Tuesday, March 29, 2011

apparently there is a stage after the final stage

This is totally nerve-wracking. Today I went on a second partner interview for Ernst & Young. It was basically the same as the first one, a plain, simple interview. I went through my CV and he asked questions like 'why Ernst & Young' and 'why advisory' etc. I guess the partners just want to get to know the candidates a bit.

Such a long process. This is the fourth interview and truly the final stage (which I thought it was already at the previous interview). I cannot get this thing out of my mind, it is constantly there at the back of my mind. When I go to sleep, when I wake up, and in between.

Hopefully I will know within a week. He said that they will hire 3-5 persons and have interviewed about 7-8. So if it is 5 out of 7 I have a rather good chance of getting the job. 3 out of 8, not as good. And of course all persons that have made it this far are all good candidates.

Right now I am just fearing the worst possible.

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