Friday, December 21, 2012

work update from work

Have been a bit more busy now at work the last two weeks. A few things that I need to have done before leaving for holidays, also since I'm back at work first on 7th of January and won't have time then.

The whole work thing I still haven't gotten over but it has moved in the right direction at least. I had the meeting with my manager. And found out that his boss had told him that he doesn't know what I can do so wants my manager to look externally as well. Which is just f**ked up. I don't even have a relationship with my manager's boss since I don't work directly with him, so how can he know what I can do? I know my manager have received some heat due to certain things, so does my the boss don't trust my manager's opinions regarding me?

We had a meeting and I told him everything I think have been crap and handled really bad. My trust and loyalty to this company have definitely suffered a heavy blow. And HR at this company is totally crap which I found out the bad way and has only been confirmed by all the others I've talked to at the company.

Well, going forward me and my manager have agreed on some objectives that I can be judged on in mid February. Still a very short time, since it basically only gives be about two months if you start counting from today. I mean, those objectives should have been set day one, which I also asked for but never happened.

So that's the crappy situation. I'm moved past it, although of course it is still there in the back of the mind. I mean, how can you disregard things like this? But the only thing I can do is to go forward and make the best of it. And then in mid February I can think about it again if it is a company I really want to stay with.

But now, it's the last day of work and then I'm off on vacation and will not think about work for one minute!