Thursday, August 26, 2010

good tuesday

What a great week this has been. And everything happened on Tuesday.

  • I got turned down for the job in Washington DC with the great excuse that the other person had experience from living in the city. What a professtional excuse. 
  • Manpower called and said they had not heard anything from the steel company about the job so I should see the case as closed. She would call if they sometime in the future decides to get in touch and finally made a decision. 
  • I had to turned down the unpaid internship in Philadelphia as it appears no university was willing to accredit the internship so I could get the student loan. And the student counselor refused to answer my emails or lift up the phone. 
  • Last but not least, I had the tooth surgery done. I am still swollen, my lip and cheek, and look like crap. I thought the swelling would have gone down by now so I could go to the music festival tomorrow and see the fabulous Robyn. But no. 
  • All this and I cannot even comfort eat candy or stuff since I can only eat fluid food. 
Just wanted to complain a bit. Because here no one tells me to suck it up and you just have to listen (well, read about it) and you chose to do it.

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