heels. Then a gorgeous coat from one of those stores you do not really want to admit you boght something from, but is okay over here since no one else has it. Unfortunately it is more of a spring coat which means I have to wait forever until I can use it. Crappy, cold weather over here.

Now I just need to plan for my next getaway weekend destination.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, only for one day but still. Tomorrow morning I am off to Dublin for a nice little weekend. The last two days was quite busy in to the last minutes. Some things had to be done before this months book close and since I am not there tomorrow it had to be done today. Especially this task today was really annoying, all these unmatched postings had to be moved from one account to another. One by one. Only moving one posting took quite some time. During each reposting I had to go to the printer to pick up a paper. Quite annoying. But, I was efficient and fast since I wanted to take my 4 o'clock day today as well. I made it. Well well.

Then I went shopping. Not at all because I got my salary today. A nice pair of Cheap Monday jeans was bought. But it is not nice that they cost 400 DKK when they cost 400 SEK in Sweden. With 1 DKK being 1.38 SEK it is not nice at all. But it is good for all Swedes transfering their salaries to Sweden, they get quite a raise.

Now I am off to bed to at least get a few hours of sleep before I need to wake up again. So see you later alligator. When I am back I can put another country on my list.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dublin baby!

On Friday we have takeoff. To Dublin. So will have a shorter week since I am taking the day off on Friday. Will be really nice to get away. Especially to some place new. I am already dreaming of the next place to visit. But first things first, I am going to Dublin. Most comments I get is concerning Guinness and whiskey. I do not like either of them. Although I believe I might have to try a Guinness anyway. Feels like I cannot go to Dublin without drinking one.

Taking a flight on Friday morning and meeting up with J, flying from Stockholm, at the airport in Dublin. Then we will meet up with the girls working in Dublin at the moment. Will be nice to see all of the girls again. I need my dosage of girlfriends since I do not get any of that here in Copenhagen.

Really looking forward to Dublin.

Monday, November 24, 2008

no work ethics today

Not a good day for me at work. It feels like I am just dragging out the hours until I can go home. Maybe it feels like that because I am doing just that. At least for the last couple of hours. I have theories about this, firstly I had a very strange night since I woke up many times and did not sleep very well. Secondly, I am stuck with the reconcilliation I am working on right now. I think I am just too tired to try figuring it out. There is a new day tomorrow with, hopefully, more energy.

57 minutes until workday is over. (Although I am planning on leaving a few minutes earlier...)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

good job Sweden

I really appreciate having some of the Swedish TV channels here in Denmark. Sure, it is only the three free ones: SVT1, SVT2, and TV4 the channels I barely watched in Sweden. But there is not much I like of the stuff aired on Danish channels. Mostly I think I just watch movies and series on my computer instead. However, once in a while I watch something on the Swedish channels and it feels nice to keep track with some shows. I watch Idol for example.

This weekend I turned on the TV and realized they was airing the first competitions from the World Cup in cross country. I have sometimes watched it at home as well when waking up in the morning eating breakfast. It was nice to be able to do it here in Denmark as well. I am especially glad I happen to do it this weekend since it turned out to be a great start of the ski season for Sweden. Many medals and many outstanding and somewhat surprising performances. I am glad I got to see it and be part of it and not just read about it in the newspaper the next day. Which is usually the case when living abroad.

It is good that Denmark is only miles away from Sweden.

not according to plan

Saturday did not really turn out as planned. I think Jose Gonzales was scheduled to play at around 10 pm and before that there was some other performances and it all started at 7 pm. We headed out there right before 8 pm and was a little bit concerned walking there when we meet a lot of people walking the opposite direction. When finally arriving we see a couple of hundred people standing waiting outside on the steps. The line is not moving at all, nobody is being let inside. So we both feel like it will not happen that we will get in, and standing there waiting for forever in the cold weather. My toes had already started to become ice cubes.

Then we heard from a guy that it is basically 'one out, one in'. Which means that it would take forever and might not be let in at all. With all those people in front of us. And all of those already inside, who will leave before the main event of Jose Gonzales to let so many people in? It is not happening. An easy decision and we left for a pub instead. Into the warmth having some red wine. The evening still turned out ok.

My friend said that how many people can there be in Copenhagen that want to spend their Saturday night listening to a singer-songwriter. Many apparently.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

getting into the mood

Tomorrow I am heading to the free concert where Jose Gonzalez will be playing. He is not the only one but the one I am going for. One advantage or disadvantage is that it is free and there will probably be a lot of people. Not too many I hope.

I know this is the one with the commercial, but I really like it. I love all the bouncing balls.

Friday, November 21, 2008

not dreaming of a white christmas

The first snow is here...
Please have melted away when I wake up tomorrow and look out the window. Unfortunately it is one degree below zero at the moment so it might survive the night. But I am keeping my hopes up for the sun if it appears.

I did get some Christmas feeling today though. Not from the snow but from the glögg and pepparkakor we and A had at a café tonight. We went to a Japanese restaurant and I finally got to have some sushi. But the restaurant was really cold and we left to go for somewhere warmer and just across the road there was a café. When we got closer we spoted the sign of glögg and felt that it was just perfect! Being cold and freezing we needed something hot to drink preferebly with alchohol. Perfect.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

keep it simple

Today at work I was asked by my director (my manager's boss) to have an opinion. To have an opinion about the administration costs.

At first I was like: huh? An opinion about something I barely know something about? I tried to postpone it since I did not really figure out what he wanted. But of course I had to deal with it eventually. After a while I realized that I do actually know something about it, and if I do not then I know from who I should get the knowledge. I did some simple presentation. Then of course I thought that it was too simple and I started working on something better.

My director stopped by and saw the simple presentation, we discussed it and he said it was just what he needed. So simple was good. Why do I always have to complicate things? I always seem to think people expect something much more fancy than they actually do. It might be just me who expects more from me. It is time I learn how to keep it simple. Stop overdoing things.

it is all about health

It is health week at work this week. Everyday we get these tips posted on the intranet about how to be all healthy. You usual stuff, exercise, do not drink, smoke or stress, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

It also said that if you do not exercise it is the same as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Man am I going to get lung cancer. I barely exercise at all. And does this mean that if you both exercise and smoke, does it cancel out?

I am waiting anxiously for tomorrow's health tip.

Monday, November 17, 2008


On Saturday it was time to return to the past. I arrived to my hometown for the last four years. Same old, same old but it was nice to come back for a few days. For me the weekend was surrounded by this weird feeling deep down that I suppressed as much as I could since I just wanted to enjoy my weekend.

It was great to see the girls again, even though many of the gang could not be there. It was like the good old times and we were back like no time had passed since we last met. It was a really nice weekend with the ball and the graduation ceremony. A nice ending to four wonderful years of my life. But that is just it, that was the feeling that had been hiding in my gut. That it was an ending. An ending to four wonderful years of my life.

I remember when I was young and we had relatives over and I always had one of my cousins sleeping in my room. It was so nice to have her there and talk with her when going to sleep. I loved having many people in the house and we always had such a good time. When they all left, the house was so empty and quiet and I always felt so sad. I saw that empty mattress in my room and I knew there was something missing. Now and then that exact feeling comes back and I know exactly what it is.

That was the feeling I had deep down during this weekend. It got all so very clear in the end when saying goodbye to everybody. And me ending up alone in my hotel room after friends and family had left just waiting for my train.

We all have to go back to our new lives. Our new lives, that does not include seeing each other every other day. Our new lives, all in different cities. Our new lives, in which we do not play as big roles in each others life as we did before. But I hope that we all give it a really good effort to still play a big role in each others life.

I miss you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

graduation weekend

It has finally come. The weekend we have all been waiting for. Four years of studies have led us to this weekend. First a reunion lunch at school with all the graduates and teachers. Then the ball in the evening with everybody dressed to the teeth. My dress is still hanging on my door, it was for sure a good piece of motivation. Now I can wear the dress without any problem, feels good to have gotten rid of those extra kilos.

It will be cool to have the ball at Stora Hotellet since it is a very beautiful hotel. Even better is that many of us will be staying there for the night. Always so much fun to spend a night at a hotel. And what about hotel breakfast, fantastic.

Sunday is the day of the official graduation wearing the special gowns. I have no idea what it actually contains or what we have to do. But I am sure it will be fun.

Definitely a weekend to remember.

back to school

I went to work on Monday. But after a few hours I had to go home since I could not focus and felt totally dizzy. Walking out of the office I just wanted to go straight home and did not feel like taking the bus and metro. So I took a cab. What a luxury, felt quite good. It was worth it.

I also stayed home on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I was fit for work again. Still sneezy and coughing but getting better and better. The week then of course went by fast. Now it is finally Friday and I am watching Idol. But should be packing.

Tomorrow at 6.36 am I will be on my way to Jönköping again. For my graduation! Yeay. Really looking forward to see everybody again. And of course to the ball and being dressed up in my evening gown. Hopefully I will be able to breath okay during the night since it is quite fitted. But no pain no gain.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


These days being sick I have been watched the last seasons of Gilmore Girls. Of course with a series you get hooked and just have to look at the episodes, one after the other. Sometimes until it is so late that you cannot even believe it.

So I have basically watched the series all days long, since I do not really had energy for something else. Living and breathing Gilmore Girls. It is kind of fascinating how you can get into a series when watching it all day long. I have followed the show on TV but when being abroad I have missed some episodes and especially the last five.

But now it is over. The last episode has been watched. And I must say I was quite disappointed. It basically ended in a way you thought, but still I did not like it. Also the seventh and last season was not written by the initial writer so that probably plays a large roll. It is really sad when a series you have followed all these years just ends this way.

But it is time to let it go and move on with my own life I guess.

you give me fever

Got hit with quite a virus this week. Tuesday morning when waking up I just felt crap. Sore throat and runny nose. Then it developed to some fever, headache, and coughing. This week ended up with only one working day, Monday. Now it is just some sneezing and coughing left. I just hope that the coughing will not be that bad at work on Monday. Since I almost feel like my intestines are being coughed up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

partying with 1 200 collegues

Saturday was the time of the APM Cup with the big party after. We, the accounting girls, signed up with a team for the soccer tournament of the company. We just wanted to do it for fun, no guys that would take it all seriously and was in it to win. And of course to get sponsored to go to the party in the evening. No hidden agenda at all.

The bad thing was that we were scheduled to play at 8.50 am on Saturday morning. When I think about it, it was kind of good since there were not many players in the hall at that time. No people to see us suck in other words. Unfortunately we lost one player one minute into the first game. Not good. I thought I would become the next when this guy made me trip and feel right on my knee. But I could fortunately keep on playing. We fought well but lost all the games, but it was all against guys.

After 15 minutes of game time we were out and headed to the mall for some shopping. We were tired so soon after we went to one of the girls apartment for some Polish lunch. Then I headed home for some rest and getting ready for the party. Some crazy night I must say. I went back to my friends place for a pre-party with a game and of course wine. The party continued at Bella Center with dinner and more wine. It was a huge place full of people, 1 200 people in total. That is what I call a company party. It was a great party with good food, free drinks, and nice music. Of course with all that free alchohol everybody had a good time. And my collegues got to see that non-working personality of mine. And today I got to relive it since we all got to see the pictures from the night. Haha...

My Sunday was not a good day. Long time since I was hangover. Even at work today everybody was tired and quiet. We could have needed one more day of weekend to recover.

those credit cards...

Kind of had a minor shopping spree last week.
It is not that difficult after getting your salary.
Or after deciding to go to Scandinavia's largest mall.
Not the best combination if you want to save money.
But who cares about saving accounts.

I just happened to find that green jacket I always wanted. And it was 50% off so of course I had to buy it. Then I walked into a shoe store. Woops. That happened to have a buy 3 for 2 sale. So now I have three more black boots...

Sometimes I should not be allowed credit cards. On the other hand I do not regret anything :)

feeling whole again

A few weeks ago I lost a beloved belonging of mine. I have mourned it but have managed to get past it. Now I have a new one that has taken its place. My good old darling of four (!) years is now replaced with...

An Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Si2636 =)
I must say I am loving it. Which might not be that difficult going from a four year old computer to a brand new one. Now I can open a new internet window instantly and not wait minutes and minutes for the computer to start up.

Friday, October 31, 2008

in honor of my sister


Sunday, October 26, 2008

going for the classics

I have a new favorite TV channel. TCM, Turner Classic Movies, with the good old movies from the 40s up until the 90s. Some of the good old classics you have heard of but never seen and some you never heard of. Movies with all the good old actors like Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Clark Gable and so on. I like it.

I even bought some good old and new movies from a store where the DVDs only costs 20 DKK. Amelie from Montemartre and Citizen Kane among others. Watched them both this weekend and Amelie is a favorite I watched many times. It was a first for Citizen Kane and I think I need to give it another try since I was quite tired at the time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

just words

I am not a fan of people who throw around those words and sentences without truly meaning or follow them true. Those small words that I have no reason to not believe.

I miss having my friends nearby and only minutes away.


Was reading a book in the sofa with '90s weekend' on VH1 in the background. Suddenly the video Say you'll be there with Spice Girls came on. What a flashback to Vårfesten (spring show) in sixth grade when we were arranging it. Everybody in sixth grade were allowed to perform if they wanted to. Me and four other girls were fans of Spice Girls and of course we had to do something with that. So we performed with the song Say you'll be there all dressed in one of the characters. We didn not sing though, just mimicing. I was Sporty Spice, aka Mel C, she was my favorite. Her first solo album I also really liked, still one of my favorites. It was funny to see that video on TV again, and I have not thought about the performance in ages. Some good old memories.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

chicago in denmark

Remembered that I have another thing to look forward too. And that one is already tomorrow. I am going to the musical Chicago with some collegues. A while ago we saw this message on our intranet that there was free tickets to the musical for the ones who wanted. We had to sign up for Art Society at Maersk to get the tickets and we did that as fast as possible and got the tickets. Sure, we have to pay membership to the Art Society every month but tomorrow evening will be worth one year of membership so I am ok with that. We will even have a buffet before and something to drink in the break. It will be a cool evening.

However, what I realized a little bit later is that the musical is of course in Danish. And me who is so good at Danish. Or something. Well, I will manage somehow since I have at least seen the movie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dublin here we come!

There is a lot of things in the near future that I have to look forward to. My computer of course within the next few days. 1st of November there is this soccer cup with work, that might not be fun but the party after will be I hope. In middle of November I am heading for Jönköping once again and my graduation. A lunch with everybody and all teachers on Saturday as well as a ball in the evening. My dress is still hanging on my door keeping the motivation up for getting slimmer. Then finally, in end November J and me are heading to Dublin for a visit. I am really looking forward to it. Many fun and cool things coming up. Cannot wait.

quote of the day

I like the motto of the Mythbusters shop:

"With enough lubrication you can do anything."

time for something new

It was finally time. The day had come.
Yesterday I ordered my new computer. Yeay. I am really tired of this artifact that A nicely called his damn old computer I have borrowed. It is one piece of crap. I can barely surf and not watch my movies and series at all. All my movies and music is on my external hard drive mocking me.

My collegue at work who lives in Sweden was nice to let me borrow her address to send the computer to. Since the computer got even more cheaper in Sweden when the exchange rate changed. It ended up being 1000 SEK cheaper in Sweden. After some research and trying to find out what I want I decided to go for a Fujitsu-Siemens Si2636. Soon soon I will have it.

I am gonna be like a kid in a candy shop when I get it. Unfortunately I will have to look at the computer the whole day at work before I can go home and play with i.

english please

I realized something this weekend. Something strange.

I was invited to dinner at my Danish friends place and he had also invited some of his Danish friends. They all talked Danish and I thought it could be an opportunity to get used to hearing Danish. I realized how bad I was at understanding Danish. I think I understood about every third word when some of them spoke, one guy I hardly understood at all. Thankfully we switched to English in the end. Otherwise it would have been a quite boring evening on my behalf.

I came to the conclusion that I understand Finnish better than Danish. That either tells me that I am better than I thought at Finnish or really, really bad at Danish. I go for the latter alternativ.

Friday, October 17, 2008


For me it is always easy to chill. So that is why I am not sure what is wrong tonight. My mind just keeps swirling. I need it to settle down. My body just feels like chilling and watching some TV. My mind, however, is of a totally different opinion. Why did this appear all of a sudden?

Maybe I should just try starting a movie and bring out my sketching pad. Drawing always make me calm. Makes me fade out and keep the mind busy on something else.

you said what now?

I am a firm believer of that your home is where your heart is. For example is there two cities in the world that I feel at home in. #1 is Stockholm and #2 is New York. I also have Southeast Asia in a special place of my heart, but not really Singapore as such but more the lifestyle and the feeling over there. I am still waiting to go back since 4.5 months was way too short.

Sure, it has only been two months and I know I have to give it time. But I am not feeling it. About Copenhagen. Of course one reason is that I am tired in the evenings sometime and just do not feel like doing anything. Need to start doing things. Start feeling it. Or at least something close to it. Like starting a Danish class. I think it is time to start understanding what the people here are actually saying and not just bits and pieces.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

almost weekend, again

Already Thursday afternoon. And only one more working day before the weekend. Yeay. This week has passed incredibly fast. Feels good.

Now it is only 20 minutes before I can leave work and meet up with a friend for 'fika'. Before lunch I had things to do and the time passed quite quickly. On the afternoon however, I have been quite bored. Not much to do at all. And since my manager is busy with the montly report today I did not really feel like disturbing today. So I have just been looking around the computer and figuring out somethings. After that I read some funny conversations overheard at Hilarious.

Tomorrow I promise to make myself work.
Now I am just counting down the minutes until 5 pm...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

going strong

It is interesting how I can actually get progress when I really put my mind to it. I have been thinking of getting fit and losing a little bit of weight for a long time. But lazy as I am... Would be nice to get back to the size I had in Singapore when I just lost weight by doing nothing. When moving back to Singapore was not an option, I just had to get a grip. Of course that evening gown hanging on my door is the perfect motivation.

Being on a diet now since last Monday. I am surprised how easy it has been. Even though I am eating less I am not hungry. Sure, I do not really need to eat a lot of food and of course I still eat breakfast and a big lunch, otherherwise I would not survive work. Then something small for dinner and also fruit for snack before and after lunch. The test was then to try on the dress this weekend. I managed to pull the zipper up myself which I did not do the last time. Much easier to breath and the dress felt much better. Must mean that I have lost some weight already. Just have too keep on going.

And I should start jogging or something since I have signed up for this soccer cup at work... I am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up. But at least there is a party afterwards.

smallest movie theater ever

Unfortunately the weekend came and went. Too fast. But it is already Wednesday evening so the weekend is almost here again! It was a nice weekend. Friday we were out on the town since it was Kulturnatten - Culture night - here in Copenhagen. If you bought a ticket you could go to any museum or all kinds of things from 6pm to midnight. A whole lot of people out on the town which was cool. We went to some conserts and just strolled around in the night.

The funny thing was that I ran into two of the very few people I know! The whole city was crowded so what is the chance to just happen to walk right into someone. Sure, almost everybody might be out since there is so much going on. But there are things going on around the whole town. So I still think it is quite cool.

I also went to the movies this weekend so it was quite quiet. We saw Wanted which was a really, really cool movie. I for sure liked it. But we saw it the tinniest movie theater I have ever been to. There was maybe ten rows and only four seats in each row. I guess the older movies get the smaller ones. Next time we should go to a newly released movie instead.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

messy - messier - messiest

One of three accomplished.
- Do the dishes. Check!
- Washing clothes...
- Clean the apartment...

Hopefully I will not be that lazy this weekend and actually get these things done. I am in desperate need of clean clothes and apartment. Living basically by myself the whole time after moving away from home has made me very lazy when it comes to certain things. Well, I was lazy before too but then I had a mom and dad that complained about my messy room.

Poor person that has to live with me. A had to cope with it in Singapore when we shared room. I told her that I can be messy but that I will try to keep my things organized. And I thought I did, I was fairly neat compared to me living by myself. But still, she was surprised how messy I was. I did warn her.

It is kind of disgusting sometimes. Really. People do not really seem to believe me when I tell that I can be messy. Of course not, since I usually have it neet when people come over. It is not like I would ever invite people to see my mess.

I serisouly need to improve...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

feeling observed

In the afternoons when I leave work I always walk through the Queen's crib. It is a quite nice walk surrounded by beautiful buildings. Of course there are guards standing there protecting the Queen. Or maybe just for show with their fancy clothes and tall hats. It is the same in Stockholm though.

Every afternoon I have to walk past one of the positioned guards and I always feel so observed. They have to keep an eye on everything and everyone I guess. But it just feels strange passing the guard just one or two meeters in front of him. I always feel somewhat unsecure and do not really know where to lay my eyes. Usually I just look straight ahead but sometimes I feel I should just give the guard a smile as a hello.


Not much happening today. Quite boring day. I have had somethings to do. But not nearly as much to fill a whole working day. So what have I been doing to make the time go by?
Well, I did look at some computers and have narrowed it down to a couple. I think I will be ready to by one soon, do not want to by one impulsivly since that does usually not end well. Looked at some apartments that are up for sale but it is not like I have the budget to buy one yet anyways. But I did do some useful things as well, I have been sitting with some of the programs we use to get more familiar with them.

I have managed to keep away from snacks also this day. But it have not been easy this day since our boss brought us Ferrero Rocher chocolate because we finished the engagement survey. And I cannot eat one. I am telling my co-workers to eat them fast so I do not have to see them, they are doing a good job. At least it is good that I am sitting with my back to the shelf where all the candy is. There is always candy laying there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's all legal

Yesterday I got a call from a manager who had some questions regarding figures he need to update and send to me. Then he continued by saying that he had a question regarding something totally different. He asked if I write a blog. Got a little bit thrown by the question but of course I said yes, since I do have a blog. He is a lawyer and working with this legal stuff and are doing scannings of where the company name is mentioned. Of course my blog had then popped up.

A couple of people have reacted on the fact that I mention the company that I am working for. After two had done that I started to remove some of the times when I actually mentioned it. When the guy called I was a little bit worried but he soon calmed me down by saying that it is totally ok mentioning the company name. That it is still my right to be able to mention it but of course I cannot give out any sensitive information. Which I am totally aware off and I know I have not done such a thing.

I guess he have been checking it out and thought that it was me writing the blog. Good that someone actually mentioned it so I do not have to worry about mentioning the company name. I can feel safe when I got the confirmation from a lawyer :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

day one

Feeling the sweet thooth aching. I desperately feel the urge to start nibbling on something. I have got some brie in the fridge. That would taste really nice. Or some chocolate that I have in the cabinett. Then I look at my ball dress hanging there on the door. A good, green piece of motivator. In size 36. Oh dear lord. And not much time. Will be interesting whether I can pull this one through. As I have a habit of being lazy. Lazy by nature.

too quick weekend

The weekend went by too fast. I think one reaseon was that I did things the whole weekend but also that I left for Stockholm on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. Way too quick this weekend. But I did have a really nice time.

Went shopping in Stockholm on Saturday which is always nice. Lovely Stockholm. I need to start discovering Copenhagen so I will start liking it more. My sis and I ran around to some second hand stores but unfortuantely none had any evening gowns. At least not any long ones that I am looking for. But many, many other cute ones. The last store we went to called Saker & Ting Vintage which sounded just perfect, were closed on weekends. How can that be? Only be open at weekdays? Really annoying since I saw evening gowns through the door. Dammit.

But I did find a few other things that I love so the shopping was not all bad. I got some new scarves (of course, can never have enough), a pair of mittens from Indiska, and my lovely flowery sneakers from Monki. It is good that there is no Monki in Copenhagen so everybody will not be wearing the same shoes as me.

The day could nog end better, since we had potatoes au gratin, which I have not had in ages! Mmmm... And it only continued since dad called and told that my cousin has a dress she used for her prom in high school. She sent pictures and it looked really nice. He brought it home and I tried it on and manged to get the zipper all the way up. Some trouble breathing though... It was more impressive that my cousin got it on, since it was eight years ago she had it on and she have given birth twice since then. So now I need to lose a couple of kilos, should go ok since I have a goal now for it. In a couple of weeks I will try it on again and go to a seamstress with it, since I still might have to make it a little bit shorter. Maybe losen it a little bit around the waist... hopefully not :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

early bird on a weekend

I am heading home to Stockholm this weekend. Once again. Was not long time since last but sis is home and mom is off this weekend. I want to check out some second hand stores and look for a dress for my graduation ball in November. Maybe get some inspiration or even find something. I want something cool and special. Since I am always out in the last minute for most things I thought I should do it the other way this time. An evening gown or dress is not really something you find that fast. But hopefully I will anyway.

I have to start looking for cool second hand stores here in Copenhagen as well. There must exist some nice ones. Have to check with my friend from here who is also all into it. That might be something for next weekend.

Now, I seriously need to crawl into bed. The flight leaves early so have to wake up at 6.30am. I will not even have to change the time of my alarm since that is when it usually rings when I am working. That is bad. Well, I get to sleep in on Sunday.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It was time for the evening with the collegues. We had a nice dinner at a Spanish restaurant, so a whole lot of tapas was served. I love chorizo and the artichokes we had. And of course the dessert that was some kind of passion fromage. Deelish!

After that it was time for snowbowling (a.k.a. bowling if you are not from India). Apparently, according to my Indian collegue that is what it is called in India. There they are bowling with actual snow in the arena on the sides. So it has become kind of an internal joke. Snowbowling. We where very doubtful the first time we heard it. But he is going back to India now for one month so we are hoping that he will actually bring pictures of the real deal so we can actually see it with our own eyes.

So from the snowbowling tonight I am the proud second best looser. Considering this this was the second time, the first time was when I was 12..., I still think I did a fairly good job. I did manage to get two strikes.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

pros and cons

Apparently my immune system is not working like it should these days. I was sick during the weekend a week ago and then got sick yesterday again. What is this? So I had to stay at home from work again. Tomorrow I should be fine and ready for work again.

I am realizing that it is not that easy to switch from student life to working life. Like today, even though I was sick I enjoyed being at home just chilling. Just like the student life could be, well except the being sick part. Of course this does not affect my work since I always want to do my best no matter what. I guess I still need to find that balance between my serious and unserious side.

Sometimes I wish I still had my master to study for and could wait some more until becoming a working girl. But now I already got a master. So what is left? Ph D? Well, that is not really the same is it. Got an offer from my universtiy before I finished, sure it could fit me to do it. But not in Jönköping and not for five years. No way. So I just have to find that balance.

And of course there are some peaks with working. The money. The free evenings and weekends. Just have to figure out some more so that the working life get more pros than the student life.
It might take a while.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

playing the game

Once in a while you do these things that people loves to make fun of. They love to make fun of you and tease. Over and over and over again. I am not a fan of it. But the problem is that I love to make fun of people and their actions so I just have to take it. Since you cannot play the game just when you feel like it. You just have to take it whenever it comes since it is worth it whenever you can tease someone else. :)


Had a nice weekend. Two German friends where in town visiting so of course there was some partying going on. It was fun to try some new bars and clubs since I have not seen them all. We managed to get in some touristing as well.

I am starting to like Copenhagen more and more. It is warmer here and that is a big plus. But there is still something there that makes it feel not like home. On the other hand I have only been here one and a halft month so it is too soon. There is always ups and downs. Just have to give it more time and I am sure there will be more ups than downs.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

after many visits to the bank

Went to the bank and surprisingly they let me have the VISA/DAN card. Yeay. Finally. It took some time and all they needed was a plain and simple standard paper from my bank in Sweden saying that I am ok. All such bueaucracy. I will get my card in about a week. The only condition is that I cannot overdraw at any moment for the next couple of months otherwise they will close the card. But it is not like that is a habit of mine. I have never done that what I am aware of.

crossing my fingers

Today I am going to the bank.
With my recommendation letter I hope to finally get a VISA/DAN card with my bank. Of course I do not keep my hopes up. Seems like that is the standard thing to do here when it comes to banks. It all seems very inefficient. Still, they said the last time that I will get a card if I have the recommendation letter. So I will make them keep their word. Otherwise I will for sure fight for it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

crashed computer

This has been kind of a crappy weekend but good at the same time.
I started feeling a cold during the week and on Friday I had to stay home from work since I did not feel well. However, I did go to Tivoli to meet some people. Felt a little bit bad doing that since I did call in sick to work. But I do not regret it since I met some nice people and made friends. So it was all worth it even though I felt bad on Saturday. A mix of hangover and being sick at the same time since we did go to a bar on Friday night.

I chilled the whole Saturday trying to recover, same as I have been doing today. The most crappy thing is that my computer crashed yesterday. Apparently there is nothing that can be done. My friend says that it is the harddrive. It totally sucks. I new I needed a new computer but this is not fun. I also have to pay lot of money to get things restored from my harddrive. It is not much on it that I do not have saved somewhere else already, but there are pictures that I would like to have.

It was kind of bad timing that is all. The computer crashing the weekend I got sick. Times like these you really notice how dependent you are on your computer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

home sweet Sthlm

Had a nice weekend back home in Sthlm. I left early Saturday morning and made it in time for my haircut. I managed to get an appointment for cutting and coloring and it turned out nice. It is so damn expensive to go to a hairdresser here in Denmark. I want to go to a good one but the prices differ quite a lot.

A relaxing Saturday with a nice dinner and of course we also had some real champagne and a really nice red wine from my parents trip to France this summer. On Sunday it was time to start packing and searching through my boxes of stuff that I wanted to bring to Copenhagen. I realized that the things I wanted to bring did not take that much space so I started to add things. In the end it became quite a lot of course but they did not say anything at the airport.

Now I did not bring that much clothes, only some jackets for fall. Otherwise it was some small things to make the apartment feel nicer. Some things that hopefully can make me feel like home. The apartment does not really feel like me since it is not my furniture and things.

And the most important. I brought some booze with me. Especially some Minttu for the next part. Which means that the next party will be rough. But fun.

Friday, September 12, 2008

no regrets

Sitting here looking out the window.
Looking at all the nice boats and ships passing by.
I am quite bored but I actually have some things that I can do. I guess this is the dangerous thing when your boss has left for the day. That together with the fact my weekend has already started in my mind.

Should not work be more exiting than this? It might just be a proof of a non-perfect match. I like my job. It is just that I cannot see myself working with these taks for one or maximum two years.

I do not regret accepting the job. I never regret anything, you should not. It is still fun to try something out and for the future I know that this is not something I want to keep on doing. I just have to keep on trying until I make that perfect match. But until then I need to find some kind of motivation to keep me going. Right now I cannot seem to find it. Still, the weeks passes by so fast it seems so there must be something there that keeps me going.

It might just be the longing for the weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

what's waiting for me?

I just started thinking (when heading to bed which is not good because it means that I will not fall asleep early. Anyways).
I am here now. In Copenhagen. This is it.
I do not have anything to go back to. I have been moving around quite a lot these years after high school. But I always had somewhere to go after. When I moved to the US for one year I had my studies to start after that. I settled down in Jönköping for my studies and had a blast. Left for Singapore and Helsinki for studies abroad. I always had something to come back to. My lovely student apartment. My friends. My home. It would all be there when I came back. All the times I moved away I knew I had something good to come back to.

Now? I do not have anything anywhere in the world that is waiting for me. I have it here. This is the city I will stay in who knows for how long. This is my work. It is all here. Right here. I do not have any of those big things in my near future. Like going for exchange or doing something strange and fun. Now I am just working from 8.30am to 5pm every weekday. Monday to Friday. Week in and week out. It will never end. Man, it sounds like I am not cut out for this. Sometimes I feel like I am not. I just want to take my bag and head out in the world experience new things.

I should not think so far ahead. I should just take one day at a time. That I usually try to do. Then I have no reason to worry.

i want friends

And if that does not work out, I just want my friends.
Unfortunately they are spread all around the globe and are not where I am. Of course it takes time. To settle down. I know that. I am not the one to give up easily. And it is not like I have a lot of energy in the evenings to do all crazy things. But still, it would be nice to at least have something you were able to turn down.

Life is not as easy as when starting studying or going for exchange. Then you are suddenly grouped with all these people that are in the same situation as you. They are all starting something new and you do it together. Now it is just me. New in a group full of people that already have their lives and know what to do. Know what they want. And here I am. Just trying to fit in and settle down. Trying to figure out what I want.

So what do we do to solve this question?
- Start studying? Well, sometimes I wish. But I guess I should try out this thing called job a little while longer.
- Start picking random strangers on the street and ask if they want to have a coffee? Well, naa. I have not reached that point yet. And I am too shy.
- Start salsa/pottery/painting/ballet/whatever-I-can-think-of classes? Not yet.
- Put in an add in the paper? The perfect idea. I should start writing right away.

My more long term approach is to convince all my friends to start applying for jobs in Copenhagen. You know people, it is a lovely town. And why be spread all around the world when we can group in one place. It would make life easier for everybody.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

damn those banks and their rules

Stupid banks in Denmark. They will not let me have this DAN/VISA card. Now I have to survive with the annoying VISA Electron card that barely works anywhere. It is not enough with my Swedish VISA card because there are so many stores here in Denmark in which you cannot use a VISA card. You have to have this special DAN card. Stupid Denmark. And my bank will not let me have this special card, because I have to wait for 3-6 months for it so that they can see that I have money on my account. I do not even want a kredit card, it is enough with a debit card. But noo. I even called another bank and apparently it was the same there. Is that the standard procedure? Apparently. Is it in Sweden? I never had a problem getting a VISA debit card. On the other hand I had my account for quite some time before I got it. But then again I barely had any money on it and I was just a poor student.

Well, well. Tomorrow I am going there giving them my angry face. I am going to argue with them and try to make them give me this card anyway. I will threaten to change bank. My god I hope it works, I really want my card. Me who never have cash, how will I survive without a card? Stupid Denmark.

Now I have to go to bed. For sure. Two nights in a row I have gone to bed at 11.30pm which before was very early. Apparently not good for me anymore. The first day I snoozed for 40 minutes and was really tired at work. The second morning after I stayed up late, I slept through my snoozing alarms (yes, alarms with an s) and had 15 minutes to get ready before I had to leave for work. But efficient that I am I made it in time even to get some breakfast.

So time for bed already!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

childlike behavior

Friday was nice. Went to a pre-party with some of A's classmates. Some nice guys. Then we continued to a club and a party for all old and new CBS students. We had a good time and I got to be a part of the student life again even though I am supposed to be serious and all now.

When heading home it was raining so my shoes got all soaked. Me, the serious working girl now, apparently came up with the brilliant idea to jump into water puddles. I am so grown up these days.

Today has just been very relaxing and a little bit of hangover. So of course I had a nice pizza and have basically been watching Gilmore Girls the whole day. Tomorrow, I promise, I will try to get some things done.

Friday, September 5, 2008


På torsdag äts det ärtsoppa, på lördag är det fest.
Men fredag är ändå den dag som känns bäst.

It is Friday :)
I am just waiting for lunch at 1 pm. Because after that it is not that much left of the working day. Hopefully I can have my early day today and leave at four. I have been working late almost every day this week so it would be nice to leave a little bit earlier today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

feeling important

So it has been a quite interesting day. Today I have been on meeting with five out of six CFO's of the company to discuss the first draft of the budget. It is fun to be a part of something this big. In the process of creating the budget for such a big company. Being able to meeting all the bosses. I guess I just have to get used to it, I will be meeting all the CFO's on a regular basis from now on. Might even have to do it by myself in the future.

This evening I also had to stay late as yesterday and I left at 6.10 pm and had been busy the whole day. Just before leaving my boss said to me that I should hold the meeting tomorrow since I will be doing it in the future. I guess it is just to get used to it. But it is not the sixth CFO I will be meeting, but another representative. That is probably for the best.

Now I need to head for bed. Dead tired already at nine.

By the way. People loved my chocolate cake I baked for work today. I made the mistake of telling people it was my birthday. Then they expect cake.

Monday, September 1, 2008

birthday update

I had a nice weekend and it felt like summer since the sun was shining and it was warm outside. Friday evening started with after work with some coworkers at Nyhavn. Good times in the sun. Saturday continued with the good weather and I managed to get some shopping done of course since I got my first salary. My first real salary. Yeay :) In the evening my friend came so now I am going to be 'sambo' for one week. He will stay at my place until the weekend when he gets his place. Had a nice dinner and then we went out to a club to meet up with some of his friends and new classmates. A lot of fun. So I got to celebrate my birthday a little bit already at night. And I even got a birthday gift from A after coming home from the club. He bought me a perfume and a nice box of chocolate. Mmm...

On Sunday we met up with to friends of A and went to the Botanical Garden to check it out. It was nice, but unfortunately you were not allowed to step on the grass so we could not sit down and relax there. Went for another park, Kongens Have, close to work and had a small picnic in the sun. When it started to get chilly when the sun was going down, we decided to go for one of those boat cruises around the town. Was nice to see it all from the water, although it was a little bit windy and cold. After that it was time for dinner so we ended up at a Turkish restaurant and they had some good food. Then it was just to head home and go to bed. Because some people have to work on Mondays...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i have one nice neighbor

I always have to walk up three stairs to reach my apartment. Now I do not really count it or anything, it goes by routine. That is why I got a little bit confused when I got home on Sunday after dropping off my sister at the airport. When I reached what I thought was my floor and my door I did not recognize it. This because there were two doormats, one by each of the two doors. I was sure it was my door but I do not have a doormat. I even looked down the stairs to be sure I had walked three stairs up.

And I had. So someone had actually put a doormat in front of my door. Kind of strange and surprising. Not a fancy doormat or anything. But still it is a doormat. At least I have one nice neighbor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Work, work.
A quite boring day. Well, learned about Microsoft Access today. The previous guy made this whole database which we did not really understand since neither me nor my boss know Access. But now we got some help so it will probably make my job a little bit easier.

Yeah, my boss is back now from vacation. Which feels good. It was kind of funny at the end of the day. I was supposed to send out these two emails and I sent copies to my boss. Then he made a comment about the emails being short and maybe the recipients would not really understand what I am asking for. Since they do not have the background information as we do.

What I did not, or could not, tell him was that I did not really understand what I was supposed to ask them. Well, the basics. But it was not like I got the whole picture and could explain it well. I am thinking that they will both probably be confused about the email they received. Whatever, if they do not understand my boss will probably take care of it. Or the worst case scenario is that I have to write replies and he explains it once again and I still do not really understand. That is how it has been feeling quite many times since I started.

Whatever. I am new. For how long can I use that as an excuse? At least the good thing is that I learn from every occasion. Hopefully.

Monday, August 25, 2008

miss sis

My sister came and left. Good to have her here. On Friday we just walk around in my hood and checked it out. Which was good since I have not had the time to do it myself. Really a lot of stores around here on the street, all I can ever need.

Unfortunately on Saturday morning we woke up to the rain. But we go dressed for the bad weather and headed out with our newly bought umbrellas. We made it for a couple of hours and after gotten quite wet we gave up and went home to have dinner and watched some movies.

The luck changed and on Sunday and the rain had stopped and we got some sunshine and really warm weather. We saw all the main attractions in the city, Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid), Nyhavn, of course we stopped by my work, and then we ended it with a tour in Christiania. A very interesting place I must say.


When I registered living in Denmark I read that I do not have to deregister in Sweden when moving to a Nordic country. But just to be sure I called the tax office in Sweden. They had received the info about me moving to Denmark and I specifically asked if there was something more I needed to do. She asked me to hold and then told me there was no additional things needed to be done.

To my surprise (or maybe not...) I got a letter from the tax office in Sweden last week. Telling me that I have not deregistered and if I could please send them the attached form. Great. That is Swedish bureaucracy for you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

lil' sistha is here

Today at work I was so bored. I did not really have anything to do since both bosses had the day off. Then I was also so uninspired, in my mind I had already left for the weekend. I looked at the clock all the time only to notice 10 minutes had passed since I last looked at the watch.

Then I left a little bit early to meet up with my sister. We had a nice evening. And I got some more stuff from home. Now I got all my scarves, all my jewelry, and all my tea and spices. Lovely.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

my sistah

Soon has another week passed. I have had some things to do at work. Tired of Excel though, been doing all kinds of templates that takes forever. Of course having them done makes the work easier later on. Today I managed to make it to breakfast at work. Well, I got there five minutes before closing so took with me some stuff to my desk. It is quite nice. All kinds of things for breakfast.

Tomorrow is sis coming. Yeay. I guess we are going to be all touristy. It will be nice, since I have not had the time or energy to see the city yet. And she is brining me some more of my stuff from home. Nice. My spices and teas. Lovely.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

at work

I do not have that much to do at work. My boss is on vacation and did not leave me any tasks. I have one task but need the help of the other boss. But he has been quite busy with some report which is due today so no point in asking him. So tomorrow. So now I am just doing nothing. Reading the news and keeping updated with the Olympics, which is not going so good for Sweden so far. Stefan Holm just came in 4th, just like the previous World Championship. Poor guy.

So what else. Not much really. Had a quiet weekend with just relaxing. Which was quite needed after a tiring week at work. Did some shopping, but unfortunately no fun shopping. Just some cleaning stuff and boring stuff for the apartment.

I did not realize it at first, but the apartment was quite dirty. The floors had not even been vacumed since there was things and dirt under the sofa. Nasty. And I do not even want to think about the toilet. It looked like it have not been cleaned in quite some time. Nasty. I have not taken on the kitchen yet. I feel like I need clean all corners and dish everything to make it feel clean. At least I have told her about this so she cannot expect me to leave it clean. I will leave it as I found it.

One and a half hour before I can leave. What should I do now...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

first weekend

One week has passed. It went quite ok at work, still so much to keep track of and learn. On Friday it did not really feel good. My boss told me to do some tasks, and it basically came in through one hear and out the other. I did not really know what to do. Was just a total mess, but it was just before 5 pm so I dragged out the last few minutes and just take weekend. I have to take on the tasks on Monday instead, and my favorite part is that my boss will be on vacation. Or not. It is not like I know what to do. But there is another boss that will probably help me out.

So the weekend came and I let go of the worries. At least until Monday. I went with some coworkers to this wine tasting and had a really good time. Some lambrusco, champagne, and a bunch of red and white wines. I guess it was about 10 bottles for 9 girls so we had enough to drink and tapas to that. A good night but when I got home just after twelve I fell asleep right away. So tired and slept until 11. Working is exhausting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I hope I get used to this working life soon. Getting up at 7 am is not a problem. In the evening however, I am always so tired that I fallen asleep twice in the sofa in front of the TV. I guess you get tired of concentrating and at work and stuff. On the other hand it is not much happening at work since I do not really know what to do. When my boss is away at meetings and doing things I do not really have anything to do. But I am getting there. It has only been three days and it takes a little bit longer to get used to the programs and what to do. Tomorrow I plan to open a bank account and get a tax card. I hope that I have time to do both.

Monday, August 11, 2008

first day at work

My first day of work came and went.
It was all good, started out with some general information for new employees. Apparently there are many starting now. Then I got introduced to my group and my own desk. The Center Finance department is quite big but my group, called Statutory Accounts if I remember correctly, consists only of six people. My boss who is Danish, then we have an Indian guy, a Polish girl, two Swedish girls and then me. So half of the group is Swedish, who would have expected that.

They all seem very nice and it is a relaxed feeling with the group. Which is good since I was afraid it might be a little stiff there. But no need to worry. I got introduced to many people that I cannot remember the names of, and then most people are still on vacation. It was quite empty. I also got a tour and they have a fitness center, masseur, dry cleaning and a really nice breakfast and lunch place. Big salad and lunch buffet with all kinds of things, and then fruits and sandwiches if you do not have time for a big lunch.

Then finally I got introduced to what I am supposed to work with. So I will be working with administration costs and keeping track of the numbers and doing reports of weather the reported budget is the same as the actual numbers. Financial Controller. It will of course take some time before I get all into it, since they have not really had a person working with this for a while. But I will be fine. It think I will like it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

new chapter of my life

As of today, I am living in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the fifth country that I am living in. What is different this time is that I also will be living her officially. It is time for the chapter of my life in which I start to work. Tomorrow is my first day at work. It will be interesting. Been studying for my whole life and I am so used to the student lifestyle. The flexibility, the freedom, random parties in the middle of the week, late mornings, late evenings etc. On the other hand there are some negative aspects as well with the student life, constantly no money, and even in the evenings you are not free from school. It will be nice now to actually have some money left and to not have to bring work home with you.

moving to copenhagen!

In thirty minutes I am heading to the airport. I have packed my bag and my carry on is not yet ready, but soon. Then I am off. So now I just need to get dressed and get ready. Hurry, hurry.

late graduation party

Yesterday I had a graduation party for friends and family. Unfortunately many of the family could not come but of course I had fun with the ones who came. And my dear roomie from Singapore came. Have not seen here since early spring and we had a lot to catch up. We had a lot, a lot of good food. Mom had taken home food from the hotel where she works so of course it was all great. Yummy. We got really lucky with the weather since it has only been gray and yesterday we got some lovely sunshine. Long time no see. In the evening we jumped into the 'bath barrel' all nice and hot.

Friday, August 8, 2008


So it is the day of Stockholmers :)
'Nollåttorna' is celebrating today.
08 (nollåtta) is the area code to the Stockholm area. So there are all kinds of activities and stuff going on. Some stuff is free, some stuff costs only 8 SEK. If your birthday is today you can get in to the amusment park in Stockholm for free. But even better, if you are born today you will not have to pay for the rides for the rest of your life.

Together with the Stockholmers I guess the Chinese is celebrating. Since the number 8 is seen as a lucky number. Perfect day then to have the first day of the Olympic Games. They planned it well.

accommodation: check

When I came home from Germany it was just to start searching for an apartment in Copenhagen. With only two weeks left of freedom I really needed to find something. And fast. I put up ads at two free websites and emailed a whole bunch of ads. But barely got any replies. Since no luck there I decided to buy access to which seemed to have many ads of apartments and rooms that people want to sublet. Good thing that I did that. Started to send out a bunch of emails and as soon as new ads popped up I sent them emails.

After only three days I had some apartments and rooms that I could check out. So I decided to go to Copenhagen over the day to check some apartments out, and since people rather rent to people they have actually met. I had four apartments I could check out and a couple of rooms in shared flats. I only checked out the four apartments since I knew I could get one of them. I had two apartments that I decided between. One was quite nice and rather close to where I will work which is a big plus. On the other hand, the other apartment was a lot nicer but a little bit further away. In the end I decided to go for the nicer one which I could also rent for just six months to start with. The best part is that I can move in already on Sunday, so I do not have to stay with my relatives in Malmö in the beginning.

So I am happy. Everything worked out fine in the end. I got an apartment which I really like, and only five days before I start working. I am a firm believer of that everything works out in the end. Like here, it worked out. I do not have to become a homeless bum living in a tent at the lawn in front of the office.


Maybe it is time for an update. I guess I have had kind of a vacation from the blog. I just get like that sometimes. The trip to Germany was just great. First I flew down to Munich and spend one day in the city with A, a friend from Helsinki, who met me at the airport. Then we went on to his hometown and his family's house. Seeing some Bavarian cities, trying Bavarian food, and of course beer. It was really nice. A also had his birthday so we celebrated it and partied with his friends. They were not at all to Bavarian and conservative haha.

Then I took the train to Cologne and met up with a friend I met the first week in Singapore staying at a hostel. She lived outside of Bonn and it was really cool seeing her again. The next day I headed back to Cologne and I really enjoyed the city. The weather became great and it was more than 30 degrees and sunshine. Lovely. I stayed with A, another friends I got to know in Helsinki. I also met three other exchange students from the time in Helsinki so it was quite a reunion. I was lucky so many was in and around one city. I really liked Cologne, a cool and nice city. We went to some nice bars and I loved the cheap beers and cocktails. 3.50 euros for a cocktail is not bad at all when you come from expensive Sweden. Yummy.

Then I continued to Münster to visit my dear old flatmate from Singapore. Had such a great time with her as usual, so much fun seeing her again. Talking all memories and of course a lot of talking about food in true Singapore spirit. She knew the good places and took me to have some great food. Just like Singapore times when we planned the day around eating. Love it. Then I was lucky once again that another Singapore girl was close and met us up the last day.

All in all I had a great vacation. I met eight friends from the exchange students in eight days. Quite good rate. So once again I was surrounded by Germans, but this time in Germany so it made sense.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

enjoying real champagne

Don't you just love it when you live at home and your parents come home from vacation in France and especially Champagne? :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

vacation, vacation

Some things have happened the last few days. Unfortunately no progress in the apartment hunting yet but I am getting all the help I can get from my Danish friends. University friends J & M made a spontanous visit to my home in Stockholm. So we went to the city to have lunch with some other friends on Saturday and on Sunday we touristed in Sigtuna. They finally got to see how far out on the country side I actually live. Not sure anyone actually have understood that. :)

And now I am writing from Germany, Regensburg to be more exact, outside of Munich. Here is where my Germany trip begins. Visiting A from the Helsinki exchange, so today we have been walking around in Munich all day and of course stopping for beer breaks. Tomorrow it is his birthday and I will see a little bit more of his home town. Then on Thursday I will head to Cologne to visit a whole bunch of people. Both from the Singapore and Helsinki exchange semester. It will be a whole lot of fun.

Friday, July 18, 2008

give me an apartment!

What a messy day. Got a call yesterday from DHL that they had a letter to deliver to me. It is my contract so it was supposed to be delivered today. Then I suddenly realized that M still have my old address. So I have been calling to DHL, then M, then DHL again, and then M again. Now it is almost taken care of, at least I do not have to worry about it. Also I got the contract through the email so I had a chance to read it through. They want me to start the 11th of August! How lovely. I am feeling the I might not be able to enjoy this coming vacation as much as I want to. Seriously need to find somewhere to live. Now.


Back from Finland. What a crappy vacation. Weather wise. Not even a whole day of nice weather. I got about three hours worth of lying in the sun. Only been home now for two days and have had more sunshine than during the two weeks in Finland.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

bad, bad weather

Still waiting for my contract. So I am not offically employed yet. But they know I am on vacation and I will call them when I get back home.

To something else, the vacation here in Finland basically sucks. Only rain, gray and windy weather the whole time. If we count together all the sunny hours during this time, maybe we have had about 10 hours of sunshine. Really something so cheer for. No tanning here. I have a few more weeks until I have to be serious so maybe there will be some better weather. I can only hope.

Staying inside in a small cottage is not the funniest thing to do in this crappy weather. I am for sure longing for my own apartment :) Soon I will get that too. Hopefully. I have contacted all my friends in Copenhagen and all other connections that might be able to help me. So crossing my fingers that I will find somewhere to live in Copenhagen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

no longer unemployed

So I decided to take the job at Maersk. After many thoughts here and there. Thinking about whether I would enjoy the job or not. In the end I felt that I could not turn it down, and not because of the money or the fact that I actually had gotten a job. I think it will be fun. Otherwise I will just work through about two years and then apply for something else somewhere in the world. It will work out I am sure.

Now I just need to find an apartment in Copenhagen for August. Not the easiest task I am sure.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

take it or not, that's the question

So I got the job at Maersk. Early Tuesday they called and gladly offered me it. Before I had the job it was easy to turn it down, when it was not real. Now however, it is real and much more difficult. This time I feel more happy about it and might actually say yes. Will think about it untill tomorrow and call them to tell them my answer. And if I heard him right, I will have a pretty good salary. But of course that is not the only reason to why I am thinking about saying yes. Yeah I know, I am switching here and there very fast. That is also why I wanted a couple of days to think about it. I let you know my decision.

Monday, June 30, 2008

hasta la vista, baby

So I am off to Finland. Soon at least, in six hours my flight leaves. Which means I will have to wake up in about 3-4 hours. Yeay. The same time as yesterday. But I have a car ride of about five hours to look forward to in Finland so I can sleep then.

I will be in the middle of nowhere for about two weeks. With no internet so the blog will die for just a moment. Maybe some revival tries if I get in touch with a computer with internet. This year I am hoping for better weather than last year. We had three days with sunshine last year. Out of 16 days. I am hoping for better odds this summer.

So hasta la vista, baby!

is this for me?

Back home again after the interview with Maersk. It went well, I actually felt that this interview was easier than the first two. There were two guys and one of them was not used to doing interviews I think, seemed insecure about what questions to ask.

Since I read the job description I have had some doubts because it is not something I imagined myself working with. But as the two men said today, the job requires someone with analytical skills and like working with numbers. That would fit me perfectly. Still there is something that does not feel right.

And when they said that they expect me to stay three years I felt that I was already out of the door. Maybe it was naive of me to think I could stay only one or two years with this job and then move on to something more exciting. To give the job three years of my life when I have doubts and trouble imagine myself working with it, does not sound appealing.

Tomorrow I am heading for vacation and I need to give it some serious thought. But the thing is, always when I have to make some tough decisions I never have to think for a long time. Because deep down I always know what I want. You always know what you want, even though you might not want to realize it since it might not feel like the smartest decision.

judgement day

Depending on what impression I make today my future could be set. Maybe I will have a job in a couple of weeks. Do I want it? Well, well. Tired and heading to the airport. My flight leaves at 7 am and I will be there at 6 am. Screw the two hours before departure rule. I am doing the self-service check-in anyways so I will be fine.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Gratulations Spain. You deserved it. Was about time. 44 years.
And you won all the games. Good job.

devil's music

People who said KISS was the music of Satan.

"First Celine Dion and now Hits for Kids - I'm proud of you guys!"

the third interview

Tomorrow is the day. The day time for the third and final interview for Maersk in Copenhagen. Luckily I have not really been nervous, I rarely are and have also been busy with packing and other stuff. I will be flying down to Copenhagen and then back in the afternoon to arrive at 3.30 pm and we have to be at the ferry to Finland at 4 pm. The choices was to either take a cab or fly to Helsinki on Tuesday morning. The thing is that the cab will be more expensive than the flight so I will just fly there.

Anywho, I will do good on the interview. I will just be myself and take it as it comes. As I usually do. It is interesting how I am starting to doubt it all again, just because of the day in Stockholm. If it is in fact a trainee position I will be offered I will take it, no question. However, if it is just a regular job I am not so sure. Then it demands some thinking through.

Honestly, right now at this moment I am not sure of what I am hoping for. A trainee position or a normal job. Since the normal job would be 'easier' to turn down. All because I want to stay in Stockholm at the moment. One more thing to mess up my mind.

But that is just another worry for the future. Now I will just do the interview and see what happens. One day at a time.

how i love stockholm

I headed to Stockholm yesterday. I took the subway to Medborgarplatsen on Söder and when I came up to the street this feeling hit me. It was almost overwhelming. I felt it in my heart how much I love Stockholm. It is difficult to explain unless you have not felt it yourself about a city. The only cities I have felt this way for is Stockholm and New York. They have a special place in my heart. So when I got up from the subway I felt this satisfaction about being in Stockholm. Then of course I wondered if I had made the right decision to apply for M in Copenhagen. Since I would like to live in Stockholm for a while. I have thought about it before and if I get a job now with M I will of course take it. Otherwise I will probably apply for jobs in Stockholm.

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

Of course I had to eat lunch at Sandy's. My favorite chicken curry sub!

I got some shopping done. Not that much money was spent. Well, I bought two pair of shoes but then I did some second hand shopping that was not that expensive. And I found exactly what I wanted for a low price, that is perfect :)

Friday, June 27, 2008


Never got a phone call. But did receive an email from the woman I talked to yesterday. I think there was some mix up. So the man I had emailed with and the woman I talked to about interviews, may in fact be the same interview. Because I have now only one interview. When the woman called I thought I heard her talking about the trainee program. So either it is the trainee program and my first position would be as a financial controller, or it is just a normal job. I will just wait and see to let them tell me on Monday what I am actually considered for. Kind of confusing.

not a fan of waiting

I am not a fan of waiting. Maybe that together with me being restless makes it much more frustrating. Right now I am waiting for that phone call from the Maersk. Which should not really bother me since I got the interview and they just need to call to confirm the time. I am also waiting for the damn post to come. I want my books I ordered! All seven of them, so I might become less restless when starting reading.

But waiting for a couple of days or hours is nothing compared to the worst waiting I have gone through. About 3 years ago when I started having problems with my back. I knew I probably had to go through another surgery but it took the damn doctors almost one year before I actually got a time for the surgery. I hated the uncertainty and waiting. I had many downs and lows during that time.

So I think I will be fine with this waiting.


Getting a little bit nervous about the two interviews at Maersk. This is it. The final interviews. With the managers and all. Who have the final saying.

On the other hand, what can I do? It has been going well so far so apparently I have something that they like. I can only be myself and hope that they appreciate who I am. Otherwise it was not meant to be I guess.

two third interviews

By they way. Just when we were about to leave the park and head to the car today my cell started ringing. The display showed a phone number that I do not have on my phone. Then I realized it was a phone number with the country code of 45. Someone from Denmark is calling me.

I answer and a woman tells me that they want me to come for an interview for the finance trainee program at Maersk that I first applied for. Yeay :). So maybe I will have two interviews on Monday, she will get back to me tomorrow when she have checked with the manager. I got so happy and started making random jumps and shouts of joy. That is the one I want. Well, I think so. I am not sure what the trainee position entails but I will of course get more information during the interview.

So two third interviews. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

sushi picninc

Finally a warm day. Have not had one of those in a while. Such a perfect timing then when meeting up with A for lunch in the park. A meeting not overdue. Have not seen each other since the Christmas holiday. Hopefully we will get to meet up at least a couple of times this summer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

officially done!

Now I am done for sure. All my grades are in.

And I got an A for my master thesis! Yeay! I put in so much work in it and now I got my reward. Well, that and a good thesis. The interesting part though, is that I got an E on my bachelor thesis. A very large span between the two theses. However, it has its explanations. Since we did not finish it before heading abroad and then just wanted to get it over with. The bachelor thesis I cannot say I am proud of, just something we had to do.

But the master thesis on the other hand I am proud of. And now it is published for everybody to see. Feels good. If anyone actually would like to see it, it can be found here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

two hours in the sauna

Again one of those doing-nothing-days. It is nice. But starting to get restless. That is why I started taking bike rides every day. Well that and I want to try to get a little bit fitter, i.e. lose some weight. Annoying though that there was headwind, even downhill when you would prefer tailwind.

After that I decided to light up the sauna since it was a little bit chilly. Of course I fell asleep in the sauna like I always do. I love the heat and it is so relaxing.

Now I just hope that the weather will get better so I can enjoy the heat outside. And get a tan.