Saturday, May 7, 2011

interesting two first weeks

It has been two interesting first weeks at work. I am taking over for a woman going on maternity leave, so we were going to have two weeks together for a handover. Which felt great as I never got such a thing in Copenhagen but was basically left by myself. They first day at work she was sick, the second day we went through a few programs and reports I have to mail out on a regular basis, on the third and fourth day we had to work with an operating plan for spring 2012 and had no time for anything else. That was the first week at work.

On Sunday I get a phone call while driving, it is the woman calling telling me she gave birth to a baby boy the day before. Woopsie. It was seven weeks early but I guess the boy wanted out. So that handover kind of ended abruptly. Sure, I have to do that operating plan as well in fall, but we basically did not go through anything what she does on a regular basis (except for those two reports).

Apparently nothing is supposed to run smoothly.
I guess one upside could be that I get to go for training in London instead. (Of course I will be at the office all the time, but still.)

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