Saturday, February 15, 2014

taking it's toll

Hasn't been much activity here. I guess blogging takes its toll on you after some years. And apparently moving to London takes a toll on it as well. You would think the opposite, that you got plenty of new things to write about. Which is definitely true. However in my case I think it got an overload of new things so I didn't have the time or energy to write about it.

It's sad though. The first year in London has been eventful, it would have been fun to have a track record of it here. But no regrets. The first year in London has been amazing and I'll still remember it. Many ups and downs, mostly ups though. And luckily I'm still not bored of it, which bodes well since my plan is not to move away after six months/one year like I have the last ten years.

"If you get tired of London you get tired of life" is what they say. With my habit of moving around so much I hope London can keep me busy and occupied for a couple of years at least.