Saturday, February 15, 2014

february blues

My history has always been to write my thoughts down when feeling a bit confused or down. I guess that's the reason why this thing has been picked up today. That's even how this started in the first place. When I started my first blogg it was because I was in a lot of uncertainty before eventually having my second back surgery back in the days of 2006.

I'm not clear of what's going on now. I've been a bit sick in January so it was a rather quiet month. On top of that I think I have low iron levels as I've been quite tired lately. Not much energy and sleepy at nights. On top of that I've started to miss the fika culture of Sweden, as the culture here is always going to the pub. You can't even find the cozy café's here and I haven't been feeling like drinking alcohol lately. And that's obviously a big part of the social culture here. Hence I've been keeping more to myself lately.

Don't know if it's just the January blues that has continued into a February blues on top of everything else that has been going on. The sickiness. The eventual low iron. The realizations I've reached about my job. The non-alcohol policy. The crappy, rainy, gray weather of London.

A general lack of energy. I guess it doesn't help that my reaction to these kind of situations is to lock myself in, watching movies, keeping to myself (although enjoying it a bit as well) and just shutting everything and everyone else out. Waiting for it to pass and eventually crawling out of my hiding place and heading into the world again.


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