Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a new old tv

I bought a TV yesterday, one of those old, thick ones. I did not want to spend thousands of kronor on a new TV, so 200 SEK for a old, fat one is quite decent. I did not even realize that you could not buy the thick ones in the stores anymore, only the flat screens these days. Technology changes fast, I bought my old TV only six years ago.

My dear old TV died some months ago and is now resting at the waste disposal site. It died right in the middle of my Scrubs marathon. But now I have a new TV and can pick up where it all ended.

When I get the TV I can also hand in my poor computer to the fixer, then I have the TV to keep me company on lonely nights. I think my computer needs a new fan, the problems started almost a year after I bought the damn thing. Hopefully it can be fixed for a small piece of money.

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