Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I read a lot about moving to London before I actually did. Certain things could be a hassle, and from previous experiences in other countries I know it for a fact. Getting registered or opening a bank account can be annoying.

But surprisingly everything has been running very smoothly. (Knock on wood!) After only one week I found myself a flat, a really nice one with great flat mates I have to add. I managed to get an interview appointment right away for getting the National Insurance number.

It was even easy to set up a bank account. I had read stories about needing a proof of address like a bill of some sort, but come on, if you're new to the country, who will have that? All I needed was a reference letter from my employer that also stated my address. And my passport. That was it. The bank account was set up within half an hour. So Lloyds is the bank to go to in United Kingdom if you're a foreigner needing a bank account. At least if you're a European that is.

Strangely enough it was more difficult to go to the bank in Denmark. Not difficult to set up the account itself, but get the debit card. That was just a pain in the ass, here you get it automatically when opening the account.

Only 2.5 weeks into living in London and everything has been set up and I have moved into my own flat. That definitely feels quite alright. Where ever would that happen? In Stockholm you would never be able to move into a flat that fast.

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