Tuesday, October 16, 2012

exhausting flat hunting in london

Last Thursday I packed my bags, well honestly, they where already packed since I never really unpacked. After staying two weeks with my dear friends who let me crash at their flat, I moved out. I took my bags and jumped into a cab, cause honestly, I would never have carried those three bags all cross London on several different modes of transportation.

The flat I moved into was actually my number one choice. I came to the apartment twice actually, since some of the flat mates where not at home the first time. The second time I was here I thought it was done, it felt like a good match and that they liked me. However, when I was about to leave the girl said that she would let me know tomorrow but that she also have a friend who was gonna view the place.

Then I just thought dammit, cause what chance does a stranger have against a friend? I never heard anything like she promised and I sent her texts. I kept going on viewings and two days later I found a quite nice apartment which I was offered and accepted. That very same night, the girl from the favourite flat sent me a text offering me to move in. In addition to that I also got a third offer. Everything comes in three, as they say.

Funny enough, just the day before I felt like I was ready to give up. A whole week of apartment hunting and viewings, at least one and sometimes up to three viewings everyday after work. Exhausting going all over London for viewings.

So I ended up having to turn down to flats, of which I already accepted one. After the credit and reference checks where done, deposit paid, I could move in. What a lovely feeling. I know have my very own little place I can call my own.

It's not big, but it's a nice and modern flat. Nice kitchen and living room in one with high ceiling. A bathroom I only have to share with one other. Only wooden floors, so no carpets! Three other really great flat mates, one French guy and two Australians, one guy and one girl. So a very nice mix.

A really nice area, close to Finchley Road tube in Hampstead, north west of London. Even better is that it's only about 25-30 min door to door for work.

I couldn't be happier. 


  1. Congratulations on the new job, new apartment, and the exciting London adventures! I hope you keep writing so we can enjoy the experience with you. Everytime I read your blog it inspires me to start one of my own (which I never do)...but maybe one day.

  2. Thank you very much :)
    It's definitely my intention to write about everything that's going on, even though the re-start up process seems a bit rocky :)