Thursday, April 19, 2012

a new chapter

Woops. Almost three months now.
And a lot of changes have been made and will be made as well.

I think this blog will start its new chapeter as it has several times before. It is time for a big move once again. So perhaps a recap is in place.

A year ago I started my current job and about eight months ago I moved into a flat in Stockolm. Everything was going well and I enjoyed Stockholm. Even though I enjoy Stockholm I have always seen Sweden as temporary. Before I have looked into getting a job somehwere else but never taken the step, but when a friend of mine got serious about finding a job in London I finally took the leap. Perpahs you can tell where this is heading.

My current job ends 30th of April as it is a maternity cover. Also the perfect opportunity to start something new. I also moved back home to my parents in March as my conctract for my apartment ended. My intention was to extend the contract so I could stay and enjoy the last months in Stockholm. Then my mom put ideas into my head so I moved back home to save some money and not having to worry about the rent and put the money to London instead.

So no turning back now. I have not applied for any jobs in Stockholm at all, so I have the full intention to get out. Have applied to quite many jobs in London and get a fair amount of responses as well. It feels good.

Applied to about thirty jobs this weekend (so easy compared to Sweden, as here I always have to write a cover letter and in UK you just send your CV! Loving it!) and already on Monday the phone started ringing. In addition to that I get the random calls from recuriters who have found my CV on different job sites. So lets see if I manage to get any interviews. It's looking good so far.


London baby!