Thursday, January 14, 2010

always the number one

I have had a Friends marathon until now. Now it is over. I watched the last episode today and got a bit teary-eyed as usual and especially during the last scene. You really feel that the last episode is final. The friends are all crying and sad to leave the apartment, but you could also imagine that it is teary-eyes since it is the last episode. The camera scans over the empty apartment and shows the keys left on the counter and then shows the frame on the door. The last thing we will ever see from Friends.

Unless we watch the reruns and dvd's over, and over, and over, and over again as I do.

I remember when I saw the last episode of Friends, I actually had the opportunity to watch it in real time or what to call it. I was in USA at that point and watched it on TV gathered with my Friends. It was a good last episode. Friends is my all time favorite TV show. I seriously doubt that any show can kick it off from its number one spot on my list.

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