Tuesday, April 5, 2011

copenhagen revisited

One of the better weekend in a long time just passed. On Wednesday I talked with a friend from Copenhagen and when she told me about the party they were going to have and that some common friends were in town, I immediately started looking at ticket prices. I found some cheap tickets and within minutes they were bought and I were ready for a weekend in Cph. I decided to keep it a surprise that I was coming and I definitely surprised my other friends arriving at the party. Definitely someone they did not expect to be at the party.

It was really nice weather and was nice seeing everybody again. I realized how much I actually miss Copenhagen. I do not think it is only because of my non eventful life here in Sweden, but I think i really miss the city and the people.

This weekend I managed to squeeze in all my favorites. Hornsleth Bar for some partying - probably one of my favorite bars in the world, Halifax - for the best burgers, Café Zirup - a great café with the delicious Miss Maria's Quesadillas, Ruby's - the best cocktail bar with amazing cocktails, and then a stop at Joe & the Juice at the airport - for the best juices. Throw into the mix some great friends, sunshine, Somersby cider, Thai and Indian take away, and you get a great weekend in Copenhagen.

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