Tuesday, October 9, 2012

robbie williams

Dammit. I really screwed myself.

I happened to see that tickets to Robbie Williams concerts here in London in November where to be released today. But from the words above you probably can guess where it's all heading. I was hanging on the door at 9am, well, electronically anyways.

I was so excited to have a chance to go to a Robbie Williams concert since I've missed the two in Sweden. First one in 2004 when I moved to USA two weeks before the concert, and the other one in 2006 when I just had my second back surgery. So I really have had kind of bad luck with his concerts. Didn't get better after reading great reviews from both of the shows in Sweden.

Anywho, was hanging on the door to get the tickets. But I managed to mess it up and stood there like a girl who sold the butter and lost the money. (I know translating idioms really doesn't work but I think it's fun, which apparently should be close to an English one "like a dying duck in a thunderstorm").

So once again I will be standing on the sideline.

And it sucks.

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