Friday, February 26, 2010

baking, baking, baking

It feels like this week has been all about baking and cooking. Mostly baking. When I was younger and lived at home I always started baking when I was bored or did not have anything to do. I guess it is that habit I have picked up again. It keeps me busy and I love it.

After baking the focaccia, I felt like baking something more. I was also in this mood for something sweet, it is Friday. Although, it seems like I have been in this mood the whole week. During weekend I baked semlor, a few days ago I baked an apple crumble pie, and tonight some New York fudge brownies (although I skipped the nuts).


another focaccia

Did another batch of the delicious focaccia today, however it did not turn out as great as the previous. This time I used sun dried tomatoes marinated in herbs and garlic and used the oil in the dough to get all the flavors of the herbs (instead of olive oil), feta, and sunflower seeds. I should try with less filling next time, I think the problem was too much filling, it was a bit compact and not as fluffy as the previous. And I forgot my favorite part, the flaked salt on top. The bread was good, but have to try again another time to see if I can get it just the way I want it.

The sun dried tomatoes from Ridderheims must be my absolute favorite. They are delicious to eat just how they are topped on a brie sandwich, or mixed together with Philadelphia cheese and spread on piece of bread, that spread is also great to fill chicken fillets with and wrap them with Parma ham. Yummy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the nanny

I am reliving a piece of the old days. I rediscovered The Nanny and have started watching that again. I always watched the show when it was airing. I must say, it is one show that still works for me.

tonights dinner

I love cooking, especially when I just look what we have in the fridge/freezer and then make up my mind. I found some fresh pasta in the fridge, tortellini filled with sun dried tomatoes. Some frozen beens/vegatables mix (ICA Selection Grön Delikatess wich I love), leek, garlic, cocktail tomatoes, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, cream, and topped with sunflower seeds. Good mix.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

delicious focaccia

I made the most delicious bread yesterday. I finally tried to make some focaccia, I have eaten it in cafés and restaurants and always loved it. So yesterday I made it happen. Focaccia filled with green olives, topped with some dried herbs and flaked salt.

I love how both the top and bottom of the bread becomes so crispy of the olive oil and the flaked salt on top. We one half together with dinner and the other half was gone the next morning. I will definitely try it again, perhaps with different fillings. Perhaps one with sun dried tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. Cannot wait.

skinny tuesday buns

I just realized that Fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday) has a connection with Mardi Gras and Carnival, when trying to find the English translation. Something new I learned today. Strange though, that the semla we eat that day are called skinny Tuesday buns when Fettisdagen is derived from the Swedish words 'fat' and 'Tuesday'. But that is some wikipedia facts so who knows how factual it is.

Anyway, Fettisdagen was last Tuesday and I never managed to get a semla so therefore I decided to bake some.

My yummy and fluffy semlor. Bite size buns.

Monday, February 22, 2010

first interview

I actually made some progress in my job hunting this week. I had my first interview. About time. My first interview since I started sending out applications. (Well, I had a chance to an interview to a job I did not want but I was in Taiwan.) I was at E's and watching Scrubs when getting a call from an unknown caller with the country code of +47. I had my suspicions and it was for the Management Trainee position in a Norwegian company.

It was a phone interview with easy questions and I might here from them within a week for some news. It seems quite interesting, I just need to get some more info about the position if I would happen to progress. You also need to be careful with trainee positions in smaller companies, so that they are not just trying to hire someone for a job for less pay. There has to be a clear plan for the trainee position.

It is funny though, I have a possibility to end up in Oslo and remembering what my friend said about me touring the Nordic capitals.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

snow, snow, everywhere snow

I did a good job as a nurse (I hope) but probably not my new calling. But I did the best I could and helped E after her eye surgery, with all kinds of eye drops according to the long schedule. First day was not fun for her at all and I tried to occupy myself  even though the internet died just that day. Of course. Instead I watched Scrubs and did some reading and made the hours go by. I made the days go by and helped E when necessary, with eye drops and food.

Friday I decided to make my way back to the country side. Looking back it was both good and bad. A storm was coming in and I made it home with barely any delays, can you believe it? The next day was worse and there was windy and snow flying everywhere closing the roads out here. Although I seemed to have missed a great party on Saturday by going back home and not being able to get out of here. Next time.

But now for sure I think the winter should stop. Like that will happen any time soon. I need to get a job and move somewhere warm.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

new career path?

Tomorrow I am starting my new job.

As a nurse. Maybe something for me?

Well, probably not. And I would not call it a job but more of a volunteer.

Actually I am helping out a friend. She is having eye surgery and I will stay with her for at least two days. Being unemployed with plenty of free time and noting important to do, of course I will help her out.

And maybe a change of location will help me get my ass together and become a bit more productive. I started February well with hunting and some applications sent out. I have a list of government and company sites I need to check out for jobs. I just need to get crackin. Otherwise I might end up as a nurse somewhere.

Monday, February 15, 2010

lazy brain

I have been postponing the practice tests that I have to do after applying to a trainee program. Today I finally did them, the induction test went very well and I know I am good at that stuff. It is a test with five pictures and then you are supposed to pick out the following sixth from five other pictures. But the second test is another matter...

I also did the numerical test, where you get questions with tables and graphs to help you. Here you need to be fast at understanding the question, reading the graphs, and the math. I know I am good at math, but it is the speed that is my problem. I need a few extra seconds to be sure that I am understanding everything correctly and doing the math right. I had one minute for every question and in the end it was not enough. At least it is good with a practice test because then I know what to expect and can try to be quicker.

So know I keep on postponing the real tests. Now I am anxious that I will not do well. I should just do them.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

no new stuff

I got annoyed with the new header. Let's see if I can come up with something better. This time I will not put it up until I am completely happy with it.


Sometimes you are just stupid. I feel even worse after I wrote that last post.

Why did I have to go and do that?


i want to see the clouds from above

I would love to be heading somewhere. Of course job-(and life-)wise. But now I am thinking physically.

It would be so nice sitting at the airport looking up at the board or TV and see my flight number and destination right there. It does not necessarily have to be far away, of course the long distance ones are usually the most interesting, at least for me. But right this moment I could settle for anything. 

Right before Christmas I ended up on a last minute travel site. Several one or two week holidays departing in a few days time and really cheap. Some flights to several Caribbean islands, Thailand, and some flights to Cap Verde. I was just dreaming away when seeing some photos form Cap Verde. The beach. The sunshine. 

I have some money and could go. But at the same time I get cheap just because I have the money, and no income. And the fact that I spent a lot already on my three week vacation in Taiwan and Japan. Of course I could go somewhere by myself, but then you do not have anyone to share the memories with.

Anyone of you living on a beautiful island with sunshine that want to invite me?
No? No one? I guess I just have to keep on dreaming then.

Or where should I go?

Friday, February 12, 2010

my (tv-)life

You know, being unemployed gives you a lot of free time. Of course I am supposed to be job hunting full-time, but it never becomes full-time. And you need to take breaks now and then. Therefore, the free time has to be filled with something. One thing is TV series. The list is getting long of dramas, soaps, reality, comedies that I follow. It became tricky to keep track of them all and as the organizing freak I am, I have a list of all the shows with the day they airs, what episode I last watched, and perhaps when they will return. Yeah, that's me.

So which shows do I follow now? We have:
  • Greek - to witch I got addicted in my unhappy state of mind last spring as you might remember. Now it has calmed down a bit and sometimes I even think it is a bit silly. But I am convinced to not let it go.
  • House M.D. - I just truly love Gregory House's ironic and sarcastic humor on behalf of his colleagues and patients. Just my style.
  • How I Met Your Mother - not a big fan of it anymore it was better in the beginning. But watches it when there is nothing else.
  • Life Unexpected - Have to admit that I started watching it just because it had a connection with Gilmore Girls, one of the producers. Only a few episodes have aired so far and not sure if it will stay on my list.
  • The Hills - the follow up to the guilty pleasure series Laguna Beach. Of course I have to watch them all. To see how fabulous and dramatic their faked reality is.
  • The City - I just cannot not watch it. The Hills and The City (and former Laguna Beach) are my guilty pleasures.
  • Scrubs - probably my second favorite show of all times. It went downhill with the sixth season but as a favorite I still have to watch it. And the marathon reruns are not uncommon on my TV.
  • Cougar Town - the new show with Courtney Cox that I have come to love. Sure she looks like she have had plenty of plastic surgery, but I do not care. The creator is the man behind Scrubs so of course I like it.
  • Mercy - a show I just started watching a month ago. Seen commercials for it on TV and now I am stuck.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl - watched the first season years ago and liked it. However I think I read somewhere that it would not be renewed. To my surprise I just notices recently that it is on its third season now. I love it.
  • The Mentalist - a good show. His way to read people fascinates me.
  • Grey's Anatomy - the old favorite! A lot of changes but it hangs on.
  • Private Practice - when she left Grey's Anatomy I followed her.
  • Burn Notice - a tip I got from a friend last summer, newly unemployed and bored. I got stuck.
  • Project Runway - what's not to like?
  • True Blood - I am hooked. A different kind of vampire story, not like Twilight.
  • Californication - just love the feeling of the show and David Duchovny is perfect in the roll.
  • Entourage - Been following it from the beginning. Cannot get enough. The quotes of Ari Gold are memorable and have even gotten its own site.
  • Kendra - loved her in The Girls of the Playboy Mansion and followed her to her new show and new life as a wife and mother. A very different life.
Any other good series out there that I should be watching? I got the suggestion Modern Family which I have only watched one episode of but it is hilarious. Might take that up.

As you see by this long list, I have plenty of free time during the week. I even have so much free time that I have the time and energy to write this long post about the shows I watch...
(You can see most of the shows here.)

new stuff

Did some small changes to my blog a while back. Was mostly intended to be the 'in between design', but stayed with me due to lack of inspiration. Yesterday I started to think about it again and this is what I ended up with this time around. Not sure if I am completely satisfied just yet. Happy enough to publish it. Let's see if I am still happy with it in a months time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

brain function

After some further stalking/googling I discovered that one of the companies was in fact an interviewing firm but for surveys. So no luck there. However, the other one is a recruitment firm. Let's see if they feel like calling again.

Today I am thinking I should do some practice SHL tests to see if I am up to date with my brain function. Preparation for the induction and numerical test I need to do for the Graduate Program at the energy company.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

perhaps some possibilities?

I realized now, at 11.30 pm, that I had two missed calls. From two different callers. From numbers that I do not have in my address book. Which means strangers called since I have all my friends' numbers in the phone. Of course with my situation, sending out applications for jobs that is where my thoughts go as soon as I have an unknown number calling.

Being a stalker I checked out the numbers on Eniro, of course what else do you do. But I also keep the excitement at its lowest since I have sent out plenty of applications and gotten basically zero responses. I get my hopes up just a little, when I see that one is a company called something like Interview firm (but in Swedish) and the second something like Brainpeople.

So no random strangers or normal people. Companies. But now the frustration kick in. Not the fact that I did not hear my cellphone or did not keep it on me. Why the .... could they not just call my home phone number? On all the applications I have sent out I write my home phone number first, then my cellphone number. I would even prefer them calling the home phone number since the reception is like crap out here and we probably would have to switch to the other land line anyway. There is a reason to why I write my home phone number on my applications.

But now I am just going to be a little bit happy that someone, from what seems to be either a recruitment or interviewing firm, called me for what could be an interview.

I almost forgot. I even have some good news from this morning when I checked my email. I have gotten an email for a Graduate Program at energy company and they want me to do one induction and one numerical test online. Perhaps that could also lead to an interview. I know I am good at those tests.

So a day of good news I guess. Of course the jobs I really, really want, have deadlines at the end of the week. But keeping positive here. Who knows.

top gun, a manly chick flick?

A bit of reflection. This weekend's party night ended up with M and me going to an after party. Not an after party per se, more a cuddling-and-falling-asleep-in-front-of-a-movie kind of after party. Now to the movie choice, this guy put on Top Gun.

(Okay, the fact that it was the first movie I laid my eyes on and called out 'Top Gun' we do not really have to consider right now. Further, we do not know if he has a girlfriend and it is her movie. He still chose that movie.)

Perhaps it is just me, but I guess I have always considered Top Gun to be a bit of a chick flick. Correct me if I am wrong. I guess it also appeals to guys with the planes, the flying, a bit of action, and of course it has stuff blowing up.

As a person always googling things, I tried it this time too. I found that there are different opinions out there. There are others out there also asking themselves the same question. Then there are those who already made up their minds, for and against.

a night at berns

Another weekend has passed and a new week has started.

The weekend passed with a night spent out in Stockholm with the girls. We started out with meeting up at E's place and had a bit of pre-party and gossiping with the girls. Since we had the last weekend in mind: long lines and ice cold weather, we opted for heading out early so we would avoid the lines. So we did and just walked in at Berns where there was no lines at eleven. My first time there and I like the place, a nice mix of people.

It was a very eventful evening I must say. The night ended early for some of us and very late for some others. But all in all it was a fun night with nice people. Sunday I was just very, very tired and tried not to fall asleep until bedtime. Another weekend flew by. On the other hand, it does not really matter to me since there is not much of a difference between weekdays and weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

happy birthday

Sisters birthday today and now she is no longer a teenager. Happy birthday!

We cooked some delicious Indian dinner, chicken korma. Then I surprised sis with a home baked 'princess cake' to translate it exactly form Swedish. I love baking and making cakes must be a top favorite since you can decorate them however you want and all. It was the first time ever for me to bake this kind of cake, sister's favorite, but it went surprisingly well. I thought it would be tricky to put the marzipan cover on it, but it worked perfectly.

Here is the delicious cake.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Saw a post from John Mayer on Facebook and went in to his website to check his tour dates. Scrolling down the list of all the tour dates in USA and Australia. Then a few shows in Europe, Portugal, Netherlands and Britain. Then my heart skips a beat when I see that he is playing in Copenhagen, not only one concert but two! But that moment of happiness is soon shattered since I see the letters under the tour date forming the two words: SOLD OUT. Nooooo.....

I guess I will have to make do with listening to him on Spotify.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

still here

I am just not feeling it at the moment. But I am still here.

Please keep coming back. I will be back soon.