Sunday, May 29, 2011

the story of laptop chargers continues

I have managed to go through three laptop chargers for my old computer and for my new one it just broke so I have just ordered a new one. What is it with me and laptop chargers? How do I manage? Somehow the plug breaks and there is bad contact so I have to bend it in certain directions and after a while I usually get contact so my laptop can get power. But after some more time it stops working completely.

I do not understand how I do it. I have managed to go through a whole lot of laptop chargers. And when I notice it is broken I know I need a new one and start looking at places to order it from. But I do not actually order it. Then it actually breaks and I damn myself for not ordering that damn charger, because now I cannot really use the laptop until I get the new charger.

Five chargers during two laptops. And they are not really cheap either. I am guessing it will not stop here.

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