Monday, May 7, 2012

brain freeze

So I had my first telephone interview about two weeks ago. It was a very short one, about 15 min, with a manager at the company. I got what you could call a brain freeze. And not the kind caused by ice scream.

He asked how my current role relates to the one I applied for. The problem here was partly that I had only got a very vague job description and it was for a job in online marketing. Another think he asked was what I know about the company and what they do.

I had been reading up and I even had that interview with Google long time ago which dealt with a few of the same things. But being a new field and different business lingo I kind of choked. Not good at all.
I did, what I in Swedish would call word pooping. I just did not have a great line of thoughts. Not at all.

For next time I just need to be more prepared.

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