Thursday, March 13, 2008

whimsy lady

Annoying Posten (the Swedish post office). Do they ever make everything right? No. There is always something annoying with Posten. When I was abroad all my mail went to my parents, but since January my mail is supposed to come to my home in Jönköping. The last couple of weeks my parents have gotten a lot of my mail to their house. Really annoying.

I got to talk to the mailman that delivers the mail to my parents and I said that there is something wrong with the forwarding address. One of the first things she asks if I got the package today, I am a little bit confused since I did not get any package. Soon I realize that she is talking about a package she delivered to my parents house. A whimsy lady for sure. I tell her again that I am not living with my parents anymore (that is why I have a forwarding address, she does not get that?) and I need my mail forwarded to Jönköping.

Apparently there was something wrong with the forwarding address they had. Hopefully, the mail will be forwarded from now on.

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