Saturday, January 16, 2010

my blueberry nights

Having a bit of a movie day/night here since I do not really have energy for much else. I might have caught something again, even though I was sick less than a month ago.

It seems to be the day for old favorites. During the day I watched Almost Famous which is one of those classics. It is just a really nice movie with good music.

Last night I started watching My Blueberry Nights but was too tired to finish it, so watched the second half just now. It is probably a movie not many have heard of. I stumbled across it perhaps a year ago looking through the movies of Jude Law. He is kind of a favorite (which you might have noticed, if someone out there reading followed me from the start way back when) since he is so gorgeous.

It is not one of those 'best ever' movies, but it has something that got me stuck. If someone asks me about a favorite movie it would not be this one, because it is not one of those movie that first appear in my head. It is always one of those well known, great movies that appear, for me, it is always The Shawshank Redemption. But My Blueberry Nights has something that always make me watch it again when I come across it again.

It is beautifully made and it is all the small things in the movie that I like. The narrative voices of Jude Law and Norah Jones. How he decided to shoot the scenes, the angles and use of slow motion. It is difficult for me to describe not being in that field of business. Watch it and you will understand.

Let's see what the next movie will be.

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