Saturday, January 7, 2012


What better way to start the first working week of the year to only have 3 ½ days of work. What we called Trettondags jul is apparently called Epiphany in English if one trust wikipedia. Had no idea.

Anyways, days off work is always great no matter the cause. I dedicated my Friday off to doing absolute nothing. I felt I needed one of those days. And in the evening I went to a nice restaurant with a couple of friends. Really nice food at the place called Mississippi Inn with Southern American food. Of course I ordered the burger with some delicious potato wedges and a chili bearnaise that was in fact really hot. Since everything in Sweden with the word chili in it usually means swedified chili: ie not that strong at all so that Swedes can handle it.

Then I topped it off with a fabulous Kiwi-tini. I loved just saying it. They even had to run out and buy more kiwis because they were out. How sweet.

The cutest butter serving for the bread, delicious burger and green Kiwi-tini.

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