Thursday, January 20, 2011

since she's been gone

I have had a break as you can tell. Or perhaps just one more of those breaks where I stop thinking of all the things I do not want to think about. But slowly I am starting to think about it all again. I just have to.

My spirit rose high just a few minutes ago when I got a call from an unknown caller on my cell phone. It turned out to be a call back on an application I sent just 30 minutes before the call.

I have sent out only two applications so far this year (yeah, I know.. should not be proud of that number but I will get better...) and already got a call back for one of them.

So tomorrow I have got an interview which feels good. I am starting to get into the game again. Also as I met with a job coach this week so that is a good thing to get my ass started again.

In a few months time I will have a job. Dammit.

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