Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my early morning

Let me tell you about my morning today. I realized I needed to see the doctor before starting to work when I would have less flexibility for that. Of course being out in the last minute I only had one chance for it, a drop-in time slot of today. So I woke up early and headed out before eight this morning.

When I went into the waiting room I was happy to see that strangely enough I was the only one. Great, then I do not have to wait for so long. I sit there waiting for about 20 minutes before one of the doctors became free and ready to take on the next patient. By that time another woman had also arrived and when the doctor comes out she calls the other womans name. She sees me and asks if I have an appointment. I just answer that I am here for the drop-in and she replies that the drop-in is tomorrow.

Oh my... I knew the drop-in was on Wednesday morning. Apparently I thought it was Wednesday morning today. Not having fixed routines I guess have made me lose track of the days. Together with the fact that my computer yesterday night said that it was Tuesday, making me believe that today would be Wednesday. What I did not reflect on at the time I checked the date, was that the clock had passed midnight...

Good job Carin...

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