Thursday, September 15, 2011

daniel adams-ray

Went to see Daniel Adams-Ray at Gröna Lund today. It was great!
My friend E will probably think I am crazy now, but it was so much better than Håkan Hellström last week. It was even better than his ex-band mate Oskar Linnros that I saw last year.

I was actually a bit surprised how much people was there, I guess I had just imagined it being less than last weeks concert with Håkan, but I'm sure it was almost as much people today. Daniel did a great show, he was fun to see on stage and I just have nothing bad to say. I really like all of his songs. What made it all extra good is that he sang songs from his time in Snook, even better was it when Adam Tensta came to sing on one song as well as Petter and Veronica Maggio on Inga problem

Daniel Adams-Ray at Gröna Lund.

Adam Tensta with Daniel Adams-Ray

Petter and Veronica Maggio togehter with Daniel Adams-Ray on Inga Problem.

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