Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the plan

It is going to be a nice weekend. Actually a long weekend. Again! We did not look forward to this week since this one was a 'long' one. Last week we had Thursday off. Next week, we will have Monday off. And only a half day on Friday next week. Nice.

And since systeryster is coming to town it will be even better. Looking forward to it. It will be shopping, eating and what not. Of course sis is longing for the fries and burger at Halifax so that is a must. My mouth is watering. I am sure we will figure out a lot of other stuff to do.

Right, there is the Copenhagen Carnival as well. So there will be parades, music, dancing, and food. Will be fun to check out. Apparently it is quite big, with around 100,000 visitors last year.

Now I just have to take myself through these last two days. Crap. I just realized that I thought it was only one day left. But it is two days. Wella wella. So two days left.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

employee benefits

Marvelous. It is like I am almost asleep. I just came back from the massager. I am loving that benefit of being an employee at Maersk. Half an hour massage every two weeks. Now I just feel like going home and chill. Good thing that it is only one hour left of the working day.
I wish I could say that I would be strolling home in the sunny weather through the queens palace. But it is windy as always here in Copenhagen. It looks like it is going to be nice weather in the weekend at least.

Monday, May 25, 2009

i told him

Had my one-to-one meeting with my manager today. So I told him about my lack of motivation lately. Of course he wondered why. But it is difficult since I am not even sure about the origin. Sure, I have realized that this job is nothing for me and I am not even sure about a future in finance. Of course I did not tell him that.

I am at least happy about my manager and co-workers that make it so much better. I also feel so comfortable with my manager that I actually can tell him that I have been lacking motivation and any other issues that bother me. Hopefully now it will get better. I need some inspiration. I also need to get a bit more structured. I hope to get more motivated when I get more structure. We will see. Only the future can tell.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

lazy friday

Sure, it would have been nice to have Friday off too. But it felt kind of good to have Thursday off, go to work on Friday and know it was only one day until weekend. It was kind of a lazy day, it is not good for the motivation to know there is only 8 hours standing between me and the weekend. Well, 6 hours since I decided to leave early.

Then I met Stéphane for a nice after work in Nyhavn. Sitting at the docks enjoying a cider. Reminiscing about Helsinki and what not. Then I actually decided for a quiet night at home. I have the girls night out tomorrow to look forward to. So rather take it easy.

Now the problem is that I feel like going shopping tomorrow. And me that already spent so much money on that pair of shoes. Lets see where the mood takes me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

black-and-white-oldies-chick-flick marathon

This was a nice week. Since it felt like Friday already yesterday, on a Wednesday. We went for after work at Nyhavn in the sun and then I went to E's place for some homemade pizza. Yummy. Then I could just enjoy staying up a bit late and sleep in today.

It was a great day. And I did absolutely nothing. Loved it. Well, maybe I should feel a bit guilty staying in the whole day doing nothing but watch old movies. But I do not really. Why should I? I enjoyed a totally lazy day. Maybe then I can actually get something done in the weekend instead. If I need to get something done that is.

So the morning started of by sleeping in a bit. Then I started with my black-and-white-oldies-movie marathon. First one up was Casablanca that I have had for so long without watching. Great start. Number two was The Shop Around The Corner. Yeah, maybe you see the thread. Somewhat of a black-and-white-oldies-chick-flick marathon. But a great one. Then we finished off with His Girl Friday.

Great day. Great movies.

Monday, May 18, 2009

eurovision time

Of course we had a Eurovision party on Saturday. Just like some months ago when J and me being both Swedish forced all the others to watch the Swedish final. Now they could enjoy it a bit more with Europe competing instead and everybody had a song to cheer for.

It was a good show and night. I think there where several songs that I really liked. Usually I do not have that many favorites. I can only agree with everybody else and say that it was the right winner. Norway's song with Alexander Rybak was really good. So I am, as everybody else, in love with a fairytale. The second favorite was actually Estonia's with Urban Symphony. I just loved her and her voice singing in Estonian. Then I also liked the songs from Ukraine and Iceland.

I do not really care that Sweden did not do that well. I did not like the song anyway. I had several other favorites for Sweden. Well well, better luck next time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

get a grip

I am really bad. And the bad thing is that I do not do anything to make it better. I need a wake up call. But hopefully I am having one now. Seriously. This has to stop.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

another pair to the collection

I bought them. I bought The Shoes. I will just have to avoid checking my bank account for two weeks until I get my next pay check. And I for sure do not want to think about how much they cost in Swedish crowns.

What is done is done. Tomorrow when I wear the shoes to work there is no return since they will be used. No regrets. And since I have been thinking about the shoes the whole day there will for sure not be any regrets.

I told my co-worker today I thought I would have the shoes in my possession by the end of the week. Apparently I could not wait that long so I just did it today. What is the point of waiting when you are sure of something.

So the bike has to wait until next month to be bought. Now I will at least look damn fine walking home from work.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what are the odds?

On the Monday last week after Berlin, on my way home from work I am standing in the escalator. In front of me is a girl with a really nice pair of boots. I felt it was a type of boots I have been looking for. I never asked her about the shoes though.

When coming home I checked my usual blogs for updates and to my surprise. Elin Kling had just been in Copenhagen that weekend and bought the same pair of shoes! So now I know where to find them. The funny thing though, is that she also bought a sweater from Cos where I also was in Berlin and found a grey sweater. Do not know if it is the same but still. Weird.

Today I checked the boots in the store. A bit pricier than I wanted. On the other hand I cannot really get them out of my mind. So I might end up buying them...

Monday, May 11, 2009

poor me

lois lane in town

Another busy weekend. Lois came to town once again and this time it was nicer weather with a bit of sunshine. I was a bit worried though because on Tuesday last week I was not feeling well at all so I had to leave work. I also had to stay at home on Wednesday since I was still a bit fevery and dizzy. But I knew I had to go to work on Thursday since I had some deadlines and also the book close dinner. I wanted to go to the dinner and one cannot really stay at home during the day and then turn up at the dinner. I was still a bit tired but I managed to go through the day.

The dinner was quite alright, not the best though but a cozy place. We were supposed to pay for our own drinks but in the end it was some of the co-workers that ended up paying for all of it. Cool. The weekend continued in the same manner, eating and drinking out. With some tourist stuff during the day. I took the boat tour for the 4th time, did Christiania for the 3rd time, but it seems to be something new to see every time. We did something new though, a tour to Carlsberg old brewery which was really nice and with two beers included in the entry ticket.

So good times, good times also this weekend. And unfortunately it was time for work again after a three day long weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Waking up on 1st of May I was very happy that I did not have to go to work and that might flight left at 2 pm. This due to the fact that I went to bed at 3 am being a bit tipsy. I managed to wake up and started packing for the Berlin trip. At the airport - after a burger at Burger King - I almost felt human again.

In Berlin, Maxim was nice enought to meet me at the airport and take me into town. Then it was time for Mireille's arrival and we all met up at the hostel we stayed at. A bit of a Helsinki reunion indeed. Really nice to see them all again. Then it was time to head downtown and to Kreuzberg famous for its 1st of May riots. A whole gang of cops met us coming out of the metro. Even so we never managed to see anything, luckily. It was all peace and quiet were we were dancing in the street all night long. Although, some jerk stole my wallet out of my bag while dancing even though I kept checking once in a while. It was just to start calling and cancel all the credit cards. First day of vacation. Lovely.

I had to live off Mireille the rest of the time in Berlin. Next day when we went to the cops they gave me that look when I told them where I had been when I got robbed. The cop that took my statement was nicer though and was surprised that we had not noticed a thing since it had been some disturbances. We made it home safely without problema and next two days was spent walking around town just enjoying the warm beautiful weather. And of course drinking some beer. Yeah, believe it.

I also got the chance to meet up with Simone that I met in Singapore, so it was a really nice weekend seeing three old exchangers. Good food and cheap drinks. Loving the happy hours with 3.50 euro for cocktails. After the cocktails we ended up at a really cool club called Lido where they played old souls music all night long.

Good times, good times. Of course not getting the wallet stolen but what can you do. Not much really. It is not like I am expecting to ever see it again. Berlin was cool, but do not know if I like it more than Cologne though where I was last summer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

from paris to berlin

Well, not really. I am skipping the Paris bit. But from Copenhagen to Berlin at least. Tomorrow at 2 pm I am heading to the airport. And I must confess, it was a quite good Valborg as well. Even though I did not plan anything I kind of happened to end up at a bar after the Indian dinner. We were invited to my co-workers place for an Indian dinner. Then me and my other co-worker went out with my Indian co-workers flatmate. Yeah, perhaps a little bit confusing. But it was a lot of fun. We ended up at a Belgian bar drinking beers and having fun. But at least I was sober enough to leave quite early and be home before 2 am. I still have not packed so I have to do that tomorrow.

So tomorrow I am heading for Berlin for the weekend! Yeeaahaa! Meeting up with long lost pal M from Canada that has been traveling India and is now on her way home. And I will also be meeting up M who lives in Berlin and hopefully also S that I met in Singapore. This weekend can turn out to be quite a reunion. Well at least for me. Me likey.

Now some sleep!