Wednesday, June 30, 2010

successful interview

I have come to a stage in my job searching, where I have started expanding my critera for jobs. I just want to have a job and get a place of my own again. I felt that I did not know if it was good or bad that I 'lowered my standards' if you can call it that. Maybe my standars was just too high with the current situation, not so many jobs and many appliers, since I almost never got called to an interview.

The jobs I was underqualified for I of course never got an interview for, and the jobs I though I was qualified for I did not get an interview either. But on Monday I sent in an application to Manpower for a recruitment and the same day I recieved a call. I did not think much about the job since I did not know if it was interesting, but it seemed ok.

So today I had an interview. And the job acutally sounds quite interesting. It seems to be almost the opposite of the job at Maersk so that is positive. It is a job as project administrator/account assistant. More project like tasks and the variation I enjoy. It is in a company I never heard about, still it is the largest steel company in the world. A company even bigger than Maersk.

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