Thursday, March 17, 2011

cross all your fingers

I had the partner interview today and it went well. I think. (I also wore the suit for the fourth time.) If it was any other interview I would have thought it went well. But now, since there is so much at stake, I keep analyzing what I said and that I should have said and expressed much more. It is all really frustrating.

On the train going home I felt really down and sad, my mood had totally shifted. I know, I am weird. All because I want this so much and it worries me how I might react to any bad news. (Of course I am truly hoping and crossing my fingers for good news.) When I hear them describe the company and its culture, they also describe me. It is also a company that gives opportunities and if I get in I would not feel so bad and anxious about all these many months that have passed since I last worked.