Friday, March 4, 2011

crashed and burned?

On Wednesday, the day after the case interview and that whole shebang, I was all really excited and wanted nothing more than to continue to the next round. Then the optimism started spiraling down and almost hit rock bottom today. I feared that I had crashed and burned with the case. I called one of the persons in HR I have been in contact with to find out any news as I was supposed to get feedback before the weekend. She was not the one in charge of it so she could not tell me anything but she thought that would have called me by now.

That information made me loose the hope as it is not good news when you are one of the last persons to get any feedback. By experience that means that they have continued with other candidates. I tried calling the woman in charge and there was no answer. I called again after several hours and still no answers. Not really a what I was hoping for with the weekend coming up.

Then all of a sudden I noticed an email in my inbox from that woman saying she was on vacation but told me that they would like to have me continue in the recruitment process! I could not be happier.

Now I know I have what it takes to do the case interviews even though I know I can do much better. If I would not have moved on I think it would have hit me quite hard. But now I do not have to worry about that. Now I can look forward to the final stage in the process. Having an interview with a partner. That might be a bit scary.

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