Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so what happened?

Maybe it is time to reveal what actually happened with everything and the other job I was interviewing for. Friday before Copenhagen I listened to a phone message and I got the news I got the job as sales analyst I have been interviewing for. I kind of new I would, but I could not be happy about it, I did not feel anything. All that was occupying my mind was the Ernst & Young job, and I was told to get the news the Monday after.

When I booked the spontaneous trip to Cph I was happy to keep my mind of it all for the weekend. Weather I would get good or bad news I would be in Cph and have friends around me to keep me busy. As promised they called from E&Y on Monday when I was having lunch. I ran out of the café and was immediately told that she was not bearing good news. I did not get the job. I was crushed. Apparently I did not want it enough (according to the two partners I interviewed with). Well, they should have seen me after with tears in my eyes. It was a tough blow, especially hearing that they got the impression I was not interested enough. I am not a person who wears my heart on my sleeve so I am not sure what I would have done differently.

Thinking back at it, I felt the first partner interview went much better than the second. During the second interview, I felt I did not connect with the 'partner'. I always smile, laugh and try getting a good relationship with the interviewer. But this guy was tricky and I felt I did not get such a good response.

So that is what happened with it all. It took me quite some time to move past the whole E&Y thing, partly also why I have not written about it here. I did not want to touch it. As I did not get E&Y I am truly happy that I got the other job, because I do not know how long time it would have taken me to get up again and start searching for new jobs after the rejection from E&Y.

I am at least starting to become happy for the sales analyst job I was offered. Everybody else have been much happier for me, than me. I guess it will come to me as well one of these days. Yesterday I signed the contract so I am now officially employed. You cannot know how happy it made me just now, to write those words. Officially employed. Damn, it was about time! Tuesday in two weeks, that is when I will start. Start getting my life back on track.

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